The Nightlife At Dubai Desert Safari.

The Nightlife at Dubai desert safari.



The Nightlife At Dubai Desert Safari.

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Do you love talking to the stars? Do you love watching the moonlight? Are you a fan of camping? Have you ever slept in the desert? If all your answers are No then you are missing on something great in life. The nights can be amazing. If you want to have an amazing trip of your life and you feel that some adventure is missing in your life and you should experience something amazing then start thinking about the Dubai desert safari. It is the most amazing idea.

Amazing offers:

Dubai desert safari is not just a trip. It is a whole experience. It is full of entertainment. Dubai desert safari offers morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari. Morning desert safari is for adventures, the evening desert safari is for both adventures and camp activities and overnight desert safari offers camp activities and a chance to spend your whole night at a desert.

The desert I am talking about is the Arabian desert. The Arabian desert is itself very beautiful and the red Sand dunes look more amazing.

Our driver will pick you from your location and will take you to the campsite. The camp activities are Tanaoura dance, the fire show, henna art, belly dancing, Arabic costume photography and dinner at desert safari Dubai.

Tanoura Dance.

Tanoura dance is a folkloric dance in which the performer wears a multicolored skirt and spin for around 30 minutes. He has so much control over his body and their performance is so powerful. While dancing they associate with Sufism. It indicates the Arabic Tradition at Dubai desert safari.

Fire show.

The fire show is a thrilling act at Desert safari Dubai. The performers use fire objects and fire strings to play with fire. Not everyone can play with fire so well. They perform very well and they are so experienced. The fire show is so lit and you will enjoy.

Henna art.

Henna art is an amazing activity for girls. The designs are amazing and the experts will decorate your hand beautifully. They are good at doing it. Take pictures of henna.

Photography scenes.

Arabic costume photography is also an amazing camp activity. Wear the Arabic costume and get the feeling of Arabs.

The royal bird is very famous. Get a chance to take pictures with the royal bird.

Belly dancing.

Belly dancing is also very popular. The dancers are so amazing. They dance so well. They keep on practicing every day and they will entertain you. They look so graceful while dancing.

Enjoy the feast.

You can have your dinner while enjoying camp activities. Eat the best buffet and barbeque. Arabic cuisine is very delicious. Have unlimited soft drinks and the famous Qahwa.

After the camp activities are over you can sleep in your camps. Sleeping bags and blankets will be provided to you. If you don’t feel like sleeping then also don’t worry. Enjoy a whole night sitting in the desert. The sky is so beautiful at night.

If you don’t want to miss all this fun then start planning your trip to Dubai desert safari. Book your trip now.