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If you really want some extraordinary days in your life and a clear break from your daily busy routine. Dubai is the only destination that will give you all one facilities. Literally, everything one could ask for. Dubai will make you feel so relaxed and comforting with all the extra facilities that you will have

Dubai also has many exciting places which are widely visited by tourists and other people visiting because they offer different varieties of activities for different age groups. Also, these places are family destinations which will make you feel extra comfortable and smooth

Of these places is a desert safari. It will be just so mind-blowing, coming to a desert in real life and exploring the undeniable beauty is just so much breathtaking.

Dubai has its own comforting zone which will make your Holidays worthwhile. Dubai is a place that makes sure to capture your heart and soul from within.

There are many places in Dubai which are exactly suitable for what you are looking for. All in one. These places will literally have everything one could ask for.

 desert safari has so many activities for that you’ll just stay here for Avery long times and feel so real and free.

What entertainment activities are there for you?

Desert safari has numerous activities for you and your kids

Camel Riding:

this is is one of the most enjoyable and go-to activity for many people. Camel riding will let you see the desert safari on a whole, giving an aria view what it actually looks like and what so special about it. The Arabian camel is tall and beautiful and is also accompanied by a guide for you to sit safely without fear. Camel ride is really what makes this dessert a special one


Arabian women will make patterns,  designs and patches on your neck to legs or wherever on your body if you want. Henna is literally very beautiful when applied by these Arabian women.


in the evening, sitting beside a lit blazing bonfire near the campsite is all one could ask for. This view is just so breathtaking. One of the best evenings in Dubai desert safari: you’ll enjoy the lit blazing bonfire near the campsite under an open sky with pretty colors and the sun setting on the edge this view is beautiful and literally very breathtaking. You’ll feel each and every second spent here into your soul.

There is a belly dance in desert safari which is quite kind of a ritual in the desert. This will be so cheerful and will amuse you

Desert safari also provides you with the finest Arabian food for you to feast on. This food is cooked with extra care and hygiene.

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