Plan Your Vacations At Dubai Desert Safari

Plan your vacations at Dubai desert safari.



Plan Your Vacations At Dubai Desert Safari

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Nowadays we are so much involved in our jobs, education and on fulfilling our responsibilities that we actually don’t get time for ourselves and even our friends and family members complain that we don’t give time to them. We do need vacations and actually a break from this busy schedule. What about planning your vacations at a desert? It’s not a boring idea. You will actually love this idea once you get to know about the desert. I’m talking about the Dubai desert safari.

Let me brief you about the Dubai desert safari.

What Dubai desert safari has to offer?

Dubai desert safari offers Dune bashing, Camel riding, Sand skiing, quad biking, and much more exciting activities. Visit Dubai desert safari according to your free time because it offers morning, evening and overnight packages so you don’t have to worry about the time. Book your deal according to your feasibility.

Group Bookings:

If you want to visit with your friends or in a large group of people you don’t have to worry. Dubai desert safari offers the best package. We provide group bookings. All the facilities will be provided to you and you can enjoy camp activities or off-roading, sandboarding and many more adventurous activities.

Private Safari:

Do you also feel like experiencing a private safari where you can actually hire a private land cruiser with a driver to go over the dunes? Wow, what an amazing idea. We will pick you from your respective location. Experience dune bashing and then the camp activities only at Dubai desert safari.

Morning Safari:

Are you tired of lazy mornings and want to refresh yourself? Then just get up from your bed and get excited for the most thrilling adventure of your life. Start your morning with dune bashing. Get mad over the sand dunes and I am sure you would have never experienced this before. You can also go for sand skiing and sandboarding. Sounds interesting, no? You can enjoy camel riding as well. Explore the desert. All these awesome offers only at Dubai desert safari.

Evening Safari:

If you are busy in the morning and want to visit Dubai desert safari and don’t want to miss these entertaining and crazy activities then don’t worry Dubai desert safari offers evening safari in which you can do all the activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing, sandboarding, camel riding. Are you astonished by this amazing offer? Then book your evening safari. Oh, I forgot to add the most desirable activity that is sunset photography. Are you excited for the Dubai desert safari?

Overnight Safari:

Camping at night is so much fun. We often go camping in forests and different places but camping in the desert? Have you ever tried? If no, then come to Dubai desert safari because it offers entertaining camp activities like fire show,  Tanoura show, henna painting. You can spend the whole night at the camp and sleep bags and blankets will be provided to you. You can plan this with your friends and family and with your partner. Make your vacations worth remembering with desert safari dubai.


You must be hungry after all the activities and spice it up your night with the most satisfying and delicious buffet and barbeque. You will love this offer. Dubai desert safari knows how to fulfill your cravings.

Dubai desert safari takes care of the people visiting in the best possible ways. We will try our best to provide you all the facilities and we will try our best not to disappoint you.