A memorable night at desert safari

A memorable night at desert safari



A memorable night at desert safari

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The desert safari tour a bundle of joy provider

Desert safari is the desert located in Dubai with so many fun and entertainments you will face so many facilities such as pick and drop, adventurous full desert ride camel ride sand boarding welcome drinks henna painting international and BBQ dinner for both veg and non-veg, Arabic dressed photography, Arabic dance, belly dance show, fire show and much more. Desert safari is the barren desert between fertile land portions. Desert safari provides different packages. It differentiates pother parts of land.  You can enjoy desert safari night stay with so many facilities. These facilities are very interesting and entertaining.

Night camping

In desert safari trip, you can enjoy night camping along with delicious food, cards, music, games and much more. Especially with your friends and family, you can make memories in desert safari.

Soft music along with hot coffee in cold winters

In cold winter season, on the desert safari, in dry desert with so much rough weather, you can enjoy soft music along with fire to warm yourself and delicious food. You can enjoy dry fruits and coffee too in this type of weather and location.

Cuisine choices

In this type of weather and location, you can enjoy barbeque and warm food there like fish prawns, lobsters, mutton, coffee, soups etc.

A peffect plan ever

In desert safari trip, if you are planning to rest at night there, mean you want to spend your night at desert safari in camps, along with bonfire and night camping, along with music and many entertainments, they will provide you the sleeping bags, blankets, pillows etc. to save you from winter disaster. Then another thing to do is night camping which is an outdoor activity and the source of enjoyment for everyone if anyone is just bored of their houses or just want to spend some time out of their homes day choose this method for night camping people generally leave developed areas and choose some village style or and developed areas to do night camping and it is all time favorite activity for youngsters specially but in the winter season the entertainment is double for night camping and if you want to make it more memorable you can bring your friends so it will be an immense source of pleasure and entertainment for you.

Tanoura spin show

The fire show and tanura show performer offers wide range of performances, amazing dance with fire props effects and styles, dance on the fire or below the fire and much amazing and full of entertainment performances.


There is a wonderful and delicious and light breakfast in the morning. The breakfast includes tea, coffee, butter, jam, bread, eggs, tea, coffee, juice and other edibles.

Our limited time offers with all kinds of facilities

The desertsafariuae.ae company provide all types of combo packages single packages one person package two person package family package friends package student package and much more for one destination that is Desert Safari so if you are planning a trip to Desert Safari you are highly recommended to use desertsafariuae.ae Company you were never be disappointed for sure

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