The Madness of Dubai Desert Safari

The Madness of Dubai Desert Safari



The Madness of Dubai Desert Safari

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The heart of the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. Dubai is a beautiful city located in the United Arab Emirates. The beauty of Dubai is because of the beautiful buildings, historical places, beaches, etc. I think I am missing an important part of Dubai which is the major attraction. I am talking about desert safari Dubai. It is not an ordinary Desert. It is beautiful in its own way. The beauty of the desert cannot be put into words but I will try to give you an outline of the desert.

The Dubai desert safari is all about fun. The crazy activities, the adventures, and the campsite fun will mesmerize you. The activities are according to the time of the day. The camping activities are available in the evening and overnight and the adventures are available in the morning and evening. We provide some amazing offers that will cover most of the part of desert safari Dubai.

Mornings can be amazing as well.

Starting with Morning desert safari. Our driver will pick you from your place and will take you to the desert. Come a bit earlier to watch the sunrise. Sunrise looks so beautiful in the desert. After that, you can try Sand dune activities that are the dune bashing, quad biking, Sand skiing, and Camel riding. You can have breakfast or enjoy the snacks.

Evening time is the best time.

Evening desert safari offers adventurous as well as entertaining camp activities. The adventurous rides are the same that is camel riding, off-roading experience during dune bashing, sliding over the Sand dunes in Sand skiing and camel safari experience. The camping activities are spectacular. They include all the live performances. Get a chance to see the performers practicing their culture live. Try the adventurous activities then wait for the sunset. Sunset photography is wow. Sunsets are pleasing to the eyes. Click your pictures in the desert or ask someone to take your pictures. Then after sundown, you can go camping.

Overnight desert safari is wow!

Overnight desert safari is usually for those who are not fond of adventures and want some good entertainment. The live performances are part of the overnight desert safari. These include the tanoura show, the fire show, Arabic costume photography, henna art, and belly dancing. You will enjoy it a lot.

Overnight desert safari also offers night stay in the desert. You can spend a really good time in the desert. Walk around in the desert alone or with your family or friends and have fun in the desert. Sit over the Sand dunes. Feel the Sand dunes. It is so peaceful. The sky looks so beautiful at night.

We also offer Group bookings and private bookings at Dubai desert safari. You can bring anyone. You can book your whole class or your whole office or whole joint family and on the other side you can also come alone or with fewer people.

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Dubai desert safari is an amazing opportunity for those who love adventures or want to add a great experience to their travel diary.

What are you thinking of? Book your trip with us and enjoy the packages.