Desert Safari Is a Beauty

Desert Safari is a beauty



Desert Safari Is a Beauty

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Desert safari is known as a very famous desert of Dubai and is a very popular tourist attraction here at Dubai. Whoever plans to visit Dubai, desert safari becomes a major reason for their visit and why should it not be a reason as it is a very beautiful and peaceful desert also the fact that it has a number of activities to offer which other deserts don’t offer. Desert Safari is a place which has a number of activities to offer like dune bashing, quad biking, overnight camping, camel riding etc. We as a tour operator are here to guide you at your trip to desert safari Dubai.

Have you ever tried Dune bashing?

This activity is specifically done on sand dunes and if you are standing in a desert on the vast red sand dunes so why one should miss a chance of dune bashing? Dune bashing is a kind of experience where you get to ride on the sand dunes and you get to experience the patterns of sand dunes.

Camel Riding is the next fun activity here

Camel riding is one of the perfect experiences one could have at a desert. The proper guide will be provided by our guides to you of how to ride a camel and once you are comfortable enough in riding it then only you will be allowed to ride it.

Experience one of the thrilling activities here

I am talking about Quad biking. The quad bike is a four-wheel bike and works best on sand dunes. You will be guided by our guides for riding it as well. You don’t need to have any past experience to ride it. You will get enough level of confidence to ride this bike after our guides will teach you how to ride it.

These activities take 3 to 3.5 hours. And when you will get done with these activities you will see the-
Sunsets: So the best part of this trip is that you would be able to experience sunset in a desert. It would be such a breathtaking view that you won’t be able to believe your eyes.

After the sunset, when darkness covers the sky and night happens. We setup some camps there which is called as overnight camping at Desert Safari. The concept for it is that when you are tired all day doing those fun-filled yet tiring activities so night camping is set up to relax you and take all your tiredness away.

There are also a number of activities which is performed at a night camp as well.

Tanoura dance is the main activity at a night camp. It is a kind of Sufi dance where professionals at it move round and round on the Arabic music. It is a kind of dance which soothes you. You get to wear some Arabic dresses at a night camp as well.

Belly Dance is another best activity at a night camp. 4 to 5 ladies who are expert at it performs it. It entertains the people there.
Fire show is performed at the end of the above activities. The way it is performed by experts there just amazes the people watching it. It is an exchange of strings which goes up and down constantly!

At the end of the trip, you are served with a very tasty international BBQ dinner and a free shisha with it. This is the best way to end a Desert Safari Trip!

I don’t think so that after knowing about all the fun and entertaining activities that takes place there one could sit calmly without getting their bookings done with us for their desert safari trip!

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