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The desert around Dubai requests over a passing look. It’s a region of excellence that features the UAE’s Arabian legacy.

So how does it work?

At a booked time, you’ll be grabbed by our guide of Dubai desert safari. He will take you to an hour drive to the desert safari Dubai in an exceedingly fast and superb vehicle. Discover how Dubai started from its unassuming beginnings and its trendy advancements while you enjoy.

The ride, as a whole, is going to be spectacular, filled with stops and activities. The first is going to be for you to take a little rest. Take a 25-minute rest before your ride starts. Rest, and capitalize on the perfect and satisfactory toilets. Meanwhile, the guide will prepare your vehicle for the ride by changing tire weights. Moreover, if you’re into adventure, you can take a ride on Quad Bikes while distinctive groups get up to speed.

Finally, the fun starts. 40-minutes, in the desert safari Dubai, an incredible sand slamming ride in the red dunes will make you crazy. Before you rush to the camp, you need to try out sand boarding. Its basically surfing over the hills. Next, you will reach at Desert safari Dubai Camp.

Soon, you’ll observe a party of Camels for a desert ride. All will be lined up waiting for you. Afterward, the safari captain can bring up all the fun and actions inside the camp.


Interestingly, at the Dubai desert safari, you will have to be prepared to encounter a short camel ride. Moreover, get an attempt to apply the standard henna designs. Then, rip all your worries with the entertainment shows; those are belly dancing, traditional dance and tanoura dance. Lastly, distinctive exercises at the desert safari Dubai camp incorporate quad biking, hookah, a sand workmanship show, Arabic low, birds photography, and a carpet show. When all the fun is finished, you will be safely dropped to your area.

Moving on to the next fun-filled activities,


Photography is always a yes for everybody. In short, desert safari Dubai can offer you a whole stock for new pictures. After you are back from the bumpy camel ride, you can catch the scene’s magnificence in your cameras and recordings. Get delight from your leisure time at the desert safari Dubai camp by endeavouring the Arabian strengths Henna painting, Arabic makeover with the given Kandora and abaya. Meet the Falcon proficient and act with the regal bird.


The night amusements in desert safari Dubai start with Tanoura dance performances inside the middle stage. Even though, all of this will be fun, you are going to be starving near the end. But don’t worry, our guides will notify you as soon as the bbq buffet gets prepared. After the supper, appreciate the nearby sweets, watch the hip twirl, and unwind. As a last treat, the camp is absolutely changed, giving the standard atmosphere of a desert safari Dubai night. Unwind and reflect as you watch the stars, before being returned to your convenience.

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