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If you really want some extraordinary days in your life and a clear break from your daily busy routine. Dubai is the only destination that will give you all one facility. Literally, everything one could ask for. Dubai will make you feel so relaxed and comforting with all the extra facilities that you will have

Dubai also has many exciting places that are widely visited by tourists and other people visiting because they offer different varieties of activities for different age groups. Also, these places are family destinations which will make you feel extra comfortable and smooth

Of these places is a desert safari. It will be just so mind-blowing, coming to a desert in real life, and exploring the undeniable beauty is just so much breathtaking.

Dubai has its own comforting zone which will make your Holidays worthwhile. Dubai is a place that makes sure to capture your heart and soul from within.

There are many places in Dubai which are exactly suitable for what you are looking for. All in one. These places will literally have everything one could ask for.

 desert safari has so many activities that you’ll just stay here for Avery long times and feel so real and free.

What entertainment activities are there for you?

Desert safari has numerous activities for you and your kids

Camel Riding:

this is is one of the most enjoyable and go-to activity for many people. Camel riding will let you see the desert safari on a whole, giving an aria view of what it actually looks like and what so special about it. The Arabian camel is tall and beautiful and is also accompanied by a guide for you to sit safely without fear. Camel ride is really what makes this dessert a special one


Arabian women will make patterns,  designs and patches on your neck to legs or wherever on your body if you want. Henna is literally very beautiful when applied by these Arabian women.


in the evening, sitting beside a lit blazing bonfire near the campsite is all one could ask for. This view is just so breathtaking. One of the best evenings in Dubai desert safari: you’ll enjoy the lit blazing bonfire near the campsite under an open sky with pretty colors and the sun setting on the edge this view is beautiful and literally very breathtaking. You’ll feel each and every second spent here into your soul.

There is a belly dance in desert safari which is quite kind of a ritual in the desert. This will be so cheerful and will amuse you

Desert safari also provides you with the finest Arabian food for you to feast on. This food is cooked with extra care and hygiene.

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The red brilliant desert of Dubai is exceptionally extraordinary and our group of specialists will help this mystical spot wake up for you with a private, customized visit. With a city as well known as Dubai, it’s essential to keep, at this delightful view, far from the groups and mass-showcase the travel industry. That is the reason, with our assistance, you will encounter a certifiable and compensating Dubai desert safari with visits to extraordinary, restrictive territories and camp. We’ve to know the absolute best of the desert and its shrouded insider facts to getting the most pleasure for you.


At Dubai Desert Safari UAE, we make mystical minutes for our customers, that is the reason it’s solitary you, your allies and our exceptionally prepared desert visit direct driver in one of our private new SUVs. Do the Dubai desert safari as indicated by your creative ability and inclinations, get the best involvement, and find the astounding truly amazing view.

You can appreciate boundless fun and activity with our rise slamming free and stay a short time later in the wild of the desert as long as you want. Be unified with nature or apparatus up yourself with our select electric fat wheel bikes, 4×4 quad bicycles, and sand loads up. When the sun sets, we will take you to a Desert Camel Farm and proceed with our adventure to the camp, where you will have the chance to meet our camp camels and go for a short ride. Pursued by a rich supper under the desert’s starry sky and a couple of conventional Arabian move acts. At the camp, you will likewise approach Henna body painting, Shisha, and a lot progressively camp exercises. The time is yours, so it’s your choice whatever you want to go for.


Have you at any point caught wind of the supernatural minute as the sun ascends over the red desert in Dubai? Trust us it’s genuinely mystical. Just a couple of kilometers behind the dynamite engineering side of Dubai, another scene anticipates you – that is as renowned as the city and in case you’re capable, you can likewise entertain yourself with some interesting complimentary open air exercises, excitement, and activity we arranged for you.


Toward the start of our visit, an exciting ridge slamming ride into the Al-Hebab desert anticipates you. From that point, you can appreciate the morning quietness of the Dubai desert safari from the highest point of the sand hills. As you wonder on the stunning perspective on the sun transcending the brilliant sand, you will taste sweet-smelling Arabic espresso or tea, with some nearby chocolate dates. For the additional fun, you can investigate the Dubai desert safari without anyone else. Stroll over the mountain slopes of delicate sand and float down from the lofty sand hills utilizing the sand sheets. For more information and inquiries, visit www.desertsafariuae.ae/



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Individuals from several nations come here to Dubai to see these attractions and append an involvement with themselves, which will remain joined throughout their lives. A portion of the spots here are exceptional and celebrated in light of their uniqueness and pull in several individuals due to their beauty. Deserts are the core of Dubai, in my perspective. Since when one gets exhausted by observing the advanced way of life of Dubai, when they investigate the sandy regions of Dubai desert safari because the vibes of deserts are the sort of vibes which we can’t jump on some other spot.


Break the city for an exciting desert experience on this evening visit from Dubai. Drive through the Dubai Desert in cool vehicles as you appreciate quad biking and camel riding in the hills, and experience Arabic culture with a delectable supper and move appear at a conventional desert camp.


Secondly, zoom over the desert on four wheels on this energizing 2-hour quad biking Dubai involvement from Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah. Adventure into the desert by agreeable cooled vehicle, and bounce on board a tough present day quad bicycle. Wear a provided head protector and gloves, rev your motor, and afterward set off in escort behind your guide. Thunder over the sands, thunder over moving hills, and stop for photographs of the excellent Desert on course. After your ride, unwind and refuel in a cool Bedouin-style tent over new Arabic espresso, tea, and dates.


Experience the best of the desert at nightfall on a 7-hour safari visit, and appreciate a ridge driving at dusk. At that point, go to a customary Bedouin-style desert camp for a tasty smorgasbord supper with boundless refreshments, exercises, and conventional live diversion.


Appreciate the excellence of the Lahbab desert in the early morning hours on an activity stuffed morning desert safari dubai. In the first place, I appreciate hill slamming in a 4×4 vehicle with an expert driver. After a photo stop at a high ridge, attempt your hand at sandboarding or share in a camel ride. You can likewise attempt quad biking


Experience and culture darlings, this visit is for you. After an exciting ridge slamming ride in the desert, land at a clamoring camp with unrecorded music, quad bikes, camel rides, hip twirling, sandboarding, henna painting, and considerably more. Appreciate the exercises until supper (a pamper buffet with veggie lover alternatives) is served. Lodging pickup and drop-off in Dubai or Sahara Center are incorporated.


Head to the desert outside Dubai on this safari experience. The night incorporates a hill slamming session by an authorized guide, camel rides, henna painting, and an Arabic BBQ buffet supper at the campground, alongside a hip twirling and customary Tanura move execution. In addition, ATVs are accessible to ride upon solicitation.

For more information, visit www.desertsafariuae.ae/



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It is exceedingly suggested for everybody visiting the best places in Dubai for tourists. One of the best places to visit is the Desert Safari Dubai. Frankly, you can engage yourself here with anything and everything. Various types of stunning and amusement exercises like camel riding, horse riding in a depiction, hip twirling record show, Sheesha night, outdoors blaze, Quad biking, rise slamming, sandboarding, and so forth.

In your Dubai Desert Safari visit, you can appreciate such a significant number of excellent great touring’s regular perspectives that will clearly improve your vision. It will be like you have the whole earth in your hands. It will make you unwind and give you harmony beyond any doubt.

To make your Dubai Desert Safari visit all the more fascinating and astounding, you can include diverse things as indicated by your decision.


The Dubai desert safari visit has a brilliant other involvement in the winter season. Since the winter season is considered the most charming season for everybody and the power winter season has its own charm and uniqueness, you are arranging a Dubai Desert Safari visit. It will be a massive euphoria and delight. Staying through the night at a desert safari is the best and immaculate idea, particularly in winters alongside your companions.


You can appreciate distinctive things like espresso in the chilly, windy season. You can play cards, appreciate various types of music alongside companions, and appreciate all the more fascinating. In the Dubai desert safari visit, you can appreciate the night outdoors alongside flavorful nourishment, music, recreations, and substantially more. Particularly with your loved ones, you can gain experiences in desert safari. In the chilly winter season, on the desert safari, you can appreciate delicate music alongside flame to warm yourself and flavorful food in a desert with so much harsh climate. You can appreciate dry products of the soil too in this kind of climate and area.


In Dubai desert safari visit, you have a chance to ride a camel without anyone else’s input in the deserts. In actuality, you have a chance to compose each desert transport on your own self. It will give you another experience because the desert is such a great amount of not quite the same as the straight streets. To compose anything on the desert is more troublesome and more pleasant than streets.

You can appreciate entertainment showS around evening time alongside your companions. This show comprises a move acts alongside utilizing fire types of gear and utilizing fire strokes in your move to make it intriguing and shocking for everybody. Dubai Desert safari gives a wide range of bundles to forsake safari visits alongside such huge numbers of activities and best chances.

On the off chance that you need to visit desert safari, you can utilize our site for booking and more subtleties. www.desertsafariuae.ae/



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The desert safari Dubai will be the best trip of your life during Dubai tours. For instance, people would visit Dubai for malls and buildings, but why Desert Safari? While this may be true, people visit Dubai for other things, but that is because they have not seen the magic of Dubai Desert safari yet.


Incalculable things to appreciate

There are incalculable things to appreciate in desert safari Dubai. On the off chance that you are visiting the desert safari around evening time, at that point, a magnificent and paramount day is hanging tight for you.


Essentially,  sand slamming is intended to drive any vehicle on an all-over or uneven surface, for example, desert or over sand ridges. As the surface is not smooth, driving any vehicle on this bit of land requires extraordinary ability. Hence, to ride on this vehicle on a desert safari Dubai trip is truly astounding and vital.

Quad biking

The other most engaging and dependably memorable activity in the Dubai desert safari trip is Quad biking. It is a four-wheeled vehicle which is utilized to compose it on drifty and mountain surfaces since it has low weight tyres.

Bellydance Show

Another all the more fascinating, or you can say that the core of this visit of Dubai Desert Safari trip or most requesting stimulation in desert safari trip is Belly dancing, which is the piece of Arab culture. Nowadays, it is extremely celebrated and drifting in the Middle East performed by a lady.

Fire Show

Undoubtedly, the most requesting an individual’s favorite in Evening Desert Safari Dubai is a fire show. Essentially, a fire show is a method for festivity or huge open shoot or any dangerous weapons that detonate at the abnormal state. This is the wellspring of diversion for everybody and, particularly in the evenings and winter nights. It makes it all more fascinating and progressively charming and a thing to recall for everybody.


There is a buffet dinner between the shows at night in the camp that will give you a unique dining experience in the desert. All the proficient chefs and their obligation are to ensure supper or lunch progressively delightful and yummier and increasingly flavourful. The supper comprises such a large number of decisions for veggie lover people groups and non-vegan likewise. There are such a significant number of decisions and beverages, veg, non-veg sheep, meat, chicken, fish, and considerably more.


Well, lastly, here is another thing which you can appreciate most on the Dubai desert safari trip: photography. Essentially, photography is the second name of structure recollections. Even though photography is your expertise, yet to photo your wonderful minutes, auto catch you each lovely memory. So that they will dependably remind you about the best time so in Dubai desert safari. There are oxygen-consuming ensembles to give yourself a full Arab look in an ideal desert territory that will be extremely agreeable for you.

Please visit out website for more information. www.desertsafariuae.ae/



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The desert around Dubai requests over a passing look. It’s a region of excellence that features the UAE’s Arabian legacy.

So how does it work?

At a booked time, you’ll be grabbed by our guide of Dubai desert safari. He will take you an hour’s drive to the desert safari Dubai in an exceedingly fast and superb vehicle. Discover how Dubai started from its unassuming beginnings and its trendy advancements while you enjoy it.

The ride, as a whole, is going to be spectacular, filled with stops and activities. The first is going to be for you to take a little rest. Take a 25-minute rest before your ride starts. Rest, and capitalize on the perfect and satisfactory toilets. Meanwhile, the guide will prepare your vehicle for the ride by changing tire weights. Moreover, if you’re into adventure, you can take a ride on Quad Bikes while distinctive groups get up to speed.

Finally, the fun starts. 40-minutes, in the desert safari Dubai, incredible sand slamming ride in the red dunes will make you crazy. Before you rush to the camp, you need to try out sandboarding. It is basically surfing over the hills. Next, you will reach the Desert Safari Dubai Camp.

Soon, you’ll observe a party of Camels for a desert ride. All will be lined up waiting for you. Afterward, the safari captain can bring up all the fun and actions inside the camp.


Interestingly, at the Dubai desert safari, you will have to be prepared to encounter a short camel ride. Moreover, get an attempt to apply the standard henna designs. Then, rip all your worries with the entertainment shows; those are belly dancing, traditional dance, and tanoura dance. Lastly, distinctive exercises at the desert safari Dubai camp incorporate quad biking, hookah, a sand artistry show, Arabic low, bird photography, and a carpet show. When all the fun is finished, you will be safely dropped to your area.

Moving on to the next fun-filled activities, THERE’S SO MUCH MORE!

Photography is always a yes for everybody. In short, desert safari Dubai can offer you a whole stock for new pictures. After you are back from the bumpy camel ride, you can catch the scene’s magnificence in your cameras and recordings. Get delighted from your leisure time at the desert safari Dubai camp by endeavoring the Arabian strengths Henna painting, Arabic makeover with the given Kandora and abaya. Meet the Falcon proficient and act with the regal bird.


The night amusements in desert safari Dubai start with Tanoura dance performances inside the middle stage. Even though all of this will be fun, you are going to be starting near the end. But don’t worry, our guides will notify you as soon as the bbq buffet gets prepared. After supper, appreciate the nearby sweets, watch the hip twirl, and unwind. As a last treat, the camp is absolutely changed, giving the standard atmosphere of a desert safari Dubai night. Unwind and reflect as you watch the stars before being returned to your convenience.

Please contact www.desertsafariuae.ae

Know about the unknown things of Desert Safari Dubai

Know about the unknown things of the Desert Safari Dubai

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The best city in the UAE:

Dubai is blessed with several things and places like beaches, deserts, parks, etc. These are the natural resources that have increased the value of Dubai as a tourist attraction. Then, of course, the Government of Dubai also plays an important role in building tourist attractions.

The special part of Dubai:

But I guess the place where tourists are attracted the most are the Deserts of Dubai. There are very few cities that are blessed with a natural resource called Deserts. Also, people getting attracted towards the deserts are that we travel to beaches, parks, and malls in the normal lives of people. Still, we hardly get a chance to visit deserts if a person visits Dubai, so there are more than 50% chances that people are visiting. Another reason for people getting excited to visit deserts are is the beauty of the deserts of Dubai.

What do you want to know about Desert Safari Dubai?

There are many activities in Desert safari Dubai. The vibes of this desert calm you down, and when the cold winds blow through your face, you start feeling fresh. You can visit at any time. And at any time of the day.

Activities at Desert Safari Dubai:

Red dunes are the first best thing about Desert Safari. Dunes create a lot of opportunities for fun activities.
Here are the activities one can do in dunes-

Quad biking is a kind of activity that can be done in the dunes of Desert Safari Dubai. The quad bike is the four-wheeled bike. An experienced guide is present there to help you with the use of Quad Bike. While getting this experience, you can feel the softness of sand while going up and down on dunes with this ride at a suitable speed.

Camel Riding is another activity that you can enjoy on the Red Sand Dunes of Desert Safari Dubai. Through camel ride, you get to see a broad and wide beautiful view of the desert, and it is a kind of experience which you cannot get in daily life’s busy routines.


The second Best thing about Dubai Desert Safari is the Sunset of it. You can get a chance to see the sunset of the desert in Evening Desert Safari. Just imagine for a moment that you are at a place where there is sand everywhere, and the cold winds are touching your face. You are standing in front of a sunset, the rays of the sun are reflecting in your eyes, the only thought which will be going through your mind would be the thought of never leaving that place.

We at https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/ offers the best deals for enjoying Dubai Desert Safari.



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How about waking up in the breezy sandy desert? Not basically waking up in the safari but making a memorable morning desert safari trip? How about waking up sharp before the sunrise and catching up on it in the beautiful UAE’s morning desert safari. Just imagine you’re sitting on a dune barefoot, and cool morning breezes are hitting up your face. Your eyes witnessing the beautiful sunrise at the morning desert safari and the peace in the surrounding, making the moment precious. Apparently brings you nearer to the thought of God’s blessings, and a moment of thankfulness is prompt. This is literally how you would feel at a morning desert safari.


Have you heard of skiing? Obviously who hasn’t but I’m sure many of you are unaware of sandboarding Dubai at the morning desert safari. Don’t worry it’s not hard to bring a picture in your mind as it’s the same as the skiing on board but on the sand and not on the ice. Sounds interesting right? It’s not only interesting but an absolute thrill to go for sand boarding and to put it as a priority list in your morning desert safari Dubai. It’s absolutely fun standing still on your feet on a board and then suddenly you’re lead by the wavy dunes of sand at the morning desert safari. When it goes up and then eventually down and continues until you are tired and need a break.


If you go to morning desert safari and you don’t opt for dune bashing then I must say its an incomplete trip to the desert. However, Dune bashing must be a compulsory option in your tour list too. Thoughts might be arousing that why it should be a compulsory one? Oh just because it makes you roam around the morning desert safari and lets you watch the desert on the whole. Watching the camels around is something traditional morning desert safari blowing your mind away at them. Enjoy the car going up and down the sand dunes making your stomach lurch for a while. 


Well, I must say camel ride is the first significant feature of a morning desert safari and one has to try it for sure. Isn’t it amazing to ride on the camel with your friends and enjoy the slow ride across the desert? Also, how about having a look at the beautiful sun about to set at the outstretched desert? It is truly incredible to ride on a camel at the morning desert safari and having a look at the activities others are doing while on the ride.

Morning desert safari is a place for friends who want to enjoy and have a good time. Sheesha smoking is also available here so you can benefit the atmosphere with a little fun having friends around. Trust me you won’t regret visiting the morning desert safari taking out time from your busy schedules.

Why you're missing out on the most important attraction of DUBAI

Why You’re Missing Out on The Most Important Attraction of DUBAI

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For all the people who love this superb country, an outing to Desert safari Dubai and knowing the Arab life vogue will be shockingly fascinating. Frankly, a visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the great ‘Dubai desert safari’. This trip comes with a lot of activities; trekking, perspectives of sunset and sunrise, bedouin vogue camp, BBQ dinner, and delicious breakfast. Subsequently, Desert safari Dubai could be a not too bad probability for people who need to experience the desert and its attractions.


As you will see the Dubai desert safari, you may comprehend camel organization. Get down from the car and have the ability to see the desert outright its formal-ness. Your guide can organize a perfect day for your trekking inside the long Dubai desert safari visit. Circumspectly, take around inside the desert, concerning forty-five minutes. Rapture the gold sandy ground from the camel’s back and keep snapping photos of this memory.

The guide can take you to the tent dealt with to look at the nightfall. Seat well inside the cushions and loosen up with Coffee Arabica, tea, and dates as you watch for the stimulating viewpoint at the most astounding purpose of the day. As the sun makes courses of action to the line, you may be in stunningness with the reflections on changing update lightweight.


In the time of dusk, we are going to drive you to the Arab vogue camp where moreover empowering activities, that you may dream endeavour and do once in Desert safari Dubai, are created for you. Every development has its own relevance and urges you to understand Arab culture and lifestyle in an exceedingly higher system.

For what reason aren’t you trying it? Ever met somebody who will draw it for you? Here at the camp of desert safari Dubai, henna craftsmanship ace will enhance your hands with impeccable styles.


In the wake of trekking, you may be exhausted. Along these lines once you are back to the tent, morning rare will be set up for you. You will watch the day break with ingenuity tasting the Coffee Arabica. You will relish the flavour of your discontinuous review the system the sky is intending to respect the sun. The remarkable thing about the rising sun could be a huge sight. The sun will rise steadily, spreading its bars inside the right degree. The viewpoint on the fundamental morning bar could be a one of a kind sight.


Wake up to the paranormal uncommon thing about Dubai desert safari. The desert can invite you to its beguiling setting with a delicate breeze. Camels will be prepared, hop on it, and consider the sand edges searching for the sun to rise. After the trekking, you will be recovered to the Arabian tent sitting.

Dubai desert safari does not just end here. There are a number of reason why you should visit Dubai just next. For that, you have to visit our website. www.desertsafariuae.ae/

Enchanting Attractions of Fujairah

Enchanting Attractions of Fujairah

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Find an alternate side of the UAE on our Fujairah – East Coast Tour! Settled along the Gulf of Oman on the eastern side of the nation, Fujairah remains a shocking differentiation to the other six emirates, totally lying on the Arabian Gulf. It’s the UAE’s solitary emirate encompassed by mountains, in this manner offering a great mix of rich greenery. Perfect shorelines, interesting towns, conventional markets, and archeological destinations. With this energizing visit comprehensive of lodging, pick and drop off, you’ll have the capacity to investigate the majority of Fujairah’s real features in a solitary day on a Fujairah City tour.

Be flabbergasted by the dazzling landscape and quiet mood as the visit commences and winds its way through the tough sloping coastline. Make a stop at Bidya Mosque, the nation’s most established mosque – going back to the fifteenth century. The château seen legitimately over this unobtrusive spot of love is one of the locale’s conspicuous archeological destinations. Fujairah fort was initially worked aimed the seventeenth century incorporated into the Fujairah tour. The most established stronghold in the UAE was once filled in as Fujairah’s decision family’s living arrangement, other than a guarded structure.

Get illuminated on the locale’s memorable past, remarkable culture, and customs on an excursion to Fujairah Museum. Expressions and antiquities on view basically spread archeological finds from locales like Bitnah, Qidfah, etc. This reaches from pre-Islamic coins to antiquated vessels, painted earthenware, and bowl made utilizing ostrich egg. Fascinatingly, the vast majority of them go back to the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Proceed on your beautiful Fujairah City tour to the untainted Khorfakkan Beach. Where you can take in natural air and pick to appreciate a casual swim in the ocean.

Pursued by a discretionary mid-day break. You’ll drive past the peaceful towns of Dibba and also Masafi before the last stop at the Friday Market. With lovely perspectives on Hajjar Mountains out of sight, it guarantees you of an invigorating shopping knowledge, bragging very different types selling high-quality pots, rugs, keepsakes, garden-crisp organic products, vegetables, and so on.

 Nobody knows Fujairah better than us. We can make your Fujairah City tour incredible and memorable. We will take you through  Fujairah Fort, Fujairah Museum, Bidiya Mosque, Friday Market, and Khorfakhan Beach, and many more.

A lovely day loaded up with a parcel of memories as well. The sight on Fujairah fort is magnificent, and you could invest profitable energy there. There will be a visit of the exhibition hall, the legacy town, and more. You could buy reasonable products and reasonable prices at Friday Market.

During the Fujairah City tour You will get to see different enchanting attractions. You will explore a completely new version of this world, and you’ll experience a whole new culture, you’ll get to meet different people. There is no way you could say no to a wonderful trip like this.

Trust us and book your trip now with us. We have excellent packages and deals going on. For any further information, visit us at www.desertsafariuae.ae/