If you have visited Dubai and are looking for the best tourist attraction, Desert safari Dubai is definitely the one. Millions of tourists visit Dubai each year to experience this exceptional ride which takes you deep into the lavish sand dunes and deeper into the exotic Bedouin Culture. Dubai is one of the most important emirates in UAE. Bordered by Sharjah, Oman and Abu Dhabi, not only does it offer quick escapes to those cities but a unique topography as well. The city consists of ginormous buildings and commercial areas at one end and sandy deserts at another. Within those lush sandy areas, you can enjoy a thrilling experience of the Dubai Desert Safari and various other adventures.

An escape into the desert is what some people come to Dubai for. Enjoying a calming yet equally luxurious ecosystem which is much different from their homeland.

Our tour guide signs you up for the best desert safari Dubai package according to your trip schedule. We offer to pick up facilities to make the most of this 6-hour tour. You’ll be greeted by an experienced driver all set for this once in a lifetime ride. Jump into your 4×4 air-conditioned vehicle and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping journey into the glorious sand dunes and witness the unique culture of the Arabic Bedouin tribes.

A 45-minute ride away from the commercial city, you’ll reach the desert where you’ll be greeted by captivating quad bike and buggy ride packages. Enjoy those 30 minutes of pure bliss with your family amidst the mini dunes.

A 5-minute break for a change in the tire pressure will commence the exhilarating journey on the top of lush large red sand dunes giving your heart the adrenaline rush it deserves. This will be the highlight of your life as our skilled drivers would make the most of the limited time.

Followed by a break for a photography session, those pictures would be a memorable keepsake. Photograph yourself riding the ships of the desert, camels and holding the falcons. Carrying a camera to snapshot every moment would be a better idea to avoid the costs of professional photographs.

The ride ends at the camp of one of the Bedouin tribes renowned for their hospitality and deeply embedded traditions. The camps are set atop of the dune to make the most of the desert’s cooling breeze. You’ll be welcomed by their rich kahwa, their traditional flavourful coffee, gaymat, a luscious sweet along with unlimited access to the shisha area and beverages.

Spend and capture those memorable moments wearing traditional Arabian costumes and celebrate your next half of the journey with beautiful henna tattoos. Not only that but you could visit the stalls exhibiting beautiful Arabic souvenirs and local dresses along with intricate crafts. Don’t miss the mesmerizing sight of the sunset laying inside your camp with the various shisha flavors they are offering.

Within a few minutes, you’ll be served with a scrumptious plate of appetizers followed by a glorious buffet of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food deeply infused with the Arabic culture. There will be a BBQ area serving rich dishes of meat such as lamb and beef. Arabic cuisine is defined by the various regional cuisines within the Arab world and their extensive trade of highly sought after spices and herbs. Make your plate of hummus and bread alongside a serving of juicy lamb and tzatziki sauce shawarma. What is the fun of dinner at desert safari Dubai without servings of Arabic dessert? All your sweet tooth cravings would be satisfied and your stomach would be satisfied and ready to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Drawing close into the desert safari Dubai, the real entertainment begins with a terrific fire-show that will blow your mind. It will be followed by a Tanoura dance, an Egyptian folk dance captivating the eyes of the audience by going into a trance-like spinning state for 30 minutes following the beat of Egyptian music. In the end, you’ll get to witness the much-awaited belly dance, a dance that requires a lot of practice, by ravishing dancers leaving you amazed.

Desertsafariuae.ae offers the best packages of Dubai Desert Safari which won’t leave your pockets empty and will definitely leave you wanting for more. We will provide you with an unmatched experience, an experience that every traveler desires.

Dubai Desert Safari Package includes

A 4×4 car- The Land Cruiser is used for the Dubai Desert Safari and is the perfect vehicle. The car is large, comfortable, air-conditioned and powerful enough to take on the desert.

A well-skilled driver making this ride thrilling but not so to compromise on safety. Our drivers are trained in first aid

Buggy rides and quad bikes for a mini dune bashing session in the midst of the desert

Camel rides and horse rides on the top of the dunes giving you the traditional desert experience of an era with no 4×4 bikes.

– A once in a lifetime sunset view

– You’ll be welcomed with qahwa, their traditional tea, dates, and payment, their local sweets

– Several flavors of shisha with unlimited access to their shisha lounge

Tanoura dance, an Egyptian folklore dance which involves spinning around for 30 minutes in a trance-like state to a drum beat. It symbolizes the spiritual connection of a servant with God and is a religious attraction in many Islamic tourist cities.

– Alluring belly dance by a ravishing dancer. It’s a skill that requires a lot of hard work and time.

– Fireshow by a talented male artist which involves him dipping his body in petrol and lighting it on fire while performing mind-blowing acts.

– A scrumptious BBQ feast along with several mouthwatering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to satisfy every taste bud.

– Falcon sighting and holding giving you all the feels of a national geographic adventurer

– A 30-minute Dune bashing session. An experience that you will never forget.

– Separate washroom facilities for both men and women

– Unlimited beverages and snacks

– Pick up and drop off facilities available