Which are the Top Attractions in Dubai Before it is 2020



Which are the Top Attractions in Dubai Before it is 2020

Posted By : Desert Safari UAE/ 2928

We all are well-versed with the best holiday spot in the United Arab Emirates- Glitzy Dubai. This is indeed a city of skyscrapers and ancient traditions. People of those shopping malls, high-rises, and cruises. So, why are you holding yourself back this New year of planning a trip to Dubai, which will be full of sunshine, shopping, and family fun? Highlights of the city are simply amazing and that glamorous modern touch to it even enhances its beauty. Bastakia District will let you discover the old Dubai and by visiting Burj Khalifa, you can get the ultimate feel of innovation. So, let’s together, learn about the top attractions in this dream city that you should not skip visiting.

1. Dubai Mall – one of the premium places in Dubai is definitely the Dubai Mall that gives butterflies to the shopping enthusiasts. Other than exclusive 1000 stores to shop from, Dubai Mall is the entrance to the Dubai aquarium as well as the Burj Khalifa. One can easily spend his or her whole day inside the mall as there is so much to do, for instance- ice skating rink, cinema complex, and gaming Zone. Live music and fashion shows are like daily events in this luxurious Mall of Dubai. There is an annual shopping Festival in January and February, which is one of the most prominent events in this mesmerizing City Mall. So undoubtedly, one cannot skip this attraction of Dubai city.

2. Burj Khalifa – can you literally avoid was eating Foods Khalifa while being in Dubai? We think it is completely next to impossible to skip getting the sight of a building which is 829.8 meters. People love to go to the observation deck which is on the 124th floor of the skyscraper. From this height, one can get a 360-degree view of the city in which one side is the desert and another side is the ocean. Usually, people love to visit Burj Khalifa at night as the view is amazing and lightning is quite staggering. However, it is advisable to book the advance ticket to avoid the long lines and delay to explore the tallest building in the world.

3. Dubai Museum– Al-Fahidi Fort is the home to this ancient Dubai museum. This fort is made up of the ancient Coral blocks and is put together with lime. Ceilings are made of mud plaster and palm fronds whereas its upper floor is standing with the support of wooden poles. This Museum lets the visitor depict a lot about the Bedouin desert life of ancient Dubai. So, it is a must-visit place to witness these Showcases of all the Emirati culture and lifestyle. Also, do not forget to see 3000 to 4000-year-old Graves at Al Qusais.

These three are the top-rated attractions in Dubai, which should be visited and explored. Other than this, many other alluring tourist spots should be on the bucket list while visiting beautiful Dubai.