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Experience The Most Adventurous Quad Biking In Dubai With Us

Riding over rough terrains and dunes is one of the amazing feels. Guess what, our customers can now avail them with us at a very nominal price point with a wide variety of options. This is an awesome way to explore beautiful dunes and sights of the desert a bike. This adventure requires no specific skills and can be enjoyed to the maximum. However, a minor requirement of surveillance is fulfilled by our experts and we let our customers have the privilege of enjoying the best quad biking in Dubai.

Our exclusive rides will be like unforgettable experiences for all the adrenaline junkies. All our tours are properly guided and venues are decided to avoid any hassle for the quad biker.

Desert Safari UAE offers Various types to choose from

  • Normal Quad Bike for one hour at AED 500
  • Normal Quad Bike for 2 hours at AED 800
  • Quad Bike for 4 hours at AED 1200
  • Buggy Rental for 1 hour at AED 990
  • Buggy Rental for 2 hours at AED 1390
  • Buggy Rental for 3 hours at AED 1790
  • Buggy Rental for 4 hours at AED 2350
  • Dirt Bike for 1 hour at AED 550
  • Dirt Bike for 2 hours at AED 790
  • Dirt Bike for 3 hours at AED 950
  • Dirt Bike training for 2 hours at AED 1135

Our motive with these exclusive packages with different time span is facilitating our customers to pay for what exactly they receive. Unlike, other packages providing companies we do not charge a lump sum amount for Quad biking experience in Dubai.

Also, note that all the equipment is readily provided by us, such as- chest protection, helmets, gloves, and goggles. In short, we ensure the complete safety of our beloved travelers. Besides, pick up and drop off is included in our package and visitors would no be asked for extra money for that. Additionally, for a smooth quad biking in Dubai, our instructors will guide our customers with the proper tour briefing. Undoubtedly, you will keep memorizing the feel of bouncing across the terrains on a four-wheeled beast with us.

To get more detailed information, you can reach us or directly visit our official website.