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Evening Desert Safari Dubai with BBQ Dinner, Henna Painting, Camel Ride and Belly Dance

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Dubai is known for its quintessential Adrenalin siphoning Desert Safari encounters. You drive past the city’s uninteresting to take off to the unfathomable desert in a 4×4 vehicle. Slamming the hills, you set yourself on an endeavor to appreciate the embodiment of desert life. As would be impossible to say, the best time to observe the soul of desert is the night time.


Go through a night at the unparalleled Desert Safari UAE Camp to encounter the Bedouin life. Return to those past times worth remembering with Shisha smoking, Henna inking, grill lunch/supper, neighborhood Tanoura just as Belly move appears.


This Dubai desert safari visit will acquaint you with how intriguing was the old desert life!

Our Safari Captain will lift you up, from the lodging or chose area, in a 4 wheel drive Land Cruiser. You will at that point be taken to the Lahbab desert. In that one hour drive, figure out how the present cosmopolitan Dubai was initially a town first and the manner in which it changed into a trendsetting city. As you land at Lahbab desert, enjoy an underlying reprieve at the rest zone for around 20-25 minutes. There you can take rest, profit restroom/latrine offices, in the interim, your property cruiser gets its tire weights balanced for the desert safari. Indeed, even as different escorts join your pack, you can go for a discretionary Quad Biking.

Before long the experiences start with rising slamming at the Dubai desert. Go for a ridge pass through the exceptionally formed red hills at Lahbab. Following 30 to 45 minutes of rising slamming drive, keep your rushes bursting at the seams with sand-surfing along with the rises (sandboarding). A short time later, we will continue to Al Khayma desert camp.

At the Al Khayma camp, you can see Camels in a gathering – prepared for a ride. As you enter in the camp, our safari commander will demonstrate to you the openings (where principle camp exercises occur) and you will be lead to a table inside/before your tent (Khayma). There will be a boundless stock of soda pops in your tent where you can evaluate Arab clothing types (Abaya and Kandora – for women and gentlemen). Get invited with Gahwa, Gaymat (Arabian espresso and desserts) and dry dates. Invigorate yourselves before you proceed onward for the following movement Camel ride.

It’s currently time for a ride on ‘Ship of the desert’. You can encounter the camel ride in a gathering which can be rehashed. Likewise, watch the dusk from the camp’s committed nightfall hill. Get these delightful scenes caught with your cameras. You can utilize the spare time to investigate the Al Khayma camp with a great deal of Bedouin exercises including the must-do exercises of Dubai desert-Henna inking, Shisha smoking, evaluating Arab clothing types Abaya/Kandora starting at a nearby Arab resident, getting together with a Falcon master and presenting with that superb fowl.

Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for some night performers! The Tanoura move will be performed at the middle stage at first. Before long you will be welcome to a grill supper buffet. You are allowed to taste the sweets gave after supper grill dishes. Hip twirl would be the following excitement appear.

At long last, you will be dropped off to the lodging area.

  • Pick-up and drop off at your chose inn/area
  • Transportation by 4WD cooled Land Cruiser
  • English-talking authorized driver
  • Dune slamming (30-45 minutes)
  • Sand-boarding
  • Sunset photograph stop
  • Gaymat (desserts), Gahwa (espresso) and Dates
  • Henna painting for women
  • Falcon experience
  • Few minutes camel ride (can be rehashed)
  • Shisha pipe (hubble-bubble season) allowed at shisha territory as it were
  • Shared camp
  • Tanoura and Belly move
  • Unlimited soda pops
  • Barbecue feast with vegan and non-veggie lover choices
  • Cold mineral water in the vehicle during the exchang


  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Quad bicycle/Dune carriage exercises (discretionary)