A memorable night at desert safari

A memorable night at desert safari

A memorable night at desert safari

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The desert safari tour a bundle of joy provider

Desert safari is the desert located in Dubai with so many fun and entertainments you will face so many facilities such as pick and drop, adventurous full desert ride camel ride sand boarding welcome drinks henna painting international and BBQ dinner for both veg and non-veg, Arabic dressed photography, Arabic dance, belly dance show, fire show and much more. Desert safari is the barren desert between fertile land portions. Desert safari provides different packages. It differentiates pother parts of land.  You can enjoy desert safari night stay with so many facilities. These facilities are very interesting and entertaining.

Night camping

In desert safari trip, you can enjoy night camping along with delicious food, cards, music, games and much more. Especially with your friends and family, you can make memories in desert safari.

Soft music along with hot coffee in cold winters

In cold winter season, on the desert safari, in dry desert with so much rough weather, you can enjoy soft music along with fire to warm yourself and delicious food. You can enjoy dry fruits and coffee too in this type of weather and location.

Cuisine choices

In this type of weather and location, you can enjoy barbeque and warm food there like fish prawns, lobsters, mutton, coffee, soups etc.

A peffect plan ever

In desert safari trip, if you are planning to rest at night there, mean you want to spend your night at desert safari in camps, along with bonfire and night camping, along with music and many entertainments, they will provide you the sleeping bags, blankets, pillows etc. to save you from winter disaster. Then another thing to do is night camping which is an outdoor activity and the source of enjoyment for everyone if anyone is just bored of their houses or just want to spend some time out of their homes day choose this method for night camping people generally leave developed areas and choose some village style or and developed areas to do night camping and it is all time favorite activity for youngsters specially but in the winter season the entertainment is double for night camping and if you want to make it more memorable you can bring your friends so it will be an immense source of pleasure and entertainment for you.

Tanoura spin show

The fire show and tanura show performer offers wide range of performances, amazing dance with fire props effects and styles, dance on the fire or below the fire and much amazing and full of entertainment performances.


There is a wonderful and delicious and light breakfast in the morning. The breakfast includes tea, coffee, butter, jam, bread, eggs, tea, coffee, juice and other edibles.

Our limited time offers with all kinds of facilities

The desertsafariuae.ae company provide all types of combo packages single packages one person package two person package family package friends package student package and much more for one destination that is Desert Safari so if you are planning a trip to Desert Safari you are highly recommended to use desertsafariuae.ae Company you were never be disappointed for sure

Why Desert Safari U A E is the trending attraction for tourist

Why Desert Safari U A E is The Trending Attraction For Tourist

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The desert safari right now a days are trending attraction for tourist and for the people who are visiting Dubai or United Arab Emirates actually there are so many opportunities and so many entertainments can be done at this place the best and foremost favourite an unforgettable thing about Dubai is that they have so many tourism companies which arrange any single tour in such a way that if you are single penny that you are paying will be surely not wasted.

There are so many things to enjoy in desert safari tour like night camping Bonfire Heena painting tattoo painting Arabic dance belly dance fire show complementary water and drinks different types of desert riding and much more in short you can say that there are uncountable and counters about unity is to enjoy yourself which you started counting your time will be ended

The first and foremost unforgettable place to visit in desert safari to work is the camel farm camel is basically the desert animal and it is easily survive in deserts because of the God gifted system of storage water in it camel is basically used as a means of transport in deserts and the camel riding for the citizens is just a unique and new thing and trust me it will give you a lot of pleasure and enjoy camel is basically the tallest animal so to write on this has its own charm and it is really a unique experience for everyone

Another thing to enjoy is horse riding writing is basically the most favourite for many peoples because so many peoples have a dream or a keen to ride a horse riding is not much easy because horse has a very fast speed so everyone can’t control it so there are so many trainers who look after their horse and also make you to write on the horses

Another thing to enjoy in desert safari tour is henna painting. In a painting is a beautiful and a difficult art in its own way it is the symbol of beauty and attraction henna painting is the famous hobbies and favourite things of many females. People’s make tattoos of Henna which is basically the sin or a Trademark that you have visited a desert safari or a symbol of a full Arabic look.

In desert safari Dubai there is a more opportunity of photography that you can wear Arabic costumes Arabic dresses Arabic makeup Arabic Henna painting and so much to look yourself like proper Arabic peoples because you are in a desert and deserts Camels the symbol of aerobic culture so if you will photographs yourself there it will be a more good and best memory till your dead There is a more interesting and amazing thing to do in Dubai Desert Safari tour that is they will give you free Sheesha just because it will give more pleasure and fun there another thing is that they will provide you complimentary drinks water lunch and so much that dinner is very delicious and yummy and is cooked under very talented and groom Chefs the food is different for vegetarians and non vegetarians and the food is healthy and organic and so much hygienic

Why you're missing out on the most important attraction of DUBAI

Why People Prefer To Visit Desert Safari In Night

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Desert Safari UAE is located in the Dubai United Arab Emirates it is one of the most famous place to visit in Dubai because it has so many wonderful entertainments instruments and so many new things to do so  this place is highly recommended for everyone who is visiting Dubai or U A E this place is a source of attraction for tourist and trendy place for visitors too.

The desert safari UAE is the wonderful place of Dubai which is basically the desert as we all know that Dubai and U A E is the most green and fertile portion of plant for the existence of a desert and a  piece of barren land is just a unique thing for everyone.

First of all to visit Desert Safari in the bus is the most best convenient and enjoyable means of transport because through bus and with so many peoples you can enjoy all the beautiful sights scenes which comes during your journey track to your destination.

It is best and unforgettable if you visit Dubai Desert Safari U A E in night timings and specially in winters the joy will be double. Because in the desert things are more interesting and enjoyment one is freezing winter season and the other thing is night stay.

There are so many things to enjoy in desert safari U A E tour some of the interesting entertainments are as follows

The first most interesting and enjoyable things to do in desert safari U A E to word is camel riding horse riding dune bashing send boarding and many other desert transportations. Cars buses and motorcycles are very boring because we write them daily and almost all the time in a day but camel riding horse riding dune bashing sandboarding it new ways of transport and the thing which is more interesting about them are that we cannot write them on straight perfect roads so it will give you a new and unique experience that will be always in your mind’s throughout your life.

Another thing to do in your night Desert Safari UAE tour is night camping suppose there is a cold freezing season of winter there is a light rain or light snowfall in is started the wind is so much cold and you are enjoying the hot fire means bonfire and your camps along with your friends playing cards enjoying the music drinking a cup of hot coffee this will be a great experience for ever.

Another thing to enjoy in desert safari U A E tour is belly dancing and fire show belly dancing is the cultural dance of Arabic female performers it is the source of enjoyment and fun for everyone because the belly dancing has its own charm and joy. The dance along with the fire equipment and lose 5 in your dance to make it is unique is the best quality of belly dancing show of Desert Safari U A E.

The desert safari U A E tourism company provide best packages and combo packages to visit Desert Safari with all type of facilities in all types of prices with different opportunities different facilities for different people this place is just for those who want to visit Desert Safari U A E with different types at different times and to make it memorable you can use our website.


A Visit To Remember All The Time to spend In Dubai

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The Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most recommended and famous place located in U A E. It is one of the most and favourite place of many people just because Dubai is the city which is full of greenery and between this green portion it is the most Barren area of desert which make it unique from many other places. Location of Dubai Desert Safari is very famous and unique in so many ways. If you are going to visit to Dubai it is necessary and recommended that you must visit Dubai Desert Safari once in a life.

In Dubai there are so many you can say that countless tourism companies which provide different and amazing packages to visit Dubai Desert Safari with different standards different timings different opportunities different facilities and so many entertainments and much more.

Dubai Desert Safari it’s just a place but if you have a creative mind you can make your visit and to a most beautiful and most entertaining as no one can do that.

There are so many things to do and enjoy in Dubai Desert Safari like camel riding dune bashing send boarding bike riding and so many things.

The cars trucks buses and cycles are the means of transport that are used in our daily life and maybe we are getting bored of it and you can say that nobody can enjoy to ride bicycle bike car buses truck extra because it’s our daily routine so you have an opportunity to enjoy some new rides and some new means of transport that may be very amazing interesting and definitely you will be enjoy a lot.

The first ride name is dune bashing which is a car you can travel it and write it on the Sand portion of the land means the straight roads are very easy tractor drive a car but deserts are the new experience for everyone and definitely you will be enjoy a lot.

The name of second right is sent boarding this is basically boat riding consent and desert. To ride a ship water and oceans are the perfect places and recommended places to but this is the new experience of boarding.

There are so many other things which you can enjoy in your Dubai Desert Safari tour. If you are doing your visit in morning then you can enjoy the beautiful dazzling and I catching view of sunset from the back of mountains. To make your tour most amazing and beautiful and enjoyable you can act some coffee or tea to make it more memorable and unforgettable. The breakfast with this amazing view make it more memorable and enjoyable and also unforgettable.

Another thing to enjoy in your Dubai Desert Safari tour is the scorching beams of sun. The combination of teams of sun and the desert heat also a very good combination and you can enjoy a lot in it. The enjoy of all desert rides in the scorching beams of sun is really enjoyable and really unforgettable and a wonderful and unique experience for everyone.

And the interesting to do in your Dubai Desert Safari to her is camel riding camel is basically an Arabic animal and it is mainly found in deserts and used as a means of transport in deserts you can enjoy camel riding in deserts because Camel is a huge large and tallest animal and to ride on it has and has its own charm and swag. Dubai Desert Safari tourism provide so many best and combo packages to visit Dubai Desert Safari with so many opportunities and so many facilities at different locations different entertainments different opportunities according to the price and timing with pick and drop service at your doorstep affordable and air condition transport comfortable seats have lunch and dinner. A professional guide with you all the time to guide you in every way if you are new or maybe visiting for the first time

The Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most famous place located in UAE

The Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most famous place located in UAE now a days

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The Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most famous place located in UAE now a days it is a source of attraction for many tourist and people who are visiting Dubai for the first time because of its uniqueness and many tourism companies of Dubai make the trip of Dubai Desert Safari most amazing and most beautiful in so many ways by providing different types of opportunities and add up entertainments and much more fun in it.
If you are in a Dubai so you can visit any place of Dubai with the help of tourism companies which make sure to earn more beautiful more convenient more comfortable and affordable and much enjoyable an unforgettable in so many ways.
When you go to Dubai Desert Safari there are so many wonderful sight scenes and beautiful natural places to enjoy the true and real nature view.
The first destination is the camel farm where you can collect anterior cells more and more about camels their history and their types to camel is a Halal animal whose meat is so much yummy delicious and pinkish and source to resolve and solve many medical problems. Camel ride is another beautiful thing and a wonderful experience and an amazing and unique way of transport.
Another thing to enjoy near Dubai Desert Safari tour is Henna painting which is also a source of fun and entertainment and it is the source of decoration for females and it is the most beautiful and wonderful thing that suits on women and men’s too. You can make tattoos anywhere and everywhere that is basically The trademark and symbol that you have done a visit with Dubai Desert Safari not only females can make tattoo but also means can make tattoo as well.
Another thing to enjoy is photography. You can take pictures everywhere a different best destinations of Dubai Desert Safari to make my memories more beautiful interesting and always to Remember.
Another thing to enjoy in Dubai Desert Safari is Arabic dressing photography. Dubai Desert Safari is basically the Arabic themed tour so to give it full Arabic look you have an opportunity to dress up like Arabians and then photograph yourself in front of Camels desert and very beautiful sight scenes of Dubai Desert Safari to make it more interesting and more beautiful and full Arabic look that will always in your mind and you will never forget about it.
Desert Safari  provide best packages to visit Dubai Desert Safari they are packages include pick and drop service at your doorstep along with air conditioned transport with comfortable seats music system complementary water and soft drinks and many other things.

Desert safari fun experience in Dubai

Gratifying Desert safari fun experience in Dubai

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Dubai Desert safari UAE functioning on the principles of dedication, commitment and core values to perform traveling company in town. It’s been forever a basic rule whereas operational as business companies in UAE to on the so much aspect the operational boundaries and limitations to the bit the satisfaction level altogether the tours providing by our company. 

There’s operating a broad vary of tour companies in town UAE. But we’ve got unbroken our self wholly completely different from others whereas serving being a business company in UAE Dubai business. Business is open for the person coming back from worldwide to serve in higher methodology. While if someone searches in computer program for the best and affordable town business company, you may notice our web site Dubai Desert safari UAE in prime ranking. Due to our greatest business services quick booking system low cost rates.

Our travel guides provide all affordable business knowledge related to all of your tours. UAE discount are accessible on our web site for booking for various tours. Evening Dubai Desert safari is extremely well-liked in Dubai. The drive can choose you up and take you for dune bashing and at what time that’s done. Then you may have the likelihood to appear at the sunset before visiting your Dubai Desert safari camp.

 When you get to your Dubai Desert safari camp, you may get the chance to ride a camel, sand board and have an expertise of applying Henna. To finish the Dubai Desert safari trip, you may have dinner and watch belly dancers perform around a fire beneath the star crammed sky. A choreography show is extraordinarily well-liked among every evening Dubai Desert safari and long Dubai Desert safari.

Dubai Desert safari has plenty of dissimilar selections than different experiences. There are morning safaris, long Dubai Desert safari and evening safaris. we provide a very totally different package and deals therefore keep that in mind that once you are booking for a morning Dubai Desert safari, an professional driver are go for you who can decide you from your building among the Dubai Desert safari vehicle. They’ll take you thru the Dubai Desert safari dune bashing and you may get the possibility to ride a camel and sand ski. This port Dubai Desert safari trip is usually two hours long. 

Morning Dubai Desert safari generally offers lunch. Evening Dubai Desert safari provides dinner and long safaris offer lunch and dinner. you may value more highly to take away the meal from your morning or evening Dubai Desert safari, that may decrease the worth, however well you’ll be able to simply keep the meal therefore you retain keyed up throughout the new Dubai Desert safari. The evening Dubai Desert safari is characteristically six hours long. The long Dubai Desert safari trip includes everything that the morning and evening Dubai Desert safari comprise and additional. You may be offered typical costumes and each food and drink is fenced in. The encampment you may be staying at provides you with dead to the world bags and blankets for night therefore you may leave your camp gear at home, in all Dubai Desert safaris provide some variety of meal.

Morning Desert Safari and its activities

Morning Desert Safari and its activities

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Feeling the Great Vibes of the sand dunes and the winds flowing together in the morning. You wake up and after doing breakfast at your residency you get to see the beautiful clouds and the beautiful and friendly creatures like camels in the sand dunes, just imagine about it ho calm and relaxed your remaining day will go.

We have been raised with the stories of marvels of the desert, wherever once the primary ray of sun touches the land it turns “The dust into gold”. The golden treasures of the urban center desert that astonishingly are not even buried. Want a probe within the morning lightning to be discovered. Therefore what are you waiting for pack your baggage, placed on
some emollient and book with our superb morning desert safari tour?

A Morning Desert Safari can make your day colorful and you may brim brightly after this experience. Don’t you want to start your day within the attractive great thing about desert?  The activities enclosed during this package are energizing and also the morning read of the sun is splendid.
Morning desert safari is the most popular deal in for Dubai Desert Safari. It is completed within the morning and is ideal for people who cannot manage time at evening or are additional fascinated by the Dubai dashing and adventure then having dinner and relaxation at the camps.

First we will pick you up from any place that you mentioned. Be seated within the Luxurious land cruiser and be prepared for the daring ride which is able to certainly provide you with Goosebumps and produce in life your lost thrill, refresh yourself with soft drinks drinking water, etc. which is able to be offered within the automotive. We take you to be astounded by the exciting ridge bashing in our Morning Desert Safari. As you drive more, you will be captivated by the soothing great thing about sunrise and therefore the thrilling activities awaiting you within the city red dunes. Starting with gentle flirts with the sand, our professional drivers take their passengers to the height of pleasure with high plunges over high sand dunes. If journey is what you are searching for, ridge bashing with us is your right stop.


Have you ever heard about SAND BOARDING?

Now it is time for you to participate within the most exhilarating event of the day, “Sand Boarding”. Hear the directions provided by your guide. To participate during this activity, you don’t have to be an experienced person. If you follow the directions fastidiously that your guide is providing, then this may be an excellent experience for you.

Dune Bashing:

Dune bashing Dubai is that the most hoped-for activity and you will be able to begin your sunrise desert safari with ridge bashing  the most effective of  Morning Desert Safari Dubai. This journey, on Dubai red dunes is high spirited and can leave you unarticulated. You may get within the 4*4 Land Cruiser. Leave your camera with your guide, he can click photos for you. Once you are comfortable, your guide will begin the vehicle. He can initiate slow and slowly will gain speed. You may see your vehicle conquest sand dunes of assorted heights. The tyres can blow sand, which could be an exciting thing, don’t fret, your guide can capture it for you. Once within the vehicle you may feel the sportive spirit and enthusiasm.

You can also try other activities like camel riding and etc here. https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/

trip in Dubai desert

Go On An Exhilarating Trip In Dubai Desert

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The Dubai desert safari experience starts with pick you up at your mentioned pick up purpose, followed by a forty five minute hour long drive within the Dubai desert safari landscape whether or not there aren’t any city noises to obscure your hearing and no lofty buildings to dam your view. But the most effective part about it’s that the expertise of riding a Quad Bike may be a part of Dubai Desert safari Trip. 

You are guided by our desertsafariuae.ae guides gift there of means to a way use it and once you are assured that you simply have understood the way of victimization it then only you’ll be sent for this ride. It is the most effective reasonably Dubai desert safari experiences one will have like simply imagine what quantity brave  you may feel once you will sit on it bike and rush into the sand dunes with the speed that is appropriate for you.

In our daily lives we never get an opportunity to ride on Dubai desert safari sand, as we tend to pass by road after we are visiting work or the other place. Simply imagine that you just are sitting in an exceedingly four vehicle and therefore the vehicle is moving up and down slowly and step by step on the sand dunes and at that point you may know that this can be a sort of ride fun experience in Dubai desert safari that could be a completely different one. 

One must get this type of Dubai desert safari experience once in their whole life. Now returning towards the next best experience that is camel riding, the dune bashing an element of the trip is also an exhilarating ride that lasts regarding an hour. Some stunts are performed. You may get pleasure from the slipper, the skidding and additionally the spinning all punctuated by sporadic seat-gripping and wholly totally different decibels of screaming and shouting, and sand, tons and far of sand.

The best a part of Dubai desert safari camp is that the starry sky. Once you are sitting underneath an open sky the stars are shining bright on your face. The glow of these stars is simply melting your heart and making a realization in your heart that the globe and also the creations in it are the foremost exciting things to live for.

The most known activities in the Dubai desert safari Camp is thought for are, camel riding is most popular at Evening Dubai desert safari. You’ll be taken to the sand dunes wherever you’ll feel the vibes of calmness and peace. You’ll get to determine the Camels the instant you entered the Dubai desert safari. After getting into the Dubai desert safari you’ll be an entire guide of the way to sit on a camel well. Once you’re comfy on Camel’s back the ride can begin.

So plan your vacations to Dubai and make your time memorable in desert safari Dubai tour. The desert safari Dubai tour is filled with beauty and history. And to get the best package to desert safari Dubai for an exciting trip contact desertsafariuae.ae

the most preferred trip

Why Desert Safari Is Known To Be The Most Preferred Trip

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Something else to contemplate before you select your desert safari Dubai biking information is your kindred explorers. On the off chance that your child is younger than 3 years recent, expedition biking isn’t for them or on the other hand simply just in case you’re visiting Dubai along with your older guardians. You ought to not choose desert safari Dubai biking. Then again, simply just in case you’re going along with your companions or children additional seasoned than 3, this action is nice for you.

Avoid overspending and opt for combos to encounter fully completely different attractions on and spare time. See example the head out’s desert safari Dubai with expedition Biking Deal. You’ll encounter all the delights of desert safari Dubai, along with ridge bashing, desert safari Dubai expedition biking, camel riding, a customary town feast and considerably more!

You must have detected lots regarding desert safari Dubai. after we consider it the items that cross our mind are Sunset, cold winds, Quad biking, camel riding etc however the foremost attractive thing that cross our mind is that the RED SAND DUNES. The best factor regarding obtaining this kind of expertise is that within the space like desert safari Dubai there’s neither any traffic nor any loud noises due to that you get distracted by the superb view of desert safari Dubai.

The path is all clear and you are feeling just like the king of the desert safari Dubai despite of the actual fact that there are people obtaining this experience on the identical variety of ride too however still they’re at an inexpensive distance. Desert safari Dubai provides you the supply of obtaining a one-time expertise of riding the vehicle on the sand dunes, the sand dunes that are are the foremost renowned ones round the world.
Dune Bashing is that the most fun activity one will knock off the desert safari Dubai sand dunes.

In our daily lives we tend to never get to expertise the fun of sitting in an exceedingly camp within the middle of the desert safari Dubai. Or if we tend to attend traditional inhabitancy there additionally we will never get the exciting expertise of a camp setup within the desert safari Dubai. 

Sand dune bashing in desert safari Dubai is an exhilarating activity within which you drive a vehicle off the sand. Sand dune bashing is driving at increasing and decreasing speeds over sand dunes, as a result of the surface of the sand keeps shifting, it takes a special ability and a special type of automobile to navigate the piece of land usually a sports utility vehicle. Expect a stop to let the air out of your tyres as reducing the pressure provides the vehicle lots of traction against the moving sand.

So plan your vacations to Dubai and make your time memorable in desert safari Dubai tour. The desert safari Dubai tour is filled with beauty and history. And to get the best package to desert safari Dubai for an exciting trip contact desertsafariuae.ae

Things to do in

Have a look on the cost and deals of Dubai Desert Safari

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A Desert Safari Dubai price something between least expensive rates. All of the expenses depend upon the type of exercises offered on the desert safari. On the off probability that you simply have to have extravagance bicycle hunting desert safari, you will be able to grasp organized at extra expenses.

A desert safari biking goes is a ride which continues for several minutes, and remainder of the time is saved for various exercises. Depends upon the terms and states of your deal, you will be able to even have a Desert Safari ride in far more than just once. To induce the most effective desert safari Dubai aboard a Desert safari ride at the smallest amount, check numerous rebate bundles offered by the visit administrator. Within the event that you simply are getting in a significant gathering and booking the desert safari Dubai deal, you may presumably get some mass booking rebates too.

What is your Budget? You should be knowing about it:
In case you are on an excursion and obligated by a financial plan, each action you share in will cause an intensive imprint. Avoid overspending and choose combos to encounter completely different attractions along and spare time. See example the pinnacle out’s Desert Safari with Safari Biking Deal. You will encounter all the delights of Dubai’s desert, together with ridge bashing, desert safari biking, camel riding, a customary city feast and significantly more!

Who are your Travel Mates?
Something else to contemplate before you choose your desert safari biking data is your kindred explorers. On the off probability that your kid is younger than three years old, safari biking is not for them or on the opposite hand just in case you are visiting Dubai together with your older guardians. You should not select safari biking. Then again, just in case you are going together with your companions or kids more seasoned than 3), this action is good for you.

Which Time is manageable for you to come?
On a decent timetable and simply possess energy for restricted deals? We might advocate deciding on single encounters over combos. This permits you to participate during a movement you actually would like to understand. You will be able to likewise choose deals that are for a shorter span just like the Morning Bike Safari that guarantees quarter-hour of pure Safari biking!

Last But not the least!

The Climate
In spite of the very fact that Dubai is hot around the clock, the winter months are considerably superior to something crest summers. Since Safari biking is an out-of-doors action. We would inflict composing your excursion round the winter a protracted time to stay away from the blistering heat and appreciate a fun safari bicycle ride.

Life is very short to wait for the right time to plan a trip. We at https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/ provides the best deals at the most affordable cost. Book you deal now, we are ready to host you!