Desert Safari The Best Way To Spend Your Holidays

Desert Safari The Best Way To Spend Your Holidays

Desert Safari The Best Way To Spend Your Holidays

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If you’re on vacation or if you need a break from your hectic life, we have a solution ready for you. Our tourism can provide you with different deals and places to visit at wonderful prices.

Desert safari is the desert situated in Dubai with such huge numbers of fun and excitements. You will come across such huge numbers of facilities, for example, pick and drop, audacious full desert ride camel ride sand boarding welcome beverages henna painting global and BBQ supper for both veg and non-veg, Arabic dressed photography, Arabic move, hip twirl appear, fire show and substantially more. Desert safari is the desolate desert between ripe land partitions. Desert safari gives distinctive bundles. It separates pother portions of land. You can appreciate the desert safari trip with such huge numbers of facilities. These activities are intriguing and engaging. There is one interesting activity that you will come across is dune bashing.

Dune bashing Dubai basically intends to drive any vehicle on an uneven surface, for example, desert or over dunes. The surface isn’t smooth, so to drive any car on this part of land requires high expertise. So experiencing this vehicle in a desert safari is truly stunning and noteworthy.

In desert safari Dubai, if there is a chance that you intend to rest during the evening there. You need to go through your night at a desert safari in camps, alongside blaze, night outdoors, and numerous excitements. We will give you portable beds, covers, pads, and so forth to spare you from winter catastrophe. At that point something else to do is night outdoors, which is an outside action and the wellspring of satisfaction for everybody, also if there is a chance that anybody is exhausted of their homes or need to invest some energy out of their homes day, pick this strategy for a night outdoors.

For the most part, individuals leave their hectic lives and pick some town style or created zones to do night outdoors. Youths really love it, especially in the winter season, and the diversion is twofold for a night outdoors. On the off chance that you need to influence it progressively significant, you too can bring your companions so that it will be a gigantic wellspring of delight and excitement for you.

There is another thing that you can appreciate most on a desert safari trip is photography because, essentially, photography is the second name of structure recollections. Even though photography is your expertise, but yet to photo your lovely minutes, auto catch each excellent memory so that they will dependably remind you about the best time. In a desert safari, you can catch your every delightful minute. One more thing is also accessible: Arabic-consuming outfits so you can give yourself a full Arab look in an ideal desert territory that will be extremely pleasant for you.

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A day in Abu Dhabi Tour Truly Unforgettable

A Day in Abu Dhabi Tour Truly Unforgettable

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In Dubai and need to visit Abu Dhabi? At that point consider our Abu Dhabi Tour. Our Abu Dhabi Tour incorporates lunch which includes a guided voyage through Abu Dhabi with our very famous visit guides.

Our Guide will lift you up from your lodging in Dubai and take you to Abu Dhabi. After the hour and a half drive to Abu Dhabi, he will demonstrate to all of you the activities in Abu Dhabi with its primary touring attractions, from the Grand Mosque to the Corniche, and the Heritage Village and substantially more.

There will be adequate open doors for noteworthy photographs at the Sheik Zayed Mosque and furthermore the Emirates Palace Hotel. You will find the opportunity to test a heavenly lunch (which may/may not be incorporated into Package Price) and even get a few souvenirs.

This Abu Dhabi Tour takes up about 75% of the city’s primary attractions in a short, efficient outing with our qualified guides.

If you are thinking of why having an Abu Dhabi Tour, I suggest you stop thinking and start making plans. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and furthermore the second most crowded after Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. After the disclosure of oil in the 1950’s Abu Dhabi has developed as a provincial powerhouse notwithstanding being a pioneer in the Arab craftsmanship and culture scene. The Ruling family, Al Nahyan Family are the immediate decedents of the Baniyas Tribe and besides started from the Liwa Oasis. They have been instrumental in the development of the association because of the long-term vision of H.H Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, The Founder of the Nation.

Taking about the above mentioned places, one of the most famous is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Its beauty will leave you in awe. This artful culmination, glorious engineering of Abu Dhabi has 80 marble vaults, 1000 columns and an ideal mix of current Islamic plan and design. This mosque can oblige up to 50,000 admirers. Around 90,000 tons of white Greek marble has been utilized with unpredictable flower designs, which are then enhanced with valuable stones like agate, Amethyst, Jasper, Pearls and numerous other. When you enter petition corridor then you would be awed by the world’s biggest lingered cover and a 24 Karat Gold aroused ceiling fixture with Swarovski precious stones.

Abu Dhabi, has a long and fascinating history and thus one can spend a lifetime to learn and get it. Our Abu Dhabi city tour centers around the legacy of Abu Dhabi and moreover its association with the Royal Family (Al Nahyan Family), and the vision of its rulers. One additionally gets a look at the lovely design and record-breaking high rises that are widely acclaimed for their uniqueness.

So the inquiry we need to ask you currently is, the reason not visit Abu Dhabi?

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Don’t Miss Out On the Beauty of Desert Safari

Don’t Miss Out On the Beauty of Desert Safari

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For all individuals who love this wonderful nation, a trip to Desert Safari Dubai and knowing the Arab life vogue will be appallingly interesting. Truth be told, a visit to Dubai is fragmented without visiting a desert safari. This bundle incorporates long even-toed ungulate Trekking, dusk and dawn views: Bedouin vogue Camp, BBQ supper, and Arabian Breakfast. Hence, Desert safari Dubai could be a decent possibility for individuals who might want to be told about the desert and its attractions.

Our inviting aide can choose you up from the eatery by around evening for desert safari. You might be situated well in an exceedingly popular car and can savor your drive to the desert for desert safari.

As you will see the desert safari, you may understand the camel arranged. Get down from the vehicle and have the capacity to see the desert out and out its stateliness. Your guide can arrange an even-toed ungulate for your trekking inside the long desert safari Dubai visit. Cautiously take around inside the desert for in regards to forty-five minutes. Relish the desert bit of ground from the camel’s back and raise your manual to snap your photographs. The guide can take you to the tent sorted out to take a gander at the dusk. Seat well inside the pads and unwind with Coffee Arabica, tea, and dates as you watch for the energizing perspective at the highest point of the day. As the sun makes arrangements to the line, you might be in stunningness with the perspective on changing update lightweight.

In the time of nightfall, we are going to drive you to the Arab vogue camp where additionally energizing exercises, that you might dream attempt and do once in Dubai desert safari, is composed for you. Each movement has its own pertinence and encourages you to the inclination to get a handle on Arab culture and way of life in an exceedingly higher technique.

For what reason aren’t you endeavoring it? Ever met someone who will draw it for you? Here at the camp of desert safari Dubai, henna craftsmanship master will adorn your hands with flawless styles.

In the wake of trekking, you might be depleted. In this way, once you are back to the tent, morning infrequent will be set up for you. You will watch the dawn with persistence tasting the Coffee Arabica. You will savor the taste of your intermittent survey of the sky’s strategy to welcome the sun. The extraordinary thing about the rising sun could be a tremendous sight. The sun will rise gradually, spreading its beams inside the correct extent. The perspective on the essential morning beam could be a unique sight.

Wake up to the paranormal extraordinary thing about desert safari. The desert can welcome you to its charming setting with a fragile breeze. Camels will be readied, jump on it and consider the sand ridges looking for the sun to rise. After the trekking, you will be reclaimed to the Arabian tent sitting.

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Desert Safari is a beauty

Desert Safari Is a Beauty

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Desert safari is a famous Dubai desert and is a top-rated tourist attraction here in Dubai. Whoever plans to visit Dubai, desert safari becomes a major reason for their visit and why it should not be a reason as it is a gorgeous and peaceful desert. It also has several activities to offer, which other deserts don’t offer. Desert Safari is a place that has many activities to offer, like dune bashing, quad biking, overnight camping, camel riding, etc. As tour operators, we are here to guide you on your trip to desert safari Dubai.

Have you ever tried Dune bashing?

Dune Bashing Dubai activity is specifically done on dunes, and if you are standing in a desert on the vast red dunes, why should one miss a chance of dune bashing? Dune bashing is a kind of experience where you get to ride on the dunes, and you get to experience the patterns of dunes.

Camel Riding is the next fun activity here

Camel riding is one of the perfect experiences one could have in a desert. Our guides will provide the proper guidance to you on how to ride a camel, and once you are comfortable enough in riding it, only you will be allowed to ride it.

Experience one of the thrilling activities here

I am talking about Quad biking. The quad bike is a four-wheel bike and works best on sand dunes. We will guide you by our guides for riding it even you don’t have any past experience to ride it. You will get enough level of confidence to ride this bike after our guides will teach you how to ride it.

These activities take 3 to 3.5 hours. And when you will get done with these activities you will see the-
Sunsets: So the best part of this trip is that you would be able to experience sunset in a desert. It would be such a breathtaking view that you won’t be able to believe your eyes.

After the sunset, when darkness covers the sky and night happens—we set up some camps there, which is called overnight camping at Desert Safari. The concept for it is that when you are tired all day doing those fun-filled yet tiring activities, so night camping is set up to relax you and take all your tiredness away.
There are also several activities which are performed at a night camp as well.
Tanoura dance is the main activity at a night camp. It is a Sufi dance where professionals at it move round and round on the Arabic music. It is a kind of dance which soothes you. You get to wear some Arabic dresses at a night camp as well.

Belly Dance is another best activity at a night camp. 4 to 5 ladies who are expert at it performs it. It entertains the people there.
The fire show is performed at the end of the above activities. The way it is performed by experts there amazes the people watching it. It is an exchange of strings that goes up and down constantly!

You are served a delicious international BBQ dinner and a free shisha with it at the end of the trip. This is the best way to end a Desert Safari Trip!

I don’t think that after knowing about all the fun and entertaining activities there, one could sit calmly without getting their bookings done with us for their desert safari trip!

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The Most Amazing Experience of Overnight Safari

The Most Amazing Experience of Overnight Safari

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You must have experienced many nights sitting under the blanket of shiny stars, and if you have experienced it. Hence, I am sure you will agree with my statement nights are more peaceful from the day, and one should never miss a chance of desert safari Dubai at night, as it is the best experience of all. Nights and peace mean the same thing. I guess that’s why nights are made to sleep and relax.
But have you ever experienced the night in a desert? Deserts are a place which is very famous because of calmness and peace. Now just imagining spending a night in a desert? This can be a wonderful experience as both deserts and nights are known for peace, so imagine what kind of experience it will be where there will be extraordinary peace?
If you are thinking about what is the best Desert to get such an experience. Desert safari Dubai can be that desert that will give you the maximum amount of fun with all sorts of activities at night, named “overnight camping”. Desert safari is available at all the time in packages like morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight safari. But I guess the best time to visit it and experience the best activities is at the overnight safari.

Overnight camping is filled with a lot of activities. Let me give you a brief description of each of it.
Tanoura dance is the first and most preferred activity here.

Second best activity here is the Fire show. The people who perform it are so much aware of their talent and they know how to use it and by their amazing talent, they leave people in shock as they perform it amazingly.

Henna art is a special kind of activity here. It is a painless procedure of decorating your hands by the henna art professionals sitting there. They do it so beautifully that one will feel like getting it done on their hands again and again.

Belly dance is also a kind of activity here which is very famous and people loves this activity a lot. The belly dance experts perform it in such a manner that it entertains a lot of people.

Last and best part about this camp is the palatable barbecue dinner which served very presentable and one who eats it loves its taste and feels like eating again and again.

These are all the activities that overnight camping has to offer and I guess after reading about all these activities you must feel like going to desert safari then and there only.

So what are you waiting for? Book your deal now. We are ready to host you and offer the best kind of services that we have. Please don’t wait too long for it. Book your deal now at this site



Why Desert Safari Dubai Can Be Visited at Any Time of The Day

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Our Desert safari Offers are enclosed for the most effective locations that are sacred, in addition as excited. We have a tendency to confirm that our guides can take you to go to those spots that are astonishingly enticing and joyous. We provide Desert safari deals that are of low cost nevertheless complete and that we believe in client care.

The entire journey is exciting because our workers are trained to make you laugh and busy. We tend to believe robust relationships and people are often engineered if you do not feel strange among our workers. This can explain we tend to be the one amongst the highest Desert Safari Dubai firms within the world.

Morning Desert Safari:

Many folks don’t get time to set up for an evening safari because of the busy schedule. Therefore, they will enjoy a morning desert safari that offers an attention-grabbing journey tour. The desert safari provides concerning twenty minutes of exciting dune bashing together with a thrilling camp journey where you will enjoy quad biking, camel ride, and sand sport. Morning safari will work very consistently with your circuit. On a median, a number of the businesses supply concerning a 2-hour package journey. It is the right possibility for those that don’t seem to be interested in dinner and bivouacking.

Evening Desert Safari:

Suppose you are getting to visit Dubai, attempt fun and excitement by organizing an evening desert Safari. You will need to rest at the primary destination close to a camel farm within the afternoon. Get an opportunity to experience sunsets within the ocean of desert, enjoy camel rides and sandboarding. Attempt lovely henna style on hands and feet. Indulge yourself during a mood of celebration with a delicious barbecue. Watch a professional dancer working on Arabic tunes right at the encampment.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Explore the Arabian Desert within the night sky once everyone seems to be resting within the camp. Don’t forget to hold a camera to capture some reminiscences of sunrise within the sandy desert safari. Attempt henna styles, ancient costumes, and Camel rides. Once taking a whole dinner, you will sit alone to feel the sound of wind placing to sand within the calm night. If you wish for recreation, watch some steps of a belly dance entertainer. Enjoy bashing and sand sport. Don’t forget to require sleeping luggage and blankets for night keep.

One of the most effective ways to pay for your day is to travel to Desert Safari in Dubai, being an activity that everybody loves. It everybody loves the foremost. Idiot of unique and experience its activities. The guests would look for initial, and Dubai residents would have multiple experiences with this one typical tour. Desert Safari Dubai can cause you to feel extremely recharged, made with a heap of moments captured in your camera. is a site where you have to go to book your deal!

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Explore the uniqueness of Desert Safari Dubai

Explore the Uniqueness of Desert Safari Dubai

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Dubai is a very famous state, and I guess there will be fewer people who won’t be aware of the city of Dubai. A famous city is famous because of its attractions, the major attractions that attract tourists from around the world. Those famous attractions are a must-visit for every person as those places are so unique that in my point of view no one should miss this chance of visiting these unique places.

Among all of these unique places, Desert Safari Dubai is a unique place amongst all.  The only image that comes into everyone’s minds when they think of a desert is barren land with no beauty and attractions. But let me clear your confusion and tell you that deserts are not only a barren land. This a land that consists of unique activities. These activities are the ones which are of a major kind and are famous as well.
Let me talk about each activity one by one

Try the most thrilling activity here:

Desert safari offers this activity to the tourists so that they can get entertained to the fullest. You can only have a quad bike ride only when you are confident enough to ride on it. Our professionals will be there with you.

What about riding on camels?

Camel ride is a kind of experience where you can see the desert safari with a wider angle and a deficient speed.


Sunsets in a desert can be the most beautiful and favorite part of your desert safari trip. You must have seen sunsets in your normal life, but have you ever seen sunsets in deserts? If not, then get a chance to see it. Because trust me, my words will not do justice to the beauty of the sunsets in deserts.

Dune Bashing is also another kind of amazing activity here at Desert Safari Dubai. It is the second most thrilling activity after quad biking.

Overnight camping proves to be the best activity of all. Have you ever visited the desert at night? If not, then book your deal now and visit it as soon as possible. But first, let me give you reasons why you should book it. Overnight camping offers a lot more activities here at the desert safari. Tanoura dance is the first one. It is a kind of Sufi dance which is loved a lot. The next best activity here is a belly dance, which is the most entertaining one. Fire show makes the overnight camping experience more amazing. Barbecue dinner is the last part of overnight camping. This dinner is delicious in taste and is loved by a lot of people.

So these were all the activities one can enjoy here at the desert safari. Book your deal now and get to see the uniqueness of the desert safari Dubai. Trust me you won’t regret your decision about going on this

Desert Safari Dubai and its popularity

Desert Safari Dubai And Its Popularity

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One thinks about a thousand things in a day. So, let me ask you one thing. Have you ever thought about UAE? About UAE’s popularity? About the reasons that make the UAE popular? These are thoughts which can come in the mind of a traveler, who is too much into traveling and knows about the famous traveling places. So we are here to answer your questions.
UAE is not just a country.

It is a place known for so many other famous places and activities which are so much unique and fun-filled that a person visiting this place will never feel like going back. Suppose I talk specifically about each city of UAE, so the first city that comes to my mind is Dubai. Have you ever visited this place? If anyone has already visited, it must know about the amazingness of Dubai. Dubai is a city covered with tall buildings everywhere. Beautiful beaches and restaurants are also a part of Dubai. The luxury lifestyle is what Dubai has to offer to its tourists. You will get to stay in luxurious hotels in Dubai, even if it’s your two-day visit.

Specialty of Dubai:

Now, if I talk more specifically, what are the places in Dubai that are known the most among people and the town’s talk? I am talking about Desert Safari Dubai. Oh, what a place Desert safari is. It is a place which can be visited at any time of the day, and the fun fact is that the amount of fun remains the same either if you visit it in the morning or evening or at night.

Many people have a lot of misconceptions about deserts. For a very long period of time, deserts were known as barren lands. Lands which has nothing to offer to its people. But for now, they are known for their unique activities and land, which has a different kind of vibes for its people. If we talk about a desert safari in Dubai, this is a desert unique amongst all of Dubai’s deserts. It is famous for the activities it has to offer and also because of its vast red dunes, which define the beauty of desert safari. Let’s talk about the activities here-

Quad biking:

It’s a kind of thrilling activity and attracts a lot of people to desert safari. You can choose the 4×4 wheel bike in this kind of activity depending on your choice’s size and speed.

Dune bashing:

Without Dune bashing, The desert safari couldn’t be completed. Dune bashing Dubai is off-road driving in a 4×4 car with experienced and professional drivers. Like quad biking, it is also a kind of activity most loved by people. In this activity, you can explore and ride on the dunes at the speed of your choice,

Camel Riding

What a pleasure giving activity it is. Camel is creatures which are fun to ride on and is must try experience here at Desert safari Dubai.

Overnight camping at desert safari Dubai is also a part of this trip. Tanoura dance, fire show, belly dance, henna art, and a special BBQ dinner is a part of overnight camping here at Desert safari. These were all the activities which make desert safari popular. Book your deal now at

All about Desert safari

All About Desert Safari

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For all people who love this superb country, a visit to desert safari Dubai and knowing the Arab life vogue will be terribly fascinating. In fact, a visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting a desert safari. This package includes long even-toed ungulate Trekking, sunset, and sunrise view. Arab vogue Camp, BBQ dinner, and Arabian Breakfast. For that reason, Desert safari Dubai could be a good chance for people who would like to be told about the desert and its attractions. 

What to expect from us?

Our friendly guide can decide you up from the restaurant by around afternoon for a desert safari. You may be seated well in an exceedingly fashionable automobile and can relish your drive to the desert for desert safari.

As you will see the desert safari, you may realize camels lined up. Get down from the vehicle and be able to see the desert altogether its stateliness. Your guide can organize even-toed ungulate for your trekking within the long desert safari Dubai tour. Carefully take a spherical within the desert for forty-five minutes. Relish the desert piece of ground from the camel’s back and raise your guide to click your photos. Currently, the guide can take you to the tent organized to look at the sunset. Seat well within the cushions and relax with Coffee Arabica, tea, and dates as you watch for the exciting view at the top of the day. As the sun makes preparations to the line, you may be in awe with the view of adjusting the reminder lightweight.

After viewing the sunset, we will drive you to the Arab vogue camp, where more exciting activities you may dream of trying and doing once in Desert safari Dubai are organized for you. Every activity has its own relevancy and urges you to grasp Arab culture and lifestyle in an exceedingly higher method.

Ever seen an attractive henna painting on people’s arms?

Why aren’t you attempting it? Ever met somebody who will draw it for you? Here at the camp of desert safari Dubai, a henna art expert, will embellish your hands with lovely styles.

After trekking, you may be exhausted. Therefore once you are back to the tent, the morning occasional will be prepared for you. You will watch the sunrise with patience sipping the Coffee Arabica. Dates will be served with the occasional. You will relish the sip of your occasional viewing the method the sky is preparing to greet the sun. The great thing about the rising sun could be a spectacular sight. The sun will rise slowly, spreading its rays within the right proportion. The view of the primary morning ray could be a special sight.

Wake up to the paranormal great thing about desert safari. The desert can greet you to its pleasant setting with a delicate breeze. Camels are going to be prepared, get on it and consider the sand dunes watching for the sun to rise. After the trekking, you will be taken back to the Arabian tent sitting.

So these are the amazing and worth remembering activities one can do at Desert Safari. Book your deal now:

Why Quad Biking Is The Favorite Activity of People at Desert Safari Dubai

Why Quad Biking Is The Favorite Activity of People at Desert Safari Dubai

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Suppose we talk about a place and its popularity, so there are several reasons behind its popularity. Every place has its specialty for which it is known, and that specialty s that much famous that every person who is aware of traveling stuff must be aware of that special place’s specialty. Like this, only Dubai is a state which has many special reasons behind its popularity. Like the beaches. The deserts, the malls, the parks, and any more places are reasons behind its popularity. These are the places that make Dubai unique and famous worldwide. Deserts play an extraordinary role in grabbing the attention of people from a lot of places. Desert Safari Dubai is the most famous desert in Dubai.  But have you ever thought about the reason behind it? There are a lot of reasons behind it, and the main amongst all can be Quad biking.

Have you ever experienced Quad Biking in desert safari Dubai?

When you get bored with the jungle of normal life, pack your luggage and head to the desert for a little quality time on a quad bike. These bikes are the leading kind within the city, and that we have quality machines for you to ride. We will confirm that the complete experience becomes a memory that you will treasure for the remainder of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourer or a resident, return and luxuriate in the dune bashing with family or friends. We have artistic itineraries, and skilled professionals can maximize the fun part of your trip.

We will pick you up from the building for Quad biking Dubai as per your booking time with the Dubai trip’s simplest broker. Once you enter the vehicle and sit well, your Quad bike campaign begins. Through the busy and jam-packed areas of Dubai, our vehicle can move ahead. Your guide can offer water, soft drinks, and different refreshments when you would like. You will be able to additionally ask your guide concerning UAE- the life and its attractions. You will be able to know the activity details from the guide too additionally.

They are going to love this activity because it is adventure-filled, sportive and interesting. These motored bikes got four nonaggressive tires with a bar.  The handle-bar is often used as steering. Riding this bike through the desert is a haunting experience. It is fun and joy that should be skilled. Now, your guide can transient you on the way to relish the Quad bike tour. Hear him fastidiously, follow his directions, then begin with the sport. Slowly, begin driving and luxuriate in the dunes of various heights. Meanwhile, raise your friends or guide to click pictures. Later, get down from the bike and return home with us.

That’s all about Quad biking in desert safari Dubai. is the site where you have to book your deal for Quad Biking in Desert Safari Dubai. Book your deal now. Trust us as your tour operator for this trip to Desert Safari Dubai.