Few Things About Dubai Desert Safari Tour You Must Know



Few Things About Dubai Desert Safari Tour You Must Know

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People, who plan to visit Dubai, prefer to enjoy a desert safari in Dubai. And due to this increasing demand almost hundreds of travel operators are offering this tour with different pricing options and different booking options. Yes, you might find tempted to book the cheapest safari tour option available, but before you book, it is important to know a few things about these tours to ensure that you make an informed decision and choose the right operator to book your trip.

There are two options for desert safaris in Dubai. One is in the evening and another one is in the daytime. The evening tour is cheaper compared to the day tour as more people sign up for this option. 

Cheapest Dubai Desert Tour Packages 

The cheapest Dubai desert tour packages include the guests reaching the pre-decided pick up points on their own. And then, they will be taken to the desert, and from there, they can board the 4×4 jeeps for the desert safari. Check with your travel operator whether this tour includes dinner and refreshment options.

The convenient yet slightly expensive option for the desert tour is the one, which offers hotel pickup and drop-off service. And once you reach the highway near the desert, the desert safari tour will be continued in a 4×4 SUV or land cruiser. This package generally includes dinner and refreshment options. Apart from that, there is also a premium option for desert safari Dubai booking that you can choose where the guests are pickup in the 4×4 SUV right from the hotels. In this option, some of the tour operators also offer quad bikes not to have to purchase the service differently.

Traveling in a hummer in the desert is the ultimate option, the hardcore SUV designed for the US army. Riding a hummer is going to be a memorable experience if you are an automobile enthusiast. 

Different desert safari tour operators offer various locations for conducting the safari. For instance, the cheapest tours are performed in the sand dunes close to the city, which are less challenging. But the premium tours are more complex, and here the travelers can explore more.