What Are The Activities You Can Enjoy In Dubai Desert Safari?



What Are The Activities You Can Enjoy In Dubai Desert Safari?

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The city of Dubai is known for the man-made wonders and high-rise buildings. The architectural landmarks of this city attract numerous travelers every year. But apart from the tallest landscapes, luxury hotels, and larger-than-life shopping malls, the pristine desert is another prime attraction of Dubai. The desert of Dubai always fascinates everyone who visits this city. Besides, the desert of Dubai is a hotspot for adventure lovers. Considering the popularity of the Dubai desert tour, many activities are performed in the desert, including Dune Bashing and Camel rides.

The Activities That You Can Enjoy on The Dubai Desert Tour

  1. Camel rides: The camel ride or camel safari is one of the major attractions for desert safari Dubai, which offers the tourists a glimpse of the Bedouin lifestyle. This safari leads you to the falcon show in the middle of the desert. And you can also enjoy the cultural shows and authentic Emirati Dinner.
  1. Dune bashing: This activity is all about off-roading performed on the sand dunes, mainly in big 4×4 vehicles. When you choose dune bashing as part of Dubai desert safari booking, you will be seating in the passenger seat while the professional safari will perform the bashing.
  1. Sandboarding: This is another most popular activity in Dubai as here the tourists can explore the mighty dunes of Dubai. Sandboarding is quite similar to snowboarding and the only difference is that in the case of the latter, you will be sliding down the dunes. So, anyone can enjoy this activity and this is very safe. 
  1. Quad biking: This is the ultimate fun sport and you can have a fun-filled experience with proper safety measures. So, by considering this activity, you can explore the pristine desert of Dubai with picturesque settings.
  1. Hot air balloon rides: This is another activity that you can enjoy in the Dubai desert safari. This activity doesn’t only offer you the perfect adrenaline rush. But it also offers you a great opportunity to experience the beautiful landscapes of the desert.