Solid Reasons to get your desert Safari Dubai package booked right away



Solid Reasons to get your desert Safari Dubai package booked right away

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In recent years, the city of Dubai has become one of the complete cities in terms of infrastructure and tourist attractions such as Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, and even shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall itself, among others. Luxury and ostentation, one of Dubai’s hallmarks, can be seen in many aspects of the city, including the city’s luxurious shopping malls, where locals have a favorite hobby to stroll and shop. In addition to this luxury, everything is big in Dubai, so you will find the tallest building, the most luxurious hotel, and even the largest shopping center in the world, all in the same city. In this blog, we will discuss the main reasons to convince you to opt desert Safari Dubai package to avoid missing any way to enjoy.

The United Arab Emirates has some of the best sand dunes in the world. Visiting the desert in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is an unforgettable experience where not only are activities carried out in the sand but also several species of animals can be contemplated. Arabian sand and dune adventures, exquisite hangouts, life-bigger facilities, inspiring, breathtaking challenges, multitudes of games and sports, hangouts for chilling out and lounging, and much more.

Why to get a desert Safari Dubai package?

A desert safari is one of the most popular excursions or tours among visitors to Dubai, where unique adventures and experiences are lived among the desert dunes. Depending on each taste and availability of the visitor, you can do desert activities in Dubai, such as taking photos, riding camels, enjoying Dubai cuisine, a beautiful Tanoura or belly dance show, etc.

Go on an exciting 4×4 safari and ride on the dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR), the first national park in the United Arab Emirates. Carefully planned rehabilitation over several years resulted in a protective environment for what remains of the wilderness. With the rapid development of Dubai as one of the main business centers in the Persian Gulf, your government recognizes the need to preserve the beautiful and unique desert habitat and the many endangered species of flora and fauna within it. This unique reserve was created for the protection of these endangered species and for the conservation of desert habitat and heritage.

Watch a spectacular desert sunset and enjoy an Arab dinner with cultural entertainment. After a welcome drink and a date in the desert camp, practice some sandboarding, ride a camel, sit around a hookah, get a traditional henna tattoo, and wear an Arabic outfit to take an unforgettable photo.

Desert safari Dubai packages help you to have desert safari Dubai trips at very reasonable rates.

The desert safari in Dubai and its endless outdoor activities

  • To camp. Fabric shops or stands in the best Arab style. There you will have your own Bedouin experience while enjoying tea.
  • Enjoy a dance show. Either Tanoura dance (typical Egyptian dance), or the famous belly dance. These performances are always part of the break after a day of desert safari in Dubai while enjoying the BBQ dinner.
  • Play sports in the sand. Sports such as sandboarding, sand skiing, ATV (quad biking), stargazing (stargazing), and dune bashing can all be enjoyed on desert excursions.
  • Ride a camel or an air balloon. Taking a camel ride in the middle of the desert is a unique experience as well as going through much of the desert and enjoying the view of the dunes.

What to wear on a desert excursion in Dubai?

  • The ideal clothing to go to the desert should be casual and comfortable. It is recommended to wear cotton or linen clothing (shirts, t-shirts, pants or shorts) and that cover the arms as much as possible to protect the skin from both the sun and the sand
  • It is essential for any desert expedition to wear a pair of lightweight and breathable hiking boots. Preferably cloth and non-leather boots for maximum breathability and minimal weight
  • It is also essential to bring a jacket or jacket to wear in the afternoon, as it is very cold in the desert once the sunset begins
  • Among the accessories that cannot miss are glasses, hat, and sunscreen

What not to wear in the dunes of Dubai?

  • If possible, try to avoid tight clothing that makes movement difficult either for walking or playing sports
  • It is recommended not to wear open shoes since the sand can enter them and thus make it difficult to walk among the desert dunes, in addition to hurting the feet.

The Desert Safari Dubai package- The perfect fun embedded trip with your loved ones

Mesmerizing sights, dashing dunes, beautiful & peaceful sunrise, and sunsets, various thrill-filled activities, tasty and rich flavored delicacies, low-seating like royal Arabians and the list of royalty in the desert safari goes on. So, be prepared for great treatment while having fun in the dunes of Dubai.