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Dubai is famous for its amazing desert which has to offer plenty of things for its visitors. The Dubai Desert is one of the best entertainments for the people in Dubai. It is not only a single activity but it comprises of plenty of activities within us that gives adrenaline-pumping adventure to the people visiting Dubai.


This Desert is not an ordinary desert. It has plenty of activities on it for people to enjoy. People all ages can visit this place and have the best time of their life. Desert Safari being one of the major activity in Dubai gains a lot of tourist attraction in Dubai. You can do the following activities in the Desert depending upon the packages you choose:


Have you seen a bike more amazing than Quad bike? All of the adventure lovers out there would love a ride on this amazing bike which gives you the thrills you desire. This bike is specially made for surfing around the desert. For protection, you would be given a helmet along with it. You can ride around the desert on this bike and even watch the sunset. It is loved most by adventure lovers.


People enjoy bashing the sand dunes in Desert Safari. We help you to enjoy your day in the desert by doing sand dune bashing. This activity normally takes place through an SUV, that takes you across the desert moving in high speed through the different direction. People who love thrills would definitely want to try this activity in the desert. This activity is normally done through an SUV but some tourism companies like Desert safari UAE can allow you to travel in Hummer too if you choose the Hummer Desert Safari package.


Have you seen people surfing on waves? Sandboarding is same but it contains sand waves instead of water waves. Not everybody can do it. Only the people with proper expertise are allowed to do it.


Talking about the desert and not mentioning the ship of the desert is unfair. In Desert Safari Dubai, you can also make use of the camels. You will be shown around the desert on the backs of this amazing animal of the sea. People of all ages especially kids love to ride on the back of the camel on the desert.


After a long day in the desert, you are taken back to the tent where you enjoy amazing activities like the belly dance show and fire show. You are also served the delicious buffet there having the best dishes of all time. Apart from this, you can also apply henna by the henna artists, try on Arabic clothes and get yourself photographed. The camp activities of the desert are no less than other activities. So make proper use of it.

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Enjoy a Desert Safari To The Most in Your Dubai Trip

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Our purpose is to provide the site visitors with an enriched experience that they could cherish for the remaining of their lives. The adventure starts in the morning, while you could experience the captivating glimpses in the course of the manner. Take a look of the ancient desert life with us and also spend your time by experiencing the most amazing adventures in your desert safari tour Dubai.

Arabian traditions: 

This goes on for a while, all automobiles using in line closer to the Safari desert Dubai, wherein the actual experience starts. At the campsite, humans are invited to sit down on couches on the ground and take part in all amazing activities there. This may be something from short camel rides while enjoying the sunset, smoking hookah, doing henna artwork in their hands and feet and even trying the Arabian costumes in the desert safari. The pleasant element is the dinner party.

A memorable trip:

Maximum activities in the desert safari begin in the mid-afternoon and finish in the early night, so when all suggests are accomplished, human beings are invited to head lower back to their cars. There’s no dune bashing on the ride again, that is convenient after the massive meal all and sundry has eaten. One who wants to get pictures to show their friends and family members can click their images by the professional photographers or by themselves on sight. These pictures will be a source of pleasing memories for many years.

Morning desert safari:

Site visitors who’re looking to enjoy the desert safari within the early hours need to select the lovely Morning desert safari. This desert safari in Dubai gives tourists a selection of interesting activities including a look to the desert safari’s flora and fauna, a camel ride and sand-boarding (in the wintry weather months or in cold season).

Camel riding in Dubai:

A revel in of a life-time for guests is the camel riding. Provided through Arabian Adventures, this desert safari deal follows the path of the impressive camel, additionally called the ‘ship of the desert’, to explore the desert safari’s plants and flora and fauna. Relying on the season, this experience is obtainable in the morning with breakfast next to a lake, or at sunset with fresh strawberries and bubbles.

The desert safari dune buggy journey is also included in desert safari deals. This safari desert Dubai presented by using Arabian Adventures is an exhilarating ride across the dunes in the ultra-modern four-seated dune buggies. The amusing drive is available as a passenger or driving force revel in, in a shared or personal buggy.  Desert safari Dubai is provided with a lot of thrilling experiences and adventures. Dubai Tour without desert safari is just incomplete. People of all ages can enjoy these fun activities in the desert safari. So must visit desert safari to enjoy many adventures and click beautiful pictures to make your trip more memorable. Go and book your deal now.