Our Amazing Top 10 Desert Safari Dubai Tours Packages

4x4 Pickup With Quad Bike
Serving on table/AC room Most Popular
Inc. 5% VAT
Desert Safari with Hummer
Minimum required persons 2

Choose The Top 10 Desert Safari Dubai Tour Package with Pick up and Drop off Service

Do you know what city of dreams- Dubai even more popular? Yes, it is definitely the amazing and full of entertainment experience of Desert Safari in Dubai. To make most of the outstanding enjoyment of sand dunes and thrilling activities, you need the assistance of Desert Safari UAE. This indeed the best Package provider company in Dubai. Undoubtedly, there is so much to explore in Dubai city, which makes it one of the happening places in the UAE.

The exclusive packages of Desert Safari Dubai can be differentiated on the grounds of time of the day, activities and other inclusions.

The main types include-

  1. Hummer Desert Safari

  2. Luxury Desert Safari

  3. Overnight Desert Safari

  4. Evening Desert Safari

  5. Morning Desert Safari with Quad Bike

  6. Camel Ride Dubai

  7. Dubai Desert Safari by Bus Pickup

You can choose as per your requirement of the time and inclusions as all the types have their respective benefits.

If you too are planning for an excursion in this beautiful holiday destination, then read further commonly asked questions about Dubai.

People are often concerned about the special care of senior citizens and children. So, the most common question is about the special arrangements made in the Desert Safari Dubai Package for them. Our company – Dubai Desert Safari pays special attention to this commonly asked question for the safety of vulnerable ones. It is indeed their duty to provide a safe arrangement to let every guest enjoy despite their age. They can be a part of all the activities during the Desert Safari Dubai, like camel riding and dune bashing under expert supervision. Even all the customized arrangements are made to avoid leaving any stone unturned for their ultimate holiday.

Another concern of most of the UAE, Dubai Visitors is about the inclusions of our Desert Safari Dubai Package that they are paying for. All our packages of Safari have their own schedule and inclusions to cater to the visitors in Dubai. For instance – we can take the example of our exclusive morning desert safari, which will initiate early in the morning at 6 am (may vary). This marvelous experience will surprise them with the view of the dunes in the first ray of the Sun. This can be the most thrilling yet calming experience for any traveler. Hot air balloon, quad biking or camel riding, everything will be a part of this safari. This is meant for people who wish to see nature closely like early morning birds. Usually, this safari lasts for 3 hours and is usually pre-booked by us. This way every.

People are keen to know about the food and amazing delicacies of Arab culture. They all already know about the richness coming their way in the form of flavors, they are going to try in Dubai. Usually, frequently asked questions include the discounts offered on food for a group of visitors and also, they inquire about the inclusions of the buffet served in the camps as well as the cruises. For instance- Dinner is a great affair within this Arab city and includes- Shisha, Arabian Dates, and Barbeque delicacies, etc.

So, we hope you would be keen to pay a visit to this dream city called Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the most significant ideas for the excursion. This is also known as dune bashing i.e. a term used to define the riding throwing the irregular sandy terrains. During this vacation, travelers can get the best fun time while enjoying Arab delicacies and various shows for entertainment. To know more about the different packages for this holiday in Dubai, connect with Desert Safari UAE

Super-excited and full enthusiasm are two words that are usually taken into consideration to define a traveler preparing for the desert safari trip. If you are planning for such a trip to get the best services, you need to first book a great package from Desert Safari UAE. You can expect a safe pick up and drop off by the professionally trained drivers. All the outdoor fun activities are a part of this amazing and interesting short tour with our company

Desert Safari can be divided on the basis of time, days of stay or even inclusions. So, it is purely dependant upon the requirement of the visitor who is taking a package. With Desert Safari UAE, Overnight desert safari is very popular due to the overnight stay it offers in the Bedouin camps as an inclusion. Apart from this, the tourists get all the Arab delicious to have a mouth-watering taste and get entertained by the amazing traditional shows. So, one can pick up their desirable desert safari and call it their best one.

Mostly, all the desert safari package offered by the Desert Safari UAE are suitable for the families as well as any group of friends. However, customization can be added to the requirements or special demands of the visitors who take the package. Our company provides the best packages for families that let all the members have fun as per their wish. For instance- Adrenaline rush with adventurous outdoor sports for youngsters as well as elderly, dune bashing for the whole family, and delicious food for all everyone (veg or non-veg).

Desert Safari in Dubai packages is various so inclusions may vary from package to package. Talking about the Desert Safari UAE, there are various tour packages offered to cater to different customers and let them enjoy to the core. Morning Desert Safari, Evening desert safari, Overnight desert safari, Camel Ride Safari, Dune Bahsing, Quad biking packages and so on, come with different attractions. For instance- Morning Desert Safari includes- pick up and drop off, early morning dune bashing in the dunes, outdoor activities, and international buffet, etc.

Safety totally depends on the reliability of the company you pick up for desert safari facilitation in Dubai. If you consider Desert Safari UAE cater its audience and customers come with the security, affordability, and transparency. This is the reason due to which our company has excelled for years in the tourism industry of Dubai. Our pickups and drop-offs are completely safe with reliable drivers and safaris are also driven by the experts. No activity is performed without proper guidelines and supervision of professionals. Safety is our priority.

The period of the Desert Safari depends upon its inclusions and of course, its cost. With Desert Safari UAE, you can get the best inclusions at a very affordable price point and enjoy it for an extended period. Usually, if you go on morning desert safari, it will last for 3-4 hours with the extra time for adventurous activities. So, one can choose and plan accordingly. To know more, contact Desert Safari UAE.

Desert is a hard place to dress up as you are not entirely sure, which is the correct attire. Well, the answer depends on your time of visit. If it is the month of warm, then light clothes like T-Shirts, trousers, shorts for men and women. In the case of winters, men can carry jackets while women can wear pashmina or cardi over their blouse or T-shirts. A big no to Skirts and mini-skirts as it would be awkward while sitting on the camel. And flat sandals are preferred due to ease of walking.

Desert Safari is famous for various desert adventures in Dubai such as Dune Bashing, Sand Skiing, and Dhow Cruise. As a smart traveller, you need to plan ahead of time. There are three different desert safari tours

  • From 8:30 am – 11:30 am in the morning.
  • From 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm in the afternoon and evening.
  • Last that runs the entire night from 3:30 pm to 9:00 am.

The timing will vary according to your package so check the details.

This is a common question that everyone has before they leave for vacation. There are a few things that you need to do when you are in the desert. You should start with the camels as they will give you the sense of being in the desert. Then come the exquisite Dune Bashing and quad biking. After which you can relax in a tent or go for sandboarding from atop of small dunes. Many desert packages also contain hot balloon, which is also thrilling. To cap off your day, engage in overnight camping. These are all the things you go to in a desert.

When you are going for a desert safari, the last thing you want is to restrict your movement or activities due to your clothes. This can very easily happen especially as a tourist going for the first time. When you would be going on a desert safari, you will be surrounded by mostly tourist. So, shorts wouldn’t be a problem for male and female. However, you would be sitting in AC Jeeps, which can be a problem. Other than that, there is no problem wearing shorts in the desert safari.

Desert Safari is one of the major attractions in Dubai. Currently, there are two places in Dubai where you can go for desert safari – ed dunes lahbab and al awir. Both of these are nearer to the city and your travel time depends on your location and the time of the day. As you can encounter traffic in the evening. But it won’t take more than 40 mins to reach even in heavy traffic.

Sandboarding is often associated with snowboarding which is an extreme sport. However, Sandboarding is far away from it. In simpler terms, Sandboarding is nothing but fun. You don’t need any skills to enjoy. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, look for a comfortable sandboard. Secondly, look for tall and steep dunes as they are easy. Now strap your feet and just slide down the dune. If you are still afraid, you can begin with sit-down sandboarding on a small dune. Sandboarding isn’t difficult at all; you just need to start.