Exploring Dubai desert safari

Exploring Dubai desert safari



Exploring Dubai desert safari

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Tourism is growing widely in different areas of the world. Dubai is one of them. Dubai attracts many tourists from all around the world and the reason is the famous buildings, culture, traditions, art, luxury hotels, shopping, parks and last but not the least, the most famous Dubai desert safari.

What Dubai desert safari has to offer?

It is a complete package starting from the most exciting sand activities to late-night camp activities. It is full of entertainment and marvelous activities. You must be excited to read about the activities so just go on reading.

Morning Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari is the best spot for your morning adventures. You can enjoy activities like quad biking, sandboarding and desert dune bashing, and camel riding.

Quad Biking

Are you daring enough? If yes then quad biking is a must-try. Get the most amazing bike experience only at Dubai desert safari.

Desert Dune Bashing

Dubai Desert Safari is famous for dune bashing and it is known for the craziest ride over sand dunes. The driver adjusts the speeds accordingly and experiences the jumps while off-roading. But don’t worry about safety. It’s all safe. The drivers have the skills and they are experts at driving. You can communicate with them if you have any queries.


Sandboarding! Sounds electrifying. Guess what you can do sandboarding also at Dubai Desert Safari. You still can’t believe? Just come to Dubai desert safari and experience it yourself. Go with the flow.

Camel Rides

Since our childhood, we always go for camel riding near parks or at the beach. Camels are mostly found at deserts. Have you ever tried camel riding at a desert? If no then what are you waiting for? Dubai desert safari offers camel riding as well and you know what you’ll get a chance to explore the desert. What else can you ask for?

Evening Desert Safari

Come to Dubai desert safari and spend your evening. You won’t regret it because you can go for camel riding, quad biking, dune bashing in the evening and with this capture all the moments and enjoy sunset photography as well.

Overnight Safari

Sitting under the sky and looking at stars and moon that too at a desert. Like wow! Who offers such an amazing overnight package. Guess what you can have all the fun at night only at Dubai desert safari. Spending a night at the desert will add more flavor to your trip. Sleep bags and blankets will be provided to you.

Fire show and Tanoura show

We have seen fire shows many times but enjoying fire shows live at a desert is unbelievable. Get a chance to see the skills and perfection involved in the fire show. Tanoura show indicates tradition. It is a form of dance. Be a part of this amazing activity only at Dubai desert safari.

Henna painting

Henna is usually applied during special occasions but why do you need an occasion for this. Henna art is a part of camp activities so while enjoying other activities. Just color your hands and feet with the color of henna. Amazing henna designs at Dubai desert safari.

What to expect from us?

We offer the best kind of services in Dubai for desert safari. We have proved ourselves on many grounds and are labeled as the best tour operator for desert safari Dubai trip. So book your deal to get the best kind of experience in your life. I am sure you will fall in love with the vibes and activities of desert safari after a single visit only.