Dubai City tour packages

Desert Safari UAE Provides Various Dubai City Tour Packages for Vacations

 Theme parks, Skyscrapers, unbeatable records, outstanding luxury, beaches, hotels full of amenities and natural blessings of beauty, all together form Dubai an ideal land for tourists. This world-class city for travelers has something in store for all age groups, so families, friends, lovers or solo travelers can enjoy here to the core. Dubai is a canal city just like Venice and is also known as the Venice of the Persian Gulf. This certainly an amazing tourist attraction city that no one wishes to miss. Desert Safari UAE offers unique access to all the enjoyment and wandering with affordability with exclusive Dubai city tour packages.

Different types of our Dubai city tour packages

Dubai City Tour –  Trust us, our Dubai city tour is unbeatable due to its steal deal at just AED 105. Our customers can choose in between morning or afternoon pick up and accordingly our pre-planned itinerary will take place. Either it’s 9 am or 2:30 pm and we can place everything in place afterward. This 5-hour tour will take our travelers to distinct attractions of Dubai- Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina, Atlantis, Dubai Creek, Historical Bastakiya and many more.

Dubai City Tour and Desert Safari – Our travelers can explore Dubai city with the amazing views of the dunes for the best of memories of their Dubai trip. Within the cost of AED 195, this package is a great money-saver for many tourists. Some of the inclusions of this tour are- Historical Bastakiya, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Atlantis, Dubai Museum, Palm Jumeirah, Desert Safari with sandboarding, Tanoura Show, Camel ride and much more. This 6-hour tour is going to be a treat for our willing customers making their way out to have fun in Dubai.

Dubai City Tour and Marina Cruise Dinner – This Dubai city tour package is ideal for the people who wish to explore the city of dreams and pay a visit to the Marina and have a luxury tour. The price visitors have to pay is quite nominal- AED 250 per head. Enjoy cruising around the modern city and wander in the Dubai city to witness some pre-set locations on your bucket list. Unlimited soft drinks and delicacies of Dubai are simply an attractive thing to explore with city sightseeing.

Dubai City Tour with Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Dinner – Thinking of our customers, we thought to give luxury with great affordability. This package was tailored made for the amazing enjoyment at just AED 290. This tour is going to last for 2 days and is going to give memories to the visitors some lifetime memories to cherish. Dubai city tour has Atlantis, Marina, Sheikh Zayed Road, Palm Jumeirah, Historical Bastakiya. Whereas, Desert Safari has got endless fun activities to entertain tourists with adventure and shows. Lastly, the 2 hours roaming around the Creek with mouth-watering international dinner and background music is included in the Dhow cruise dinner.

Dubai City Tour with Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise Dinner and Abu Dhabi City Tour – Another Dubai city tour package that comes with another tour along for maximum saving at AED 410. This tour comes with the safe pick-ups and drops offs from various locations for 2 days until this tour completes. Our tourists have the access to go to various destinations of Dubai, have fun in Desert Safari with adventure, eating some soulful Arab delicacies at Dhow cruise dinner and experience the ultimate luxury in the capital city of the UAE- Abu Dhabi. This is a power-packed and money-saver package for any traveler.

Dubai City Tour with Desert Safari, Marina Cruise Dinner and Abu Dhabi City Tour – As our loyal client, we give a chance to our travelers to upgrade to Marina Cruise dinner in the package at just spending AED 85 extra on the previous package that includes all the same amenities that anyone could ask for. In AED 495, our customers will be getting pick ups and drop offs from convenient locations by expert drivers. Some inclusions are- Dubai Museum, Dubai Marina, Burj Al hotel, Jumeirah beach, Cruising with a dinner buffet, Magic shows, unlimited welcome drinks, Desert Safari activities- Camel riding, dune bashing, sandboarding, and Abu Dhabi city attractions- Sheikh Zayad Mosque, Heritage Village, Sheikh’s Palace and Marina Mall, etc. Desert Safari UAE will ensure to make these two days of one of our Dubai city tour packages will be the best time for the travelers.

This tour is ideal for a weekend getaway or a perfect full-fledged holiday for the travel enthusiasts. The Dubai City Tour allows a tourist to witness the best sights of Dubai and get amazing insights of this city of innovation contrasting with traditions. This beautiful city of the United Arab Emirates provides various tourist attractions, like- Dubai Marina, The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Desert Safari, and much more. In fact, the heritage and culture of this city are going to indulge you in an immense that there is no chance of you getting bored and everything is so vibrant about Dubai. Rich culture, tasty Arab delicacies, mesmerizing sights, and ultimate luxury, it has got it all for you to make a visit super soon again.

The things covered in a tour depending upon the willingness of the travel management company to facilitate its customers. Desert Safari UAE offers safe to pick up and drops off in a 4×4 vehicle by the well-trained driver as a part of the Dubai city tour to provide convenience to its travelers. Apart from this, you will get ultimate deals and discounts with Desert Safari UAE. You can go during afternoon or morning for this 4- 5 hours’ tour of roaming around in Dubai city. You can see Dubai Creek, Palm Jumeriah, Marina, Historical Bastakiya, Dubai Museum, Sheikh Zayed Road, Atlantis, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum and much more. So, pack your bags once you get your favorite package to wander in Dubai for a beautiful holiday.

The inclusions of different packages are offered depending upon the travel management company selected. So, if you select Desert Safari UAE for the Dubai city tour, then you will get a lot of privileges for sure. In this tour package, most of Dubai’s main attractions are included such as- Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Museum, Palm Jumeriah, and others. The best part about a good company like Desert Safari UAE offers safe and sound pick up and drop off by expert drivers for the ultimate convenience. So, one should make bookings accordingly.

Dubai is beautiful land with tough rules and regulations. No wonder, following some norms is absolutely worthy of being in this mesmerizing city of United Arab Emirates. There are various things that you should know as a tourist of Dubai to avoid being a violator of their regulations. For instance- you cannot take any boycotted goods, narcotic drugs, crude ivory, gambling machines, Cooked food, duplicate currency, and so on. Being a visitor of Dubai, you cannot cross-dress there, staying in hotel under 18 years is not allowed, no electronic cigarettes, and cannot show affection in public. Get more details by connecting Desert Safari UAE.

Dubai city follows the laws of United Arab Emirates and is a particular one in terms of clothing. So, wearing skinny jeans is not advisable as it would be tight and too fitted to be worn in public. Prefer something less fitted, like a normal jean. In this family based country, they care about preserving their culture a lot and wish tourists to dress conservatively and keep up with their norms very well. You can also wear knee-length dresses and simple covering tops during Dubai city tour and have fun. However, this might be acceptable in few areas of Dubai, but why to take this risk and wear a normal jean instead.

Answer- Family-friendly and Muslim culture is followed in the entire United Arab Emirates and leads to some conservative regulations throughout the nation. To enjoy in this beautiful tourist spot, the visitors need to skimp on over-revealing clothes and bikini are no chance to be worn on the streets. In some areas, it is prohibited to wear shorts and sleeveless and has a certain dress code. But, in most of the cases shorts are fine to wear, but do not team up with revealing top. In Dubai, the clothing ought to be family-friendly that it does not put a bad impact on the thinking of children and also should be appropriate for the people to see around in public.

Dressing up properly plays an integral role in the Dubai and its conservative Arab culture. Sha’aria law is followed in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai is a significant city of this Muslim country. No matter how hot the climate is, everyone in this city needs to dress conservatively. We are sure you would not handle those tough looks from the Arab people after dressing up in some revealing clothes. Clothing is certainly a reason why tourist wish to visit here during moderate weather in November to March. So, in this city you can surely wear jeans as it is not all inappropriate for families and children to see in public. However, tight-fitted tops and see-through ones should be avoided while being on your Dubai city tour.

There is no pre-set dress code for Burj Khalifa, but they advise tourists to wear a shirt and shoes. According to the dressing norms of the Dubai city, one needs to be as casual as he or she can. The rule of no revealing or see-through clothes, applies here also as it is in Dubai. So, wear simple jeans, dresses up to knees, and covering clothes that are not inappropriate to wear in public and for the families to see.

Dubai is considered one of the strict nationalities in terms of tough rules and regulations. So, a visitor needs to pay attention to some of the things to follow to avoid any issue there. Just like every country or city, Dubai has its own norms and beliefs that no one is allowed to violate. Dressing appropriately and quite conservatively is one of the main aspects of do’s and don’t’s in Dubai. Bikini and revealing clothes are allowed in the beach areas for women and they need to be covered in the streets. Taking food and eating with the right hand is customary in this city. You will be surprised to know that Dubai has no tolerance for alcohol consumption on the roads. To get more extensive knowledge to never go wrong with the culture of Dubai, connect with the Desert Safari UAE.