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Dubai desert safari has left people in shock and amazement because of how memorable and unique it is, and also its activities. No wonder why it is the favorite place of tourists.


How about we verbally take you to this excellent experience so it is simple for you to choose and book. Morning Dubai Desert Safari begins with an agreeable pick up between 7:00 am to 7:30 am in the first part of the day. Sit in open Toyota Land Cruiser from your doorstep and leave to encounter the great change of the impressively formed city into destroyed void streets and separated yet extremely charming Arab Desert. Disregard rushing about of Dubai and enter in this calmest yet brave and dazzling region far from high as can be buildings. Explore the beguiling excellence of the tremendous Dubai Desert safari, with your friends and family. When you enter this gigantic and excellent desert land, prepare and affix your safety belt as you will encounter first-class Sand Dune Bashing experience at Dubai desert safari. Drive through the wonderful red sand rises in the brave 4WD Land Cruiser for as long as 45 Minutes of exciting and chilling with our expert and neighborly mannered driver. Hang tight, our driver won’t simply take you to a plain and straightforward drive on the sand. So Habibi, sit tight for a charging knowledge of sand rise drive. Our master driver whips around the sand ridges, wobble on the edge, dive down to the sandy slants and move up again for around 45 minutes. Remember to take pictures amidst the Arabian desert, while you are completely enjoyed hypnotizing sceneries.


With regards to the security benchmarks, Morning Dubai Desert Safari Team guarantees each part of the wellbeing of every guest. Guides are for the most part all around prepared under the supervision of DESERT SAFARI UAE. Also, Land Cruisers are examined each day for upkeep, vehicles are outfitted with the First Aid Tools, Roll Bars, Air Bags and Customized Seats to fulfill the Protection Guidelines. In addition, every one of the 4 by 4 land cruisers has an assurance casing to make it increasingly secure. As clearly your security is our topmost need thus, if it’s not too much trouble, note that Sand Dune Bashing isn’t prescribed for heart patients, pregnant women, spinal or neck damage patients or some other such patients.


Notwithstanding invigorating sandhill drive, engage yourself by investing some energy with stunning and old occupants of the Dubai desert safari. Camels have been colleagues of Arabs amid going through these vast betrays that is the reason they have been remunerated with the name “Ship of the Desert”. You can likewise ride on the back of this delicate mammoth and take photos of these magnificent minutes to flaunt on your online life to include some radiance your Instagram, Facebook, and Snap talk. You can peruse nitty gritty directions about camel ride here from the guides.

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Dubai desert safari has been a hit amongst the tourists. Let’s take a look at the activities provided.


A Camel Desert Safari is the most legitimate approach to investigate the Dubai desert by going on a customary camel guard. Camels are known as the ship of the desert in light of the straightforwardness at which they carefully move over the desert sands. Your 45-minute voyage through the desert follows the strides of Bedouin explorers and leads you to a customary Bedouin camp lit by delicate blazes, settled in a private Royal desert retreat.

Find out about another creature that was imperative to the locale, the bird of prey. Watch a sunset falcon show in the hills while tasting on shimmering date juice.

Find Dubai as it was more than 50 years back and appreciate a night encountering numerous social exercises, for example, henna, sheesha and bread making. Figure out how to set up a nearby formula passed on from age to age, before appreciating a delectable customary 4-course supper under the Arabian desert star-lit sky. Be engaged with customary Emirati moves and participate in a social drumming session.

Appreciate this rare experience and go through a night delighting in the enchantment of the rich social legacy that Dubai brings to the table.


Experience the most granted Desert Safari in Dubai. Make a stride back in time and experience Dubai desert safari as it was 50 years prior. Your expert Conservation Guide will escort you on an intriguing Dubai desert safari in an exhibition hall quality, vintage 1950’s Land Rover.

These Series 1 Land Rovers were widely utilized in the 1950s and from that point forward have progressed toward becoming a piece of the UAE history. No other vehicle offers an increasingly true desert safari experience to spot fascinating nearby natural life inside the immaculate Dubai Desert Safari UAE.

Watch the sun drop under the skyline as you watch a hawk take off around you. Your Bedouin camp, lit with the delicate flares of conventional lights is settled inside a private Royal desert retreat. We will exhibit social exercises, for example, henna tattoos, music, move and bread, and Arabic espresso-making before getting a charge out of a luscious supper under the stars. History springs up in this rare Dubai desert safari.


Expand your cultural experience with an overnight Dubai desert safari camping experience in our tents. Go a little back in time and feel Dubai as it was fifty years ago. Your professional Dubai Desert Safari UAE guide will escort you on a stunning journey in a museum quality 1950’s Land Rover.

No other vehicle offers a more authentic desert experience to spot exotic local wildlife within the pristine Dubai Desert Safari UAE. Watch the sun go hide under the desert as you watch a falcon soar around you. Your Bedouin camp, lit with the gentle flames of traditional lamps is nestled inside a private Royal desert retreat.

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Dubai is a standout amongst the most vital emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The city is flanked by Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the upper east, and the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. Arranged inside the Arabian Desert, the city has interesting geology with rest of the southern bit of the UAE.

Dubai’s scene is for the most part framed of sandy desert designs alongside rock abandons overwhelming the southern locale of the UAE. Its sand is perfect, white, and fine comprises smashed shell and coral. Dubai desert safari in the encompassing sandy desert is an exciting and energizing knowledge. It is extremely hard to pick among an assortment of brave desert trips. The adventure begins from getting point boarding into 4×4 wheel drive.


A camel ride, hill sandboarding, conventional henna painting, and an extravagant 3-course grill supper are largely holding up in the desert as a component of this exciting night experience. This is a genuinely Arabian encounter that takes you rough terrain and into the desert wild.

Start your night by venturing rough terrain into the desert to observe stunning dusk. Riding in a rich 4-wheel-drive vehicle, you welcome the remoteness of the huge, clearing sandhills. You before long touch base at the conventional Bedouin campground, where there is plenty of exercises to attempt.


Sit on a camel, smoke sweet-smelling shisha, surf down a sand ridge, and experience some customary henna painting. These undertakings are a piece of your experience of Dubai desert safari.

The headliner comes in the state of an extravagant 3-course Arabic gala joined by an engaging stomach artist. Splash up the smooth tunes of the social music under the twilight sky to finish your essential Arabian night.


Each sunrise is great to welcome. Begin your morning with experience and make it important.

Our master driver’s group will take you to the Lahbab desert where you will appreciate 45 minutes Dune slamming that will quicken your heartbeat. In the event that you need to drive in the desert, you can likewise appreciate quad bicycle that will be increasingly fun and you can likewise appreciate camel riding. After that our driver will drop back you to your inn or living arrangement.


The purpose of life is to live it, to taste to the most extreme, to connect energetically and without dread for more current and more extravagant Experience. We are here to give you more than you expect.

Are you prepared for the exciting Red Dune Dubai Desert safari roll over the Golden sand Dune? We will take you to the Highest Dubai Desert safari in the U.A.E with master and Professional Drivers. Experience is beneficial so take a full breath and keep prepared yourself for the experience.

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Dubai is an amazing city and it has so much to offer. Your trip cannot cover the whole of Dubai but yes you can at least visit your favorite places. What I suggest is that you should visit the Arabian desert. The whole trip will be all sorted and you will get go cover almost the whole of the desert in a very short time. Trip to the Arabian desert is managed and organized by Dubai desert safari.


Dubai desert safari is the best choice one can make. There are many reasons that support this fact. The Dubai desert safari is a pathway that starts from your location and ends at the Arabian desert. You will be surprised by the great work of the team of Desert Safari Dubai. Our driver will pick you from your location and will take you to the desert. The drivers are well experienced and you can communicate with them if you have any problem or if you have any queries.

If you choose morning or evening desert safari, then you can venture into the desert. For camp activities choose evening or overnight desert safari. Evening desert safari offers both that is adventure and camp activities.


If you choose the morning desert safari then you will get a chance to see the sunrise and you can do sunrise photography. After that, you can enjoy the adventurous rides. If you choose evening desert safari then after the adventurous rides, enjoy sunset photography and your next stop will be the campsite. Camp activities will be waiting for you. If you choose overnight desert safari then you can enjoy camp activities and after that, you can also spend your whole night in the desert. The sleeping bags and blanket will be provided to you.


If you choose adventure at Dubai desert safari then after you land into the desert, the dune bashing starts. Different car is required like a land cruiser. The roads are not flat. Those cars will fit those who can bear off-roading. The cars are good in condition and are well maintained.

The activities which are filled with adventures are dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing, and camel riding. The team of Dubai desert safari will be there to serve you and to guide you so if you don’t have the skills then also don’t worry.


The camp activities include henna art, tanoura show, the fire show, music, dance, belly dancing, Arabic costume photography, pictures with the Falcon bird and the amazing dinner which includes barbeque and buffet with unlimited soft drinks.


Group bookings and private bookings are also available. So if you want to bring the maximum number of people you can and if you prefer coming alone or with your partner or friend then also you can.

If you want to enjoy your trip to Dubai then Dubai desert safari is a must. To book your deal log on to the website below:



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Deserts are beautiful and people often plan their trip to the desert. The beauty of a desert is different. What happens sometimes is that we do visit desert but we get confused after reaching as in from where to start. Just imagine standing in the desert and looking here and there because you have no idea where to go and what to do and how to make this trip useful.


Planning your trip to the Arabian desert with the Dubai desert safari is a brilliant idea. Imagine visiting the Arabian desert and wondering what to do now. If you want to enjoy your trip then plan your trip with Dubai desert safari. You will not be disappointed.


You can visit Desert safari in the morning, evening or even in the night. Desert safari Dubai offers morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari. You can choose according to your availability. If you love adventures then morning and evening is the best time, if you love camping then choose overnight and if you want both then the evening is the best option.

If you choose both then your trip will start from adventurous rides and will end at the campsite.


The adventures are quad biking, dune bashing, and skiing, and camel riding. You can go for sunset photography as well. Click pictures and enjoy it.


The next stop is the camp. The whole setting of the camp is so mesmerizing and will actually take you to the old times. There are stalls for food, henna tattooing going on, places for people to sit and enjoy the camp side.


The Arabic food is served at the campsite. The taste of Arabic food is different and you should try Arabic cuisine. You will actually find it good. There are barbeque and buffet for dinner.

After having your dinner you will get to enjoy the famous activities of the campsite. To start with belly dancing. The dancers are well trained. They practice a lot and they dance very well. You will enjoy the whole performance.


The Tanoura dance is the next one. The performers spin in tanoura costume. The costume is filled with colors and it looks so beautiful to the eye. While they are performing, the lights are turned off to enhance the effect. The costume will light up in dark and it is so pleasant to watch. The performer spin continuously and he knows how to control his body.


The fire show is also a part of camp activity. The performers are well trained and experienced. They play with fire in many ways. They have some objects like rings and fire strings. The lights are turned off to maximize the effect. It is actually amazing to watch.


Henna painting is also going on. Girls will love the idea of henna painting in a desert. The experts are there. They know many designs and will decorate your hands beautifully.

Plan a trip as soon as possible. Dubai desert safari is waiting for you. For bookings visit our website

Dubai desert safari-Link to the Arabian desert

Dubai Desert Safar Link To The Arabian Desert

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Dubai desert safari is a journey of amazing experiences and thrilling adventures. It is a route that connects you with the famous Arabian desert of Dubai. It is the most highlighted place of Dubai and people visiting Dubai should visit the Arabian desert via Dubai desert safari. The highlight of the desert is the Sand dunes. Sand dune activities are very interesting and they attract people towards the desert. You can actually think about spending your time in a desert and the idea is not boring. The activities that are offered by Dubai desert safari are interesting and the trip is affordable. The team is very helpful and they will guide you at every step. Booking is also very easy.

Entertainment and Adventure.

I am sure you must be excited to know about the activities. The activities are divided into two; the camp activities and the Sand dune activities. The camp activities are fully entertaining and Sand dune activities are adventurous. Dubai desert safari has divided the activities into three parts of the day that is morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari.

Beautiful Morning.

The Morning desert safari offers sunrise photography, dune bashing, sand skiing, quad biking, camel riding, and breakfast.

Interesting evening.

The evening desert safari offers all the adventurous activities plus the camp activities. The adventurous activities are similar to morning activities like dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, sand skiing, and sunset photography. After you’re done with the adventure part you will be taken to the campsite. The camp activities are too much fun and they are so interesting. The camp activities include the tanoura dance, the fire show, the belly dancing, Arabic costume photography, Picture with the royal bird, henna art for girls and the delicious dinner.

Night at a desert.

The overnight desert safari is all about camp activities and night stay in the desert. The overnight camp activities are for those who want to experience the night fun and want to spend their night in the desert. The camp activities are the same as that of the evening. The camp activities include henna art, the tanoura show, the fire show, and belly dancing. The dinner includes buffet and barbeque. You can sleep in your camp after the activities are over. Blankets and sleeping bags will be provided to you. You can also stay up the whole night and watch the stars shining brightly in the sky. The moonlight is so pleasing to the eyes. The temperature is cool and the wind is so cold. You will enjoy very much. You can walk in the desert at night. Just roam around alone or with your family member or friend and make the most of your trip.

The desert life is actually interesting and the credit goes to Dubai desert safari. They have worked hard in making the activities. Your trip will be scheduled and organized. You don’t have to worry and say no to messy trips.

Book and deal.

Get a chance to spend some quality time with desert safari Dubai.

Adventuring in the morning at Dubai desert safari.

Adventuring in the morning at Dubai desert Safari.

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Morning is the most favorite time of the day. This is because you feel fresh and new morning brings new hope and new challenges. If you are habitual of waking up early then you must know what I am talking about. The sky is beautiful in the morning, the wind is so fresh and the chirping of the birds is so pleasant to the ears. Sunrise is an important highlight of the morning. The way the darkness leaves the sky and the sun rises and the sky changes its beautiful colors and it beautifully turns from black to blue. This is so pleasant to see. Your face glows with freshness and after watching this beauty of nature, you are ready to face all the challenges.

Darkness will leave and the sun will rise.

Have you ever tried watching the sunrise at a beach? If yes then you know it is so beautiful but have you witnessed the sunrise at a desert? If no then you are missing something very interesting. Sunrise at a desert is a beautiful idea because the Sand dunes are so beautiful and they enhance the whole scene. The way the light falls on the Sand dunes and it is actually an amazing view.

Do you love adventures?

What about adventuring in the morning? Do you like adventures? If yes then the adventures of the desert are so unique and is a must-try for people who have a venturous personality. The desert activities are unique because of the Sand dunes and you can not try them on main roads or in your daily life routine.

You must be thinking who facilitates this much? Or who offers these amazing activities? Right? I have your answer. The answer to all of your questions is the Dubai desert safari. The journey to the Arabian desert. It is a passage to the Arabian desert. Dubai desert safari is a treat for those who want to experience life at a desert. The activities are so attracting and adventurous.

Booking is so easy.

If you love mornings and want to adventure in the morning and that too at a desert then start planning your trip to Dubai desert safari. To book your deal just log on to the following website and choose morning desert safari.

Dubai desert safari also offers evening desert safari and overnight desert safari. It is all up to you like what is the most suitable time for you. The facilities provided are equal. The activities differ.

Perks of being a morning person.

Our driver will pick you from your location and will take you for morning desert safari. Reach early to witness the sunrise and you can try sunrise photography. Get ready for the adventures. The Sand dune activities are so thrilling. Start with dune bashing which is an off-road experience. After this, you can try quad biking, Sand skiing or Sandboarding and camel riding as well. Roam around in the desert. Take your selfies, capture your favorite moments and make your mornings adventurous. The team of Dubai desert safari will help you at every step. Enjoy your breakfast and snacks. Our driver will drop you back to your location.

Don’t waste too much time making a decision. Start planning and don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

How people all over the world prefer visiting desert safari

How People All Over The World Prefer Visiting Desert Safari

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Dubai is one of the greatest cities in the United Arab Emirates which is continuously becoming a source of tourist’s attraction all over the world. There are a lot of activities and adventures to have fun and to make your trips wonderful such as sand dune bashing, ice skiing, quad biking, and many others. The trip also includes some live shows like belly dancing, tanoura dance and get pleasure by having delicious BBQ dinner. Enjoy such adventures in desert safari and spend your leisure time by experiencing new adventures there.

 For Desert safaris, tourism corporations select site visitors up from their hotel or any selected location – or they are able to choose the less expensive option of a shared vehicle or a private car for his or her experience. After a while using, all motors coming from all sides of the city with safari-goers arrive at the desert safari. There, small damage takes place and drivers deflate their tires – as a result, the dune bashing starts.

Enjoy the Bedouin traditions:

Adventurous and most exciting, get fun to fly over dunes in a 4×4 amazing vehicle drive by our professional drivers. Human beings need to now not fear, all drivers are distinctly skilled for this adventure. This is going on for a while, all automobiles riding in line toward the desert safari camp, where the actual Bedouin experience starts.

 At the campsite, human beings are invited to take a seat on couches on the floor and participate in all activities. It includes camel rides, smoking hookah, doing henna artwork or even trying on Dubai’s national dress and click wonderful pictures to show on social media or to any other friends.

Enjoy the tasty feast:

The satisfactory part of desert safari is the meal!  While having dinner, there are a series of entertainers, putting on a display for the visitors. Enjoy the amazing BBQ dinner with lots of entertainments.

This consists of traditional dances, together with the world-well-known belly dancing. For people who like to drink, they don’t need to worry about it. An additional rate, whereas most other sports and dinner are covered in the price. You will also serve by many drinks like Arabian coffee or tea and additionally, some desserts will increase your fun.

Capture amazing sceneries:

most desert safaris begin inside the mid-afternoon and finish within the early night, so when all indicates are finished, human beings are invited to move returned to their automobiles. There’s no dune bashing at the ride returned, that’s handy after the massive meal anybody has eaten. People, who desire to make the trip memorable throughout their life, can purchase photographs from the professional photographers on sight. It is going to be worth it, as this is an adventurous absolutely everyone will need to consider for years to come. So must plan for a tour to desert safari and get pleasure from various adventures.

adventurous place in Dubai

Are you looking for the most popular and adventurous place in Dubai

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Intriguing and stupendous, the Desert Safari Dubai is the most popular attractions that guests to Dubai look for. Flawless brilliant sands and energizing adventures anticipate, only a short drive from the downtown area. With most experiences offering to get and drop off at lodgings, it’s an advantageous extra to your remain.

Experience an exciting ride in the desert:

The most amazing part of this trip is to experience sand dune bashing. Take an enormous four-wheel drive, an accomplished driver, include some tremendous sand dunes and let the fun start. It very well may be minimal terrifying as the 4×4 skirts down the side of a dune, or you end up at 90 degrees as you go over an especially high peak; however, you’re in the hands of gifted drivers so appreciate the rushes.

While Desert Safari Dubai drives are fun, there are numerous other experience activities to take a stab at, including dune-boarding or sand surfing – a sheltered most loved with more youthful families specifically, that sees the rider skim down the sandy inclines. Families with adolescents 18 or more seasoned can select a quad-biking, an adrenaline-rushing sport that will spellbind you as you lurch over the dunes in your very own thundering four-wheeled bike.

Experience Arabian camp and its dinner:

Bedouin Adventures offers a well-known Desert Safari Dubai dinner, which is an advantageous method to test all the desert brings to the table. The visit starts with a fun drive through the sands at nightfall. At that point, it’s on to the Bedouin-style camp where you can appreciate a rich Arabian buffet dinner, while situated on customary carpets and cushions. Your night is finished off with playful live stimulation. The feature, however, is the point at which all the camp lights are quenched, so you can look at the stars and stillness of the desert during the evening.

Take a look to camel riding:

A considerable lot of Dubai’s best Desert Safari Dubai encounters offer a concise camel trek; be that as it may, to have a more extended ride you’ll have to book a particular visit. You can take a look at the whole Desert Safari Dubai on the back of a camel and enjoy the most beautiful sunset of your life.

There is a plentiful open door for picture takers and individuals who like to take amazing pictures while riding on a camel in Dubai desert safari.  You can outwit the desert in camera and in your recollections.

How do you enjoy in the Arabian camp?

For a genuine Dubai desert immersion, spend overnight in the dunes. Most overnighters incorporate a desert dinner and the chance to remain on at a luxury camp, encompassed by the lofty dunes. Enjoy overnight safari package which incorporates outdoors inside a customary Arabic stone dwelling with bedding, cushions and camping cots. Try to get the desert dawn before taking care of to the gourmet breakfast total with Arabian coffee, fruits, desserts, and many soft drinks.

Now to book your trip to Dubai, visit to have discounted packages.

What things in desert safari Dubai make your trip memorable

What Things in Desert Safari Dubai Make Your Trip Memorable

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 Desert safari Dubai is a bunch of fun and adventure! Being a very important place of UAE touristy, Desert safari Dubai not solely offers a journey, however, this sandy landscape additionally offers unlimited prospects to get pleasure from the traditional Arab life. People from all over the world organize their trip to Dubai to get pleasure by experiencing its most amazing adventures.

Fun Activities of desert safari Dubai:

There are many popular activities in the desert safari Dubai which will provide you a memorable fun rush. These  are as follows;

Sand dune bashing:

he really exciting part of the desert safari Dubai is “sand Dune Bashing”- a 4×4 vehicle drive deep into the desert across the desert and also the vehicle can accommodate solely six individuals at a time. You be able to participate during this activity with all your family members and friends and will be surely amazed by it. .All of the Vehicles there are well equipped with applicable safety measures.

 You ought to make sure that you are taking an only light meal before sand dune bashing. Drinking an excessive amount of water or eating heavy food will cause you to feel uncomfortable. Since the vehicles are driven by skilled drivers, you do not need to be afraid once the vehicle hit jarring dunes and take sudden turns. All that you simply need is to enjoy this new experience in desert safari Dubai.

Camel riding:

Desert safari Dubai may be best explored by camel riding and thus it is one amongst the most fascinating activities you will find in the desert. This is often a fine way to recognize the transportation facility of people in the early times. On the camelback, you’ll be able to get pleasure from concerning half-hour ride exploring the beautiful sights of desert safari Dubai.

No matter you’re experienced or not, a professional guide will offer you necessary coaching for mounting & dismounting the camel and can make you prepared for a snug ride.


Sand Boarding is very much just like ice skating. The only difference is that it is done on sand dunes and ice skating is done on ice. By using wood boards, you’ll surf on the sand and experience the desert safari Dubai like never before. All are welcome to do this activity, as obtaining balanced on the board is the only factor required. Don’t be tensed of obtaining bruised or injury since the sand below you is too soft and you’ll just freely surf over the dunes and will surely get pleasure.

Quad Biking: 

Quad biking experience is such an amazing adventure in the desert safari Dubai which will quench your thirst for a thrill. These are suggested to take with the help of outdoor journey enthusiasts who are professional in driving. You are requested to wear Helmets and spectacles for safety. People who are only above fifteen are allowed to take this ride as it is not suitable for children.