Grab Sunset Photography Opportunity With An Evening Desert Safari Dubai



Grab Sunset Photography Opportunity With An Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Posted By : Desert Safari UAE/ 1703

Do you know Dubai is called the city of dreams? Probably, because it is a perfect merge of natural beauty and top-class technology. Dubai is the center of attraction and an awesome spot for a holiday around the globe. One of the most highlighted places in this exotic city is Desert Safari, and it has two main timings to enjoy. People usually prefer evening desert safari in Dubai as sunsets of deserts are the main attractions. And, it is often believed that a Dubai tour is incomplete without a safari adventure in it.

Honestly, it is once a lifetime experience for many to drift on Dubai’s dunes in a modish vehicle. At the same time, some prefer doing sand boarding and get all the thrill. In short, Dubai has something for everyone in the storage as an adventure, delicacies, and sightseeing. If you are planning to visit Dubai soon, make sure to get some happening packages from reliable travel management companies to avoid missing any activities. If you are confused about which time is suitable for a desert safari, here we are telling you. Read further to know what are solid reasons to choose an evening desert safari Dubai.

That amazing sunset and happening eves

If you are a sunset lover, then we can bet you haven’t seen such a beautiful one ever. When Sunsets in the dunes, you will be amazed by that sight for sure. You can capture the sight to keep an everlasting memory. That enchanting surroundings during the evening will leave you nothing less than mesmerized, and you will feel attached. So, opting for the evening experience in the desert will be an extraordinary treat to your soul.

Try out amazing Dune Bashing

That 4×4 vehicle, dune bashing Dubai, what else can an adventure seeker ask for? This roller coaster ride can be the most memorable one, due to the amazing views of dunes and will be a lot more wild than others. The best part about such activities is that you need no one to accompany you to enjoy, but if someone is there, it could be an added advantage. However, a bunch of people can always be happening for such evening activities and enjoyment. 

Get sand boarding and quad biking Thrill

You will be thrilled while watching others doing sand boarding and quad biking. Both the activities are meant for the people who wish to try things out of the box and seek ultimate fun. These adventurous rides are offered under trained professionals’ assistance and have no risk involved for even newbies. Also, proper safety measures are taken, such as- seat belts on all 4×4 vehicles. 

Bedouin Camping During the Night

When you will choose to go for an evening desert safari in Dubai, you relax in the traditional Arabian style. Those Bedouin camps will surely have a great nap under the sky during the night in the desert. Just imagine the scene, and you will intrigue to pack your bags for a trip to Dubai right away! There will be various activities present to entertain you, like- Henna tattooing, Falconry photography, and Sheesha smoking. You can also dress up as an Arab in their costumes like Kandora and Abaya & dance. All in all, it would an unforgettable time for you and your loved ones. 

Delicious BBQ Dinner

How about a BBQ buffet under the sky in the camps? Yes, you would love it for sure. It would be a treat for your taste buds, and your inner-self will be asking for more, but your tummy won’t allow it at some point in time. While enjoying their exotic cuisine, you can see a live Belly dancing performance. Live dancing can surely be breathtaking and fun to watch. You will be amused by the overall experience and taste of the food you will get to endeavor.