A Comprehensive Guide To Plan The Desert Safari In Dubai



A Comprehensive Guide To Plan The Desert Safari In Dubai

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Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates is also considered as the land of contrasts. And one of the main attractions of Dubai is different sports activities. And desert safari is the most interesting activity among all. After all, nothing is more thrilling than an adventurous ride into the deserts on a 4×4 vehicle. The main highlights of a typical Dubai desert safari are fat bike riding, hot water ballooning, belly dancing, shisha pipes, sandy slippery slides on sandboarding, dune bashing, traditional cuisine under the sky, sandboarding, and quad biking. And people, who prefer culturally inclined activities, can opt for conventional activities like camel riding and henna painting as part of the desert safari deals Dubai.

The types of desert safari tours in Dubai before you book one

  1. Overnight desert safari: If you want to experience the beauty of sunrise in the desert, then this is the perfect option to consider. In the evening, you can enjoy belly dancing, henna designs, and the next morning, you can go for camel rides, sand skiing, and dune bashing.
  1. Evening desert safari: If you want to have great fun and excitement in the Dubai tour, then consider evening desert safari during desert safari Dubai booking. Here you can experience sandboarding, sunset in the ocean of desert, and camel ride. Besides, you can get henna designs on your feet and hands.
  1. Morning desert safari: This type of desert safari includes some interesting adventurous tours. Here you can enjoy 20 minutes of dune bashing with an electrifying camp journey that includes sand skiing, camel ride, and quad biking.

So, booking the Dubai Tour and the desert safari is quite easy as a simple web search would offer you a complete list of tour operators, from whom you can book Dubai desert tour packages. As Dubai tourism has some strict regulations, counting any option that you come across or the first option while planning your Dubai tour will not be a wise idea. It is important to plan the trip through a renowned travel agent to enjoy your trip to the fullest.