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Dubai is famous for its amazing desert which has to offer plenty of things for its visitors. The Dubai Desert is one of the best entertainments for the people in Dubai. It is not only a single activity but it comprises of plenty of activities within us that gives adrenaline-pumping adventure to the people visiting Dubai.


This Desert is not an ordinary desert. It has plenty of activities on it for people to enjoy. People all ages can visit this place and have the best time of their life. Desert Safari being one of the major activity in Dubai gains a lot of tourist attraction in Dubai. You can do the following activities in the Desert depending upon the packages you choose:


Have you seen a bike more amazing than Quad bike? All of the adventure lovers out there would love a ride on this amazing bike which gives you the thrills you desire. This bike is specially made for surfing around the desert. For protection, you would be given a helmet along with it. You can ride around the desert on this bike and even watch the sunset. It is loved most by adventure lovers.


People enjoy bashing the sand dunes in Desert Safari. We help you to enjoy your day in the desert by doing sand dune bashing. This activity normally takes place through an SUV, that takes you across the desert moving in high speed through the different direction. People who love thrills would definitely want to try this activity in the desert. This activity is normally done through an SUV but some tourism companies like Desert safari UAE can allow you to travel in Hummer too if you choose the Hummer Desert Safari package.


Have you seen people surfing on waves? Sandboarding is same but it contains sand waves instead of water waves. Not everybody can do it. Only the people with proper expertise are allowed to do it.


Talking about the desert and not mentioning the ship of the desert is unfair. In Desert Safari Dubai, you can also make use of the camels. You will be shown around the desert on the backs of this amazing animal of the sea. People of all ages especially kids love to ride on the back of the camel on the desert.


After a long day in the desert, you are taken back to the tent where you enjoy amazing activities like the belly dance show and fire show. You are also served the delicious buffet there having the best dishes of all time. Apart from this, you can also apply henna by the henna artists, try on Arabic clothes and get yourself photographed. The camp activities of the desert are no less than other activities. So make proper use of it.

If you are looking for spending a good time in the desert then feel free to book your package with Desert safari UAE right away by visiting:

Enjoy a Desert Safari To The Most in Your Dubai Trip

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Our purpose is to provide the site visitors with an enriched experience that they could cherish for the remaining of their lives. The adventure starts in the morning, while you could experience the captivating glimpses in the course of the manner. Take a look of the ancient desert life with us and also spend your time by experiencing the most amazing adventures in your desert safari tour Dubai.

Arabian traditions: 

This goes on for a while, all automobiles using in line closer to the Safari desert Dubai, wherein the actual experience starts. At the campsite, humans are invited to sit down on couches on the ground and take part in all amazing activities there. This may be something from short camel rides while enjoying the sunset, smoking hookah, doing henna artwork in their hands and feet and even trying the Arabian costumes in the desert safari. The pleasant element is the dinner party.

A memorable trip:

Maximum activities in the desert safari begin in the mid-afternoon and finish in the early night, so when all suggests are accomplished, human beings are invited to head lower back to their cars. There’s no dune bashing on the ride again, that is convenient after the massive meal all and sundry has eaten. One who wants to get pictures to show their friends and family members can click their images by the professional photographers or by themselves on sight. These pictures will be a source of pleasing memories for many years.

Morning desert safari:

Site visitors who’re looking to enjoy the desert safari within the early hours need to select the lovely Morning desert safari. This desert safari in Dubai gives tourists a selection of interesting activities including a look to the desert safari’s flora and fauna, a camel ride and sand-boarding (in the wintry weather months or in cold season).

Camel riding in Dubai:

A revel in of a life-time for guests is the camel riding. Provided through Arabian Adventures, this desert safari deal follows the path of the impressive camel, additionally called the ‘ship of the desert’, to explore the desert safari’s plants and flora and fauna. Relying on the season, this experience is obtainable in the morning with breakfast next to a lake, or at sunset with fresh strawberries and bubbles.

The desert safari dune buggy journey is also included in desert safari deals. This safari desert Dubai presented by using Arabian Adventures is an exhilarating ride across the dunes in the ultra-modern four-seated dune buggies. The amusing drive is available as a passenger or driving force revel in, in a shared or personal buggy.  Desert safari Dubai is provided with a lot of thrilling experiences and adventures. Dubai Tour without desert safari is just incomplete. People of all ages can enjoy these fun activities in the desert safari. So must visit desert safari to enjoy many adventures and click beautiful pictures to make your trip more memorable. Go and book your deal now.

Morning at Dubai Desert Safari

Morning at Dubai Desert Safari

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Dubai is a city of wonders and Dubai desert safari is surely one of them. It has got very interesting deals and they are divided into different timings of the day. These include Morning Safari, Evening Safari, and overnight safari.

Perception About Morning:

How do you define a beautiful morning? Blue sky, chirping of birds, sunrise, sunshine, a morning walk, a pleasant environment, a refreshing, pleasant time of the day, wind, the smell of the flowers.

Why Should One POrefer desert?

We prefer going to the beach and parks in the morning and who will ever think of going to a desert. Morning is an important part of the day and nobody would want to ruin it but going to a desert will make your day.

Do You Love Adventures?

If you are on a trip and you feel lazy and you are fond of adventures, then going to a desert is only what you want. I am talking about the most famous, beautiful, full of adventure, entertaining and amazing desert called Dubai desert safari.

What Is The Hype All About?

The activities at Dubai desert safari in the morning are so ravishing and you will love them. If you are a sporty person then you won’t stop yourself from visiting Dubai desert safari. The activities that are part of morning safari are sunrise, Sand dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding.

Watch The Sunrise:

We all have watched the sunrise at a beach or lake but have you ever witness the sunrise in the desert? If not then what are you waiting for? Come to Dubai desert safari and watch the sunrise. The most beautiful view. The way sunlight spreads all over the sky and how darkness changes into light. It sounds so amazing.

Are You Crazy About Bikes?

You might have experienced a two-wheeled bike but have you ever tried a four-wheeled bike? And that too at a desert? Trust me, it is so adventurous. If you don’t know how to ride then we have proper well-trained staff. They will guide you at every step and if you’re daring enough then don’t miss this. Dubai desert safari provides all the facilities so don’t be afraid and prepare yourself for the most thrilling experience of your life.

Sliding Over The Dunes:

We all have heard of surfing on ice but have you heard of surfing over Sand dunes? Come to Dubai desert safari and try Sand skiing or sandboarding. Dash over the dunes and you will never forget this.

Camel Riding:

Camels are an aesthetic at the desert. They are an important part of the desert and they add beauty to the desert. Camel riding at a desert is really fun because the camel is an animal that belongs to the desert and it would be so much fun exploring the desert on a camel. If you want to be a part of this then Dubai desert safari will never disappoint you. Book your deal

A roller coaster ride:

Dubai desert safari offers dune bashing. I swear it is the most insane ride. But it is a must-try and Dubai desert safari is incomplete without dune bashing.

Start packing your bags and prepare yourself for this amazing trip.

The Beauty of Dubai Desert Safari

The Beauty of Dubai Desert Safari

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What a beauty!

The most intriguing part of Dubai is the Dubai desert safari. The beauty and uniqueness of the desert attract people from all over the world. People coming to Dubai try their best to visit Dubai desert safari.

What are the major attractions?

Dune bashing or Sand dune bashing at Dubai desert safari is the first one that gains attention from those who love off-roading and want to experience the craziest ride of their life. Sand dunes are not flat. There are ups and downs so the fun begins the moment car flies over the Sand dunes. We have the best, well-trained drivers and they know different languages too so you can communicate. Take your sunglasses with you and just go with the flow.

Sand Skiing:

Sand skiing or Sandboarding is also famous. Just slide in the Sand dunes and feel the warmth of the desert. Don’t forget to record this only at the Dubai desert safari.

Camel Riding

Camel Riding is loved by the people because you get a chance to explore the desert. Take pictures and enjoy the camel ride at Dubai desert safari.

Quad Biking:

Have you ever tried quad biking at a desert? No? If you love adventurous sports then visit Dubai desert safari.

Arabian night:

Dubai is a mix of tradition and urban culture. Dubai desert safari perfectly displays both of them. Taste the flavor of an Arabian night at Dubai desert safari. Enjoy the best of the best camp activities like belly dancing, henna painting, traditional costumes, photography, fire show, and tanoura show.

The Feast:

Enjoy the most delicious, mouthwatering food in the desert. The best buffet and barbeque at Dubai desert safari.

Fall in love with the desert

Spending some time in the desert is so relaxing and it sounds soothing. The smell of the Sand, the warmth of the desert. You will fall in love with the desert.

Evening at Dubai Desert Safari

Witness the beautiful sunset from your eyes at the Dubai desert safari. The beauty of the sky in the desert gives an amazing vibe. Just see how the sky changes its color. So pleasant. Click all the pictures and make memories at the Dubai desert safari.

Overnight safari:

If you love gazing at the stars then overnight safari is an amazing option. Spend your night at the desert and get lost in the beauty of the sky at Dubai desert safari. When people leave, you have an amazing chance to spend time with yourself. Explore yourself and this whole vibe will lit your mood.

Desert is not just barren land.

The calmness of the desert. The atmosphere is so quiet and you will love the silence in the desert. It is so peaceful for the soul and for the mind. Desert is more about beauty, uniqueness, and tranquillity.

Life at Dubai Desert Safari

Spending your time at Dubai desert safari will be so amazing that you will completely forget about the world, about your life, social media, busy schedule, and tensions. The adventures and the entertaining activities will be more important to you and will not let you divert your attention. Live in the moment.

Prepare yourself for the most memorable trip of your life at Dubai desert safari. It is full of enjoyment and fun. It is going to be an unforgettable trip because in so less time you get to experience so much. Dubai desert safari is worth it!

So if you want to be a part of this craziest trip then book your deal at https://www.desertsafariuae.ae

Hurry up! Before it’s too late.

Exploring Dubai desert safari

Exploring Dubai desert safari

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Tourism is growing widely in different areas of the world. Dubai is one of them. Dubai attracts many tourists from all around the world and the reason is the famous buildings, culture, traditions, art, luxury hotels, shopping, parks and last but not the least, the most famous Dubai desert safari.

What Dubai desert safari has to offer?

It is a complete package starting from the most exciting sand activities to late-night camp activities. It is full of entertainment and marvelous activities. You must be excited to read about the activities so just go on reading.

Morning Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari is the best spot for your morning adventures. You can enjoy activities like quad biking, sandboarding and desert dune bashing, and camel riding.

Quad Biking

Are you daring enough? If yes then quad biking is a must-try. Get the most amazing bike experience only at Dubai desert safari.

Desert Dune Bashing

Dubai Desert Safari is famous for dune bashing and it is known for the craziest ride over sand dunes. The driver adjusts the speeds accordingly and experiences the jumps while off-roading. But don’t worry about safety. It’s all safe. The drivers have the skills and they are experts at driving. You can communicate with them if you have any queries.


Sandboarding! Sounds electrifying. Guess what you can do sandboarding also at Dubai Desert Safari. You still can’t believe? Just come to Dubai desert safari and experience it yourself. Go with the flow.

Camel Rides

Since our childhood, we always go for camel riding near parks or at the beach. Camels are mostly found at deserts. Have you ever tried camel riding at a desert? If no then what are you waiting for? Dubai desert safari offers camel riding as well and you know what you’ll get a chance to explore the desert. What else can you ask for?

Evening Desert Safari

Come to Dubai desert safari and spend your evening. You won’t regret it because you can go for camel riding, quad biking, dune bashing in the evening and with this capture all the moments and enjoy sunset photography as well.

Overnight Safari

Sitting under the sky and looking at stars and moon that too at a desert. Like wow! Who offers such an amazing overnight package. Guess what you can have all the fun at night only at Dubai desert safari. Spending a night at the desert will add more flavor to your trip. Sleep bags and blankets will be provided to you.

Fire show and Tanoura show

We have seen fire shows many times but enjoying fire shows live at a desert is unbelievable. Get a chance to see the skills and perfection involved in the fire show. Tanoura show indicates tradition. It is a form of dance. Be a part of this amazing activity only at Dubai desert safari.

Henna painting

Henna is usually applied during special occasions but why do you need an occasion for this. Henna art is a part of camp activities so while enjoying other activities. Just color your hands and feet with the color of henna. Amazing henna designs at Dubai desert safari.

What to expect from us?

We offer the best kind of services in Dubai for desert safari. We have proved ourselves on many grounds and are labeled as the best tour operator for desert safari Dubai trip. So book your deal to get the best kind of experience in your life. I am sure you will fall in love with the vibes and activities of desert safari after a single visit only.

The Dubai Dessert Safari trip in Dubai that you will enjoy

The Dubai Desert Safari trip to Dubai that you will enjoy

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Dubai has a lot of attractions and experiences that the entire family can appreciate and have fun on their Dubai Desert Safari. The following are only a couple of well-known attractions and experiences that we suggest you visit during your Dubai Desert Safari.

Here we were given you the Affordable Dubai Dessert Safari that is enjoyable and you can experience Dubai Dessert Safari to the fullest. Dubai Desert Safari is viewed as one of the most famous and important activities in the United Arab Emirates. That you will definitely enjoy your Dubai Desert Safari.

Tourism in Dubai has advanced for a long time. It now has turned into a center for global gatherings, visits, and so on. It is home to a portion of the world’s most amazing and richest inns that furnish their visitors with a cheerful encounter on their Dubai Desert Safari.

Different things you can do in Dubai

There are a lot of different things in Dubai Dessert Safari to do. Like you can eat on a wonderfully decorated boat vessel with your friends and family so that they can experience the beauty and feel the extravagance. You can have the Desert experience in Dubai where you can experience and enjoy Dune Bashing.

You can even go Quad biking, ride camels, set out on a camel ride with your friends and family and that’s just the beginning for your Dubai Desert Safari. On your Dubai Desert Safari, you will definitely become hopelessly captivated with the desert for its beauty.

Experience the Desert Safari

Going to the desert for a day trip on your Dubai Desert Safari is an absolute necessity. There are a lot of chances for safaris and journeys into the UAE’s wild desert inside for those looking for an amazing experience.

Camel Riding is the more customary transport choice. It gives you more chances to just experience the peaceful excellence of this very memorable scene. That’s not all, with 4WD safaris you can even make tracks in an opposite direction from the city. It enables you to see a more extensive territory on your Dubai Desert Safari.

Most visits on your Dubai Desert Safari will incorporate visiting and driving through the tremendous and amazing sand dunes. These are not a long way from the city for some adrenalin-filled experience. Dune bashing, your Dubai Dessert Safari is fundamentally a ride full of thrill and adrenaline rush in a vehicle.

It is heart-in-the-mouth energizing experience when you are speeding on maximum capacity down an immense dune of sand. For tourists and explorers on their Dubai Desert Safari with a hunger for experience. There are even more different alternatives for sand dunes thrilling experiences, with. There are numerous safari administrators currently offering sandboarding (surfing on sand) and quad biking on the sand dunes also.

Come enjoy the best deals of Dubai Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

For further details, information or any queries please contact us at, https://www.desertsafariuae.ae

And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.



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On your Dubai Desert Safari trip value, the colossal scene and the enchanting eminence of the desert’s nature. You will also visit a Camel Desert Farm to meet the once called “vessels of the desert” on your Dubai Desert Safari. We give a valiant exertion, that your morning with us over this astonishing atmosphere will definitely go down in your memory until the finish of time.

At Dubai Desert Safari trips, our vision for our guests is to finally acknowledge Dubai that obliges your needs and needs. Thusly, we in like manner offer revamp private and open visits to make your UAE experience progressively remarkable and excellent.

The Amazing Service

To start orchestrating your Dubai Dessert Safari visits, we need to know your wants. Our master gathering will empower you to make and direct visits to guarantee your gutsy experience with us remains secure, stacked with fun and pleasing always.

Escorting you with our rich task force of SUVs and vehicles, we will lift you up and return you to your hotel or another region you need close to the completion of the Dubai Desert Safari trip.

Despite the individual visits, we moreover offer basic visits that are helpfully bundled at whatever point the planning is perfect and that can be altered to your prerequisites. Portions of these visits can help move you to incorporate more objectives or activities onto your altered private Dubai Desert Safari trip. The Dubai Desert Safari Trips directs you all on your oriental experience.

Send us a list of your wants and we will sort out experiences according to your needs and escort you to our luxury vehicles and the best organization for your Dubai Desert Safari trip.

The night Dubai Dessert Safari trip

Dubai won’t be Dubai without the Night Dubai Desert Safari trip. Night desert safari trip is one of the must-do activity in Dubai. It is a champion among the best ways to deal with welcome the intrigue of the Arabian desert.

The visit fuses a summary of intriguing activities which make your experience stacked with fun and phenomenal memories. Oblige us for the Dubai Desert Safari excursion and make pioneering memories with your family and colleagues.

Night Dubai Dessert Safari trip starts toward the night with the pickup from your motel or some other settlement inside Dubai. The desert safari trip guide will lift you up from the cabin in 4×4 land cruiser toward the night. The stunning red ascent of the Arabian desert is to some degree long path from the energetic city of Dubai. Your Ride toward the desert will be 30-45 minutes.

The certifiable fun and surge of the night Dubai Desert Safari Trip start once you accomplished the red edge of the Arabian desert. Energizing slope hammering in the red edges will give you horrifying learning.

Come enjoy the best deals of Dubai Dessert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

For further details, information or any queries please contact us at, https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/ And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.

What things in the desert safari lead you to never ending fun

What Things In The Desert Safari Lead You To never-Ending Fun

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The cosmopolitan city, Dubai has magnificent and perfect contributions than repetitive shopping sessions in its urbanized roads or shooting its high rises in your video cams. Watching the transcending city, you might be neglectful of the outlandish common territories found far from the urban center yet available to the nature-retreat supporters. In the wake of investigating the urban center of the city, when you are exhausted of the dull shopping binge, the time has come to pack some experience into your days and evenings.

 Simply the ideal time to design some exciting desert safaris changed to be sheltered undertakings by experienced visit administrators. Have a riot in the Middle-Eastern desert territory and beat your apprehensions as you are charmed in the rushes of the exceptional desert safari.

Start your journey with our great pick up services:

After you have reserved for the Evening Desert Safari Dubai, our expert driver cum visit guide will lift you up in our land cruisers from your inn or from a selected point and you will be safely lead to Desert Safari Dubai to experience new adventures and to collect never ending memories.

Get started with the most exciting activities:

We lead every one of our visitors in the escort of vehicles to the gathering point in the desert from where we will begin the sand dune bashing action. Every one of the autos is driven expertly keeping up a protected separation from the vehicle ahead. Any individual who has chosen to maintain a strategic distance from dune bashing, which is the primary movement of the Desert Safari Dubai, will be dropped off legitimately at the campground before heading for the dune bashing in the brilliant sands zone.

The individuals who love experience and rush, attempt abandons safari in Dubai to go on quad biking, sand boarding or dune bashing. It is extremely amusing to jump into the sandy territories and feel the adrenaline rush while undertaking these open-air desert sports.

Take a look to Arabian culture:

The Arabian camp is one of the best places in desert safari to investigate your audacious side and appreciate regular settings. In the event that one attempts to look through online regarding what is the name of the desert in Dubai, one would clearly be shocked to realize that the city is found right in the core of the Arabian Deserts.

It is no big surprise that this striking, upscale city is most well-known for its desert safaris. Individuals from great distances abroad come to Dubai particularly to appreciate the feast of Dubai which no other places of any country could offer.

Other than this, Desert Safari Dubai visit acquires loosening up components like having BBQ dinner close open-air fire as night attracts, looking stars while getting a charge out of Arabic culture and diversion. The Desert Safari Dubai brings fun and a lot of entertainments for you and therefore, causes travelers to make excellent occasion recollections.

To get information related to desert safari, you can visit desertsafariuae.ae for best packages and discounted deals.

Evening Desert Safari and Quad Biking- Tell us a better Combination

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Dubai Desert safari could be a place that is thought for its range of fun activities, sunset, and Red Sand Dunes. You’ll get a lot of pleasure in the evening desert safari, once the sun has risen because of night. The city’s nightspots are unceasingly alive with the promise of honest time, and there are many selections to make your mind up. However, if you’re attempting to search out a further distinctive place, we’ve got one factor to provide exactly for you – a desert safari below the blanket of the stars.

All regarding evening desert campaign and quad biking:

This place is often visited at any time. However, there are specific timings for specific activities.

If we tend to observe Quad biking the most effective time to try and do it’s in Evening, as a result of it I guess the evening is for a few activities. Morning desert safari isn’t for these reasonable activities where you have got to ride a motorcycle or need to do any activity owing to that you keep tired the remainder of your day. Evening Desert safari sounds incomplete if there’s no biking, notably quad bike in the desert brings the charm of the dry desert that has never seen among the eyes of the person.

More aspects of evening desert safari:

Evening desert safari with the quad bike may well be a wonderful probability to every journey’s thirst that alone can quench your wish, for speed and journey at the identical time. With all activities of Evening desert safari at desert safari Dubai, Quad biking is the most exciting feature of this trip, this is often one desert safari experience you that you will love. Experience the fun of this ride through the Red Dunes. This is often an activity very recommended for the fearless soul. You will never desire going back home once this ride. Once this adventurous ride, you’ll be welcome into the desert camp where you will get pleasure from, Henna painting, smoking, Barbecue dinner, Fire dance, Tanoura dance, and Magic show.

The best experience with the most effective tour company:

You must not be old with Quad bikes to urge out there and have a fantastic experience. You’ll be able to use our quad bike with absolute ease as they’re fitted with a proper system that provides the fun and to all or any age groups. People booking themselves for the quad biking journey at our Tour Company are instructed by our skilled instructors regarding the controls of the machine before the session begins.

Book your deal now:

Experience the fun of driving a strong through Dubai’s shifting sand dunes on a Desert safari Dubai journey for the out of doors enthusiast and nature lover particularly for evening quad bike desert safari experience. To book for it presently move to www.desertsafariuae.ae acquire discounts and deals on evening desert safari with the quad bike. Don’t wait too long for it, go now and book your deal for Evening desert safari.

The Notable Desert Of Dubai Desert Safari

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Desert safari is the most popular and peaceful desert of Dubai. Do you know why? It is because of the activities and the timings of safaris within the desert safari Dubai. I would wish to tell you regarding the 2 safaris that are terribly notable and if somebody comes here at Desert safari get confused between these two.

Morning desert safari:

If you’re a morning person then a morning desert safari is often the most effective time for you. Currently, there are 2 things. Preferred is that if you’re a resident of Dubai and desires to go to a desert safari in the morning, therefore, the best advantage of it for you’ll be that your mornings are often invigorated and you may be charged up the whole day after this morning safari experience. If you’re coming from outside of Dubai or UAE to go to desert safari then you selecting a morning desert safari are often useful for you in a very sense that once having fun within the morning at desert safari Dubai you’ll relish different activities at the remainder of your day also.

Activities at morning desert safari:

Quad biking could be a terribly thrilling ride within which you get to ride a four-wheel ride, camel ride could be a ride on the humblest of creatures and sand dune bashing is completed on a land cruiser. These 3 activities are terribly notable here at a morning desert safari and are a requirement attempt.

Overnight safari:

This is the second safari that’s terribly notable. Do you understand why? As a result of the peaceful vibes that may relax anyone’s heart and soul. The majority explore for peace their whole lives therefore after you get to grasp regarding an activity that’s all about peace. Why not opt for it then? In night camping at desert safari Dubai, the fireplace is lit up and you may get to sit down close to a fireplace camp where all the activities will be done by people around you. Know regarding these activities below.

Tanoura dance:

Want to envision an awfully soothing dance here at the desert safari in long camping? Have an experience of seeing tanoura dance that could be a reasonably Sufi dance. You may simply fall with the vibes that you simply will get while enjoying this soothing dance being done by tanoura dance professionals on lightweight music. 

Fire show:

Words cannot justify the vibes that you simply can get while seeing it. Have the most effective experience of seeing a fire show here at desert safari Dubai within the night safari.

Belly dance:

This is a sort of fun dance. If you would like some diversion at night camping then you must undoubtedly opt for it.

Henna art:

Decorate your hands by henna and fall in love with the henna art.

BBQ dinner:

Have the most effective food in the city and love it.

Book your deal currently with us at www.desertsafariuae.ae and explore the most notable desert of Dubai that’s desert safari Dubai.