Why desert safari is famous worldwide

Why desert safari is famous worldwide

Why desert safari is famous worldwide

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The desert safari is basically a desert, and a desert is defined as a vacant, empty, and the unoccupied portion of length or piece of land which is infertile in nature. There is no chance of greenery or to grow greenery or to produce greenery at all. There are countless things to enjoy on the desert safari trip. If you visit the desert safari at night, then a wonderful and memorable day is waiting for you. That’s why the desert is famous worldwide

Dune bashing

Dune bashing is basically meant to drive any vehicle on uneven surfaces such as desert or over dunes. Surfaces are not smooth to drive on this portion of land required special skills in desert safari Dubai.

Quad biking

The other most entertaining and always to remember things to do in the desert safari trip is Quad biking, four-wheeled vehicles used to write it on drifty and mountain surfaces because it has low-pressure tires.

Belly dance show

Another more interesting or you can say that the heart of this visit the main reason of Desert Safari trip or most demanding entertainment or activity in desert safari trip is belly dancing which is the part of Arab culture and nowadays it is very famous and trending in the Middle East perform by a woman.

Bonfire night

The most demanding and People Choice in Night Desert Safari tour is bonfire. This is the source of entertainment for everyone and especially in the nights and winter Nights make it more interesting and more enjoyable and a thing to remember for everyone.

The best yummy food

Then in the night, you will be served delicious and healthy food that is always being prepared and is very professional Chefs, and their duty is to make sure dinner or lunch more flavorful and yummier and more delicious. The dinner consists of so many choices for vegetarian peoples and non-vegetarian. There are so many choices, and drinks appetizers veg non-veg mutton beef chicken seafood and much more.


Another activity you can enjoy most on a desert safari trip is photography; basically, photography is the second name of building memories. However, photography is your skill to photograph your beautiful moments auto-capture your every beautiful memory. In such a way that they will always remind you about the best time, so in desert safari, you can capture all your beautiful moments. One additional thing is also available: aerobic costumes, so you can give yourself a full Arab look in a perfect desert area that will be really enjoyable for you.


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Why people like to organize their trip to desert safari Dubai

Why People Like To Organize Their Trip To Desert Safari Dubai

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Desert safari Dubai is one of the essential and wonderful places of the United Arab Emirates. It is the most visited and satisfactory-loved desert safari Dubai tour through millions of travelers touring in Dubai each year.

Traverse and have a few laughs in a golden and powdered sand of desert safari Dubai with the fantastic time of our interesting sports in the campsite. Witness the tremendous risk of taking some pictures of the adorable sunset at the astounding desert’s coronary heart. Whilst gave way to the glittering splendor of the moon and the shining billions of stars at night.

Enjoy the beginning in desert safari Dubai:

Desert safari Dubai begins with the timely way pickup from your points with a heat welcome using our desert safari Dubai courses. While heading up to the desert safari Dubai Camp you will enjoy the captivating sceneries along the way.

 Be geared up to feel the Goosebumps whilst having the adventurous Dune Bashing with our professional drivers. Get a close encounter and engage with mild Camel by way of having a memorable journey. Learning a few thoughts about why they are known as the Camel as “Ship of the desert”.

Enjoy live shows and delicious dinner:

Entertain yourself and feel loose to wear some Arabic clothing and pose for your first-rate pictures. At the same time, you will get welcome drinks like Arabic coffee, with unlimited gentle beverages and Water. Bean art Minion and enjoy our traditional art known as “Henna Tattoo” at your hands and feet for free.

In the meantime, at sunset, you could take memorable photos. After sunset, there may be a sitting arrangement within the camp for BBQ Dinner & stay show consisting of Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance, Puppet show, fire display, and even playing your dinner.

 At 09:00 PM, the desert safari Dubai venue over, and our team leads you in your Tent, slumbering baggage. We organized a top-notch Buffet Dinner for vegetarian and non-vegetarian people with the Grilled BBQ’s unique twist.

Memorable tour:

Desert safari Dubai group is pretty positive that you’ll quit this desert safari Dubai tour with tons of memories. We provide terrific service in all shapes in your nice recollections in Dubai and will constantly happy to serve you!

It’s your time to experience with your friends and family and collect memories beneath billions of twinkle stars.

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What Do You Know About Morning Adventures In The Desert

What Do You Know About Morning Adventures In The Desert

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Dubai desert safari tour is just an amazing trip you have ever experienced in your life. Many adventures are waiting for you in the desert. Irrespective of how much we attempt to summarize this fascinating revel in, but you may handiest without a doubt apprehend how comforting is this by using undergoing these magical moments himself.

In truth, this time is your perfect break out from the fast-paced and busy routine of city existence and revel in a nonviolent time along with your friends and family. Further, the Dubai desert safari is very cool at the moment of the day, so that you do not want to worry about hot daylight like in the afternoon.

 That’s why a huge variety of tourists from around the world come to enjoy this tour yearly. The gentle warmth of the Morning desert Safari dawn with the cool and clean wind gives you inner peace and pleasure. It’s far among the top at the listing of Things To Do in Dubai.

Experience the most popular adventure:

In addition, thrilling sand dune bashing, entertain yourself by spending a while with fantastic and historical inhabitants of the Dubai desert safari. Camels had been companions of Arabs at some stage in journeying via those boundless deserts that’s why they were rewarded with the title of “SHIP OF THE DESERT”. You may also journey at the again of this gentle large and take pictures of these remarkable moments to expose off on your social media or to show it to your friends and family.

Try sand boarding in the camp:

As soon as you will reach inside the Dubai desert safari Camp, it’s now time to have interaction yourself in another amusing-stuffed well-known but specific pastime like sand-boarding. Strap sand-board system in your feet and sail down the sand dunes similar to it’s far carried out in the skiing sport. Permit your friends or family members make your video, while you display your adventurous feats and moves on sand dunes.

Try the sporty Sand-Ski from the slope of the Sandhill to the floor and seize pictures of your wonderful sand surfing for upcoming days’ memories. Permit yourself to completely involve in that breathtaking environment and take brilliant pix of jaw-losing scenery and landscapes to show your pictures skills at the same time.

Some other adventures:

 If your thirst for the adrenaline rush continues to be not quenched then you could additionally experience a horse riding and Quad biking for some extra costs in Dubai desert safari. Ultimately, after covering some of these recreational sports we will drop you returned at your step, so you can maintain your last day ordinary as you will. We assure you that on the stop of the tour you will depart with a happy coronary heart and huge smile. It’s going to be closing with you as a totally fascinating memory as a way to never fade away. So must organize your trip to Dubai desert safari and make your trip memorable.

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What you might miss if Dubai is not your holiday destination

You Might Miss if Dubai is Not Your Holiday Destination

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Dubai will make you feel really different and all magical. Once you step here, you’ will feel that maybe you are daydreaming or just seeing some magic. But wait? No. This is all real. The alluring beauty of Dubai is all real. And you would only believe in such beauty and nature once you are here and see it with your own eyes and feel it in your soul deep.

Dubai has literally uncountable places to go to. You’ll scream head to decide which place you should actually go for with your family and have fun to the fullest.

You’ll probably go to a place which is a family destination. A place for all age groups. So that you can easily have fun and chill around with your family and friends

One of these places include desert safari.

It’s not just you who will feel like you should come here again and again if your kids will insist you to stay here only. There are so many things in here for you that you might feel extraordinary when you are here

Activities you are going to clean your hands on!

Camel rides in desert safari:

Arabian camel rides are always enjoyable in Dubai desert safari. These tall camels are extremely beautiful, brown in color, and humble to the tourists. You can have a clear cut view of the desert safari while having a bumpy ride on the camel across the golden silky sand of the desert.

Joyous rides on quad bikes:

This is Avery’s thrilling rides for adults and youngsters. Speeding up the bikes. Speeding up the bikes on the golden sand of the desert safari is so much fun. You’ll literally feel out of this world while quad biking.

Henna: one of the most go-to activities in desert safari. Literally, every human visiting this desert wants the henna to be applied on their hand or feet by the Arabian women. These women are very much expert and capable of applying beautiful art patterns and astonish you fit real.

Speeding rides on bashing sand dunes:

This is always fun when you are here in the desert safari with your family and friends. Escaping the sand with giant vehicles is always fun. There is a guide beside you to ensure your safety purposes.

Bonfire and lit belly dance:

It would be best if you never missed achieving to spend a wonderful evening on a desert safari. This is always fun to see a belly dancer dancing like crazy in Arabian songs and making the crowd all cheerful and enjoy every second spent here. This is the time of the day when desert safaris scenery is quite beautiful and breathtaking. You will be sitting by a blazing bonfire and feel extraordinary soothing. This is the view we all live for

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It’s all about Dubai and it’s unreal beauty!

It’s all about Dubai and it’s unreal beauty!

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This place is developed in these past few years. When you’ll come here you’ll feel shocked that how Thai solace has become so beautiful and exhilarating. Dubai never fails to win the hearts of the people around the world.

There are so many refreshing and exciting places in Dubai which are widely visited by people. These places are family destinations so that you can have all on one. Your kids will enjoy to the fullest and will make the best memories ever. They will have the best time of their life here.

There are so many family destinations in Dubai that you’ll literally scratch your head while decibels a place to go to first. One of the very much widely visited places in Dubai is a desert safari.

.This desert will literally give you goosebumps. Once you step here your heart will insist you constantly that you should come here often to have a cheery god time. You are about to have the best time of your life here. These days will never make you regret spending money here. This place will calm your soul. Desert safari has its one uniqueness which can’t be expressed until and unless you go and see it by yourself with your own eyes.

Morning In Dubai desert safari: the beauty of this desert will galvanize you from every inch of your skin and this all will feel like magic. After coming here and setting your self  you will feel just so good having Arabian  breakfast under an open sky

Rides and fun: 

desert safari offers a wide range of amusing activities. Some of them are ;

Camel riding:

this is so much fun. Camel rides make desert safari so special. These camel rides will give you an Ariel view to look around across the desert what this dessert actually looks like. Arabian brown tall camels are very huge and friendly to the people visiting. There is an Arabian man  with the camel which will help you to have a fearless ride and have loads of fun

Quad biking: this is one of the most stimulating and amusing rides in desert safari. This ride will make your heart beat fast and will be the most joyous one. This ride is mainly chosen by teenagers and adults who are extra courageous. This furious ride will make you feel extra energetic.

Joyous evening in Dubai desert safari:  

there are many jaw-dropping activities in the evening

Firstly, there is a belly dance in the evening. This is the time of the day when the sky is in pretty colors. Usually, belly dancers have this quality of gathering crowd easily by their crazy belly dance on Arabian songs and make you all cheerful and happy. They will also encourage you to dance with them and have a couple of laughs and memories with them

Feasting on cuisines: Rabbani food is literally mouthwatering and rich in taste. They give you a variety of food to clean hands on Log on to  www.desertsafariuae.ae to get the best deals

Why is it important for you to go to Desert Safari Dubai at least once in your lifetime

Why is it important for you to go to Desert Safari Dubai

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Why is it important for you to go to Desert Safari Dubai at least once in your lifetime

Have you ever thought about what the word peace means? Or have you ever experienced peace in these last days? I guess no because every one of us is so much buying in our daily lives busy routine that an idea of taking a break from the busy schedule can’t even click our minds.

Why only desert safari Dubai?

There are thousands of deserts that exist in this whole world in which Dubai Desert is very famous. Because it has unique activities and there are two things which people love. The first thing is the vibes and the second thing is the activities. Here we will discuss both the things one by one.

Vibes of desert safari Dubai:

The most difficult task to do is to explain the vibes of any place. I will try my level best to explain the vibes of desert safari Dubai. Just imagine sitting on the hot sand in the middle of the vast desert of Dubai, where you are not able to hear any noise. All that you can feel is the cold winds in this desert that are blowing all over through your face. The best part of deserts is that it is a very calm place and it is a place which can actually give you a break from daily routine tensions and if that desert is desert safari then just don’t ask me about the calmness and peace you will be able to feel here.

Activities of desert safari Dubai:

There are a lot of activities that can make you fall in love with Dubai desert safari. These activities are of a kind which is a must to do activities in your desert safari trip. Let me tell you about these activities and the amount of fun that you can get while experiencing these activities.

Quad biking:

Quad biking is a kind of bike ride in which you get to ride on the sand dunes of the desert safari at a very high speed. This ride will create an adrenaline rush in you and will boost up your confidence to go for other thrilling activities.

Dune Bashing:

It is done on a land cruiser. It is the best activity that can be done here at desert safari.

Camel riding:

Camel riding is the most favorite activity of people and is a must try for you. Book your deal now at www.desertsafariuae.ae



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It has always been everyone’s bucket list to visit Dubai during the vacations. Dubai is in the limelight since it ranges to offer a wide variety of entertainment and luxury time for people. It has theme parks, water parks, enormous shopping malls, and a beautiful desert. You might not notice how breathtaking Dubai looks with the desert, and now you need to know more about it. While you are in Dubai, you must visit the Dubai safari tour to experience the thrilling environment and the Arabian desert’s surreal view. We have always been indoors due to the scorching Dubai summers. Still, it’s definitely an amazing idea to visit Dubai during the winters to enjoy the Dubai safari to the utmost.


There are so many activities in the desert and the beauty of the sunset and the sunrise. It’s totally your choice to visit Dubai Safari in the day or evening since both hold their own charm. Also, you can definitely spend a night under the stars in the outstretched desert feeling amazing. Let’s discuss some of the thrillers performed in the desert.


Have you ever seen the steep dunes with different attractive colors? If not, you definitely need to visit the Dubai Safari to enjoy the most entertaining outdoor dune bashing. It is literally worth visiting the desert since you experience the roller coaster ride, not in a theme park but a desert. How interesting is that? You can enjoy the stomach-lurching ride in the 4×4 vehicle while watching the sand changing its color as you proceed. 


You can mark my words; it’s one of the most enjoyable desert safari Dubai activities. If you’ve ever experienced ice skating in Dubai or anywhere else, then you can get an idea of how it is. It’s a surreal feeling to surf around the huge desert on your own and watch the beautiful sky above you with freedom. Sandboarding can be performed if you know how to balance the skateboard. If you don’t know how to do that, some guides can help you throughout.


If you’re on Dubai tours, then doesn’t ever forget to have an unforgettable ride on the camel because you’ll get to know how the ancient time was and how people used to ride on a camel means of transportation. It’s simply amazing to be on the camel and get to experience how amazing the sunset looks and the dunes hiding the sun eventually. It’s the most amazing feeling, don’t forget to capture these moments so that you can enjoy your time back home with friends.

Desert safari Dubai visit is not to be missed for sure because there are other activities which you can get to know at https://www.desertsafariuae.ae. You are going to enjoy this outdoor visit the most when in Dubai.

The Unseen Aspects of Desert Safari Dubai

The Unseen Aspects of Desert Safari Dubai

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The best city of UAE:

Dubai is blessed with several things and places like beaches, deserts, parks, etc. These are the natural resources that have increased the value of Dubai as a tourist attraction. Then, of course, the Government of Dubai also plays an important role in building tourist attractions.

The special part of Dubai:

But I guess the place where tourists are attracted the most are the Deserts of Dubai. There are very few cities that are blessed with a natural resource called Deserts. Also, people getting attracted towards the deserts are that we travel to beaches, parks, and malls in the normal lives of people. Still, we hardly get a chance to visit deserts if a person visits Dubai, so there are more than 50% chances that people are visiting. Another reason for people getting excited to visit deserts are is the beauty of the deserts of Dubai. And if we talk about the most beautiful and famous desert in Dubai, I guess it will be effortless to guess the answer. It is Desert Safari Dubai.

What do you want to know about Desert Safari Dubai?

Desert safari Dubai is a desert that has several things to offer. The vibes of this Desert calm you down, and when the cold winds blow through your face, you start feeling fresh. This place can be visited at any time. And at any time of the day.

Activities at Desert Safari Dubai:

Red dunes are the first best thing about Desert Safari. Dunes create a lot of opportunities for fun activities.
Here are the activities one can do in dunes-

Quad biking Dubai is a kind of activity that can be done in the dunes of Desert Safari Dubai. The quad bike is four-wheeled. An experienced guide is present there to help you with the use of Quad Bike. While getting this experience, you can feel the softness of sand while going up and down on dunes with this ride at a suitable speed.

Camel Riding is another activity that you can enjoy on the Red Sand Dunes of Desert Safari Dubai. Through camel ride, you get to see a broad and wide beautiful view of the desert, and it is a kind of experience which you cannot get in daily life’s busy routines.


The second Best thing about Dubai Desert Safari is the Sunset of it. You can get a chance to see the sunset of the desert in Evening Desert Safari. Just imagine for a moment that you are at a place where there is sand everywhere, and the cold winds are touching your face. You are standing in front of a sunset, the rays of the sun are reflecting in your eyes, the only thought which will be going through your mind would be the thought of never leaving that place.

We at www.desertsafariuae.ae offers the best deals for enjoying Dubai Desert Safari.

All The Details Regarding Evening And Morning Desert Safari

All The Details Regarding Evening And Morning Desert Safari

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Desert safari is the most famous desert of Dubai. You can say that this Desert is the talk of the town People from across the world come here to desert safari Dubai to feel the vibes here and to experience the amazing activities here. The best part about any desert is that these deserts don’t even represent the modern lifestyle. However, many people are still attracted to these deserts, and if we talk about the beauty of desert safari so this Desert is famous because of its red dunes. This is the kind of Desert that can be visited at any time of the day. Why not know about the evening and morning desert safari?

Evening desert safari:

At the time of the evening, everything is so relaxing and is at peace. The vibes you get in the evening desert safari are amazing. The best part about evening desert safari at desert safari Dubai is the vibes here. Once you enter the desert safari in the evening, all you can feel is the calm and relaxed vibes.

What is the best part of the evening desert safari? The best part about going to the desert safari Dubai in the evening is the sunsets. Sunsets are what add more beauty to the experience of desert safari Dubai. Just imagine being at a desert safari at the time when the sun has started hiding in the red dunes of the desert safari. The redness of the sun is getting mixed with the redness of dunes. Sunsets act like a cherry on the cake for an evening desert safari. It is a kind of experience which should be done at least once in the whole lifetime.

Morning desert safari:

Do you want to make the rest of the day good? Go to a desert safari in the morning. You must have heard people starting their day with some amazing activities so that the rest of their day is spent well. Basically, the morning desert safari is also a kind of experience that is the best experience to make your morning and then the rest of your day.

What are the two best things about the morning desert safari?
Two things are the specialty of Morning desert safari. Let’s talk about both one by one.


You have seen sunrise daily in your normal life at a normal place, but have you ever seen it in a desert? If not, then you are missing a very amazing experience of life. Best is a tiny word to explain the kind of experience seeing the sunrise at desert safari Dubai in the morning is.

Morning dune bashing:

It is the second best thing about Morning desert safari. This activity can be best done in the morning. In this experience, you are given with a land cruiser in which you ride on the desert at the speed of your choice. Dune bashing is a kind of activity made for deserts only and you can get the maximum amount of fun from it if it is done in the morning. So this was some details about both morning and evening desert safari. Make a choice and book your deal now at www.desertsafariuae.ae

Visit Dubai During Ramadan

Visit Dubai During Ramadan

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Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims. In which they offer to fast for 30 to 29 days depending on the sighting of the moon. People offer travel prayer during this holy month. Since the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an Islamic country, they follow certain rules and regulations during Ramadan’s holy month. So, if you are planning to have Dubai tour packages from 6th of May 2019 to 4th June 2019, then you will probably be visiting Dubai in the holy month of Ramadan. You will need to take care of a few things if you plan a Dubai tour during this time of the year.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the holy month of the Muslim calendar; they spend this month by keeping fasts throughout the month. They keep their fast throughout the day and break it at sunset. They follow some rules and regulations during this time of the year. Anybody who does not follow those rules in Dubai is fined irrespective of them being non-practitioner of Islam. So, it is better to learn a few things before visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the holy month of Ramadan.

Things to take care about during Ramadan:

The first thing that you should know on your Dubai tour is that not every attraction would be available during this time of the year. There would be changes in timings of different places during Ramadan. Even though the Muslims fast during this holy month, the restaurants do open and serve food for Islam’s non-practitioners. However, the shutters are half-closed so that the outsiders do not see the people eating food inside.

It is prohibited to smoke or drink in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during Ramadan’s holy month. You have to be polite to people. You are not allowed to eat anything in public places during this month. Men and women should be properly covered. They should at least cover their shoulders and legs at least till knees. Failing to follow these rules will result in a fine.

Tips For The Dubai tour in the Month of Ramadan:

There are mostly changes in timings of places during Ramadan, so it is better to do proper planning before visiting a certain place. You better call and check the timings and availability of the places you are willing to visit beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

There are no belly dance shows during the month of Ramadan so, do not ask about it. Most places do open after iftar, and you can experience the nightlife of Dubai. The benefit of planning your Dubai tour in Ramadan is that you won’t found a great crowd of tourists, so you can easily visit every place.

If you follow all these guidelines, your tour to Dubai will be one of the best without any doubt. For more details and bookings, visit https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/