You Might Miss if Dubai is Not Your Holiday Destination



You Might Miss if Dubai is Not Your Holiday Destination

Posted By : Desert Safari UAE/ 1988

Dubai will make you feel really different and all magical. Once you step here you’ will feel that maybe you are daydreaming or you are just seeing some kind of magic. But wait? No. This is all real. The alluring beauty of Dubai is all real. And you would only believe in such beauty and nature once you are here and see it with your own eyes and feel it in your soul deep.

Dubai has literally uncountable places to go to. You’ll scream head to decide which place you should actually go for with your family and have fun to the fullest.

You’ll probably go for a place which Is kind of a family destination. A place for all age groups. So that you can easily have fun and chill around with your family and friends

One of these places include desert safari.

It’s not just you who will feel like you should come here again and again if your kids will insist you to stay here only. There are so many things in here for you that you might feel extraordinary when you are here

Activities you are going to clean your hands on!

Camel rides in desert safari:

Arabian camel rides are always enjoyable in Dubai desert safari. These tall camels are extremely beautiful, brown in color and humble to the tourists. You can have a clear cut view of the desert safari while having a bumpy ride on the camel across the golden silky sand of the desert.

Joyous rides on quad bikes:

this is Avery thrilling rides for adults and youngsters. Speeding up the bikes. Speeding up the bikes on the golden sand of the desert safari is so much fun. You’ll literally feel out of this world while quad biking.

Henna: one of the most go to activity in desert safari. Literally, every human visiting this desert wants the henna to be applied on their hand or feet by the Arabian women. These women are very much expert and capable of applying beautiful art patterns and astonish you fit real.

Speeding rides on bashing sand dunes:

this is always fun when you are here in the desert safari with your family and friends. Escaping the sand with giant vehicles is always fun. There is a guide beside you to ensure your safety purposes.

Bonfire and lit belly dance:

you should never miss achieving to spend a wonderful evening in desert safari. This is always fun to see a belly dancer dancing like crazy in Arabian songs and making the crowd all cheerful and enjoy every second spent here. This is the time of the day when desert safaris scenery is quite beautiful and breathtaking. You will be sitting by a blazing bonfire and feel extraordinary soothing. This is the view we all live for

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