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On your Dubai Desert Safari trip value, the colossal scene and the enchanting eminence of the desert’s nature. You will also visit a Camel Desert Farm to meet the once called “vessels of the desert” on your Dubai Desert Safari. We give a valiant exertion, that your morning with us over this astonishing atmosphere will definitely go down in your memory until the finish of time.

At Dubai Desert Safari trips, our vision for our guests is to finally acknowledge Dubai that obliges your needs. Thusly, we in like manner offer revamp private and open visits to make your UAE experience progressively remarkable and excellent.

The Amazing Service

To start orchestrating your Dessert Safari Dubai visits, we need to know your wants. Our master gathering will empower you to make and direct visits to guarantee your gutsy experience with us remains secure, stacked with fun, and pleasing always.

Escorting you with our rich task force of SUVs and vehicles, we will lift you up and return you to your hotel or another region you need close to the completion of the Dubai Desert Safari.

Despite the individual visits, we moreover offer basic visits that are helpfully bundled at whatever point the planning is perfect and that can be altered to your prerequisites. Portions of these visits can help move you to incorporate more objectives or activities onto your altered private Dubai Desert Safari trip. The Dubai Desert Safari Trips directs you all on your oriental experience.

Send us a list of your wants so we can sort out experiences according to your needs. And escort you to our luxury vehicles and the best organization for your Dubai Desert Safari.

The night Dubai Dessert Safari trip

Dubai won’t be Dubai without the Night Dubai Desert Safari trip. Night desert safari trip is one of the must-do activity in Dubai. It is a champion among the best ways to deal with welcome the intrigue of the Arabian desert.

The visit fuses a summary of intriguing activities which make your experience stacked with fun and phenomenal memories. Oblige us for the Dubai Desert Safari excursion and make pioneering memories with your family and colleagues.

Night Dubai Dessert Safari trip starts toward the night with the pickup from your hotel or location. The desert safari trip guide will lift you up from the cabin in a 4×4 land cruiser toward the night. The stunning red ascent of the Arabian desert is to some degree long path from the energetic city of Dubai. Your Ride toward the desert will be 30-45 minutes.


The certifiable fun and surge of the night Dubai Desert Safari Trip start once you accomplished the red edge of the Arabian desert. Energizing slope hammering in the red edges will give you horrifying learning.

Come enjoy the best deals of Dubai Dessert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

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What things in the desert safari lead you to never ending fun

What Things In The Desert Safari Lead You To never-Ending Fun

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The cosmopolitan city, Dubai has magnificent and perfect contributions than repetitive shopping sessions in its urbanized roads or shooting its high rises in your video cams. Watching the transcending city, you might be neglectful of the outlandish common territories found far from the urban center yet available to the nature-retreat supporters. In the wake of investigating the urban center of the city, when you are exhausted of the dull shopping binge, the time has come to pack some experience into your days and evenings.

 Simply the ideal time to design some exciting desert safaris changed to be sheltered undertakings by experienced visit administrators. Have a riot in the Middle-Eastern desert territory and beat your apprehensions as you are charmed in the rushes of the exceptional desert safari.

Start your journey with our great pick up services:

After you have reserved for the Evening Desert Safari Dubai, our expert driver cum visit guide will lift you up in our land cruisers from your inn or from a selected point and you will be safely lead to Desert Safari Dubai to experience new adventures and to collect never ending memories.

Get started with the most exciting activities:

We lead every one of our visitors in the escort of vehicles to the gathering point in the desert from where we will begin the sand dune bashing action. Every one of the autos is driven expertly keeping up a protected separation from the vehicle ahead. Any individual who has chosen to maintain a strategic distance from dune bashing, which is the primary movement of the Desert Safari Dubai, will be dropped off legitimately at the campground before heading for the dune bashing in the brilliant sands zone.

The individuals who love experience and rush, attempt abandons safari in Dubai to go on quad biking, sand boarding or dune bashing. It is extremely amusing to jump into the sandy territories and feel the adrenaline rush while undertaking these open-air desert sports.

Take a look at Arabian culture:

The Arabian camp is one of the best places in desert safari to investigate your audacious side and appreciate regular settings. In the event that one attempts to look through online regarding what is the name of the desert in Dubai, one would clearly be shocked to realize that the city is found right in the core of the Arabian Deserts.

It is no big surprise that this striking, upscale city is most well-known for its desert safaris. Individuals from great distances abroad come to Dubai particularly to appreciate the feast of Dubai which no other places of any country could offer.

Other than this, Dubai Desert Safari visit acquires loosening up components like having BBQ dinner close open-air fire as night attracts, looking stars while getting a charge out of Arabic culture and diversion. The Desert Safari Dubai brings fun and a lot of entertainment for you and therefore, causes travelers to make excellent occasion recollections.

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Are you searching for the most adventurous place to spend your day

Are you searching for the most adventurous place to spend your day?

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Promptly in the first part of the day, as a guide, we will pick you from the inn or residence in Land Cruiser by our professional drivers. Be situated in the Luxurious land cruiser and revive yourself with soft drinks/mineral water, and so on which will be accessible in the vehicle. As you drive further, you will be spellbound by the alleviating magnificence of dawn. When you achieve the Desert Safari Dubai, tune in to the directions given by your guide.

Do you want to experience new adventures in your life?

Sand dune bashing:

As you enter the desert, the most thrilling activity which you will be offered is the sand dune bashing. Sand dune bashing is the activity that will take you to the whole desert in 4×4 wheel drive. You will also get the opportunity to click pictures of the desert and keep t to you as a long-lasting memory.

Quad biking:

For the individuals who need more excites in their Dubai Desert Safari, we further offer the choice to incorporate quad biking as one of the activities. On the off chance that you have never been in the driver’s seat of a four-wheeled quad bike, you will without a doubt discover it an exciting background.

We will make every effort to make the experience fun and safe for you, beginning with a security preparation before you go in the driver’s seat of the bike. When you feel the intensity of the bike as it zooms through the dunes of the Dubai Desert Safari, you won’t have any desire to stop notwithstanding when the time is up.

Camel riding:

You also will get the opportunity for photograph sessions with hawks, the fowl that is an essential piece of Bedouin life. Afterward, you will bounce on a camel and go for a little ride to see the bewitching magnificence of the desert.

Tasteful dinner in Arabian style:

Additionally, when the sun sets over the desert, we will take you to our camp where you will be served a delightful dinner of the grill in a buffet-style setting. There will likewise be different activities you can appreciate at the camp, for example, taking a puff or two from the shisha pipe and having a henna tattoo on your hands or feet.

Alongside the dinner, you can appreciate the belly dance with mind-blowing Arabic music in Dubai Desert Safari, which will make your visit vital on the grounds that “when an artist performs, tune changes into a carriage, articulations transform into fuel and soul experiences a tour to a supernatural existence where each desire turns into a victory”.

Drop off services with lots of memories for life:

When you have effectively taken an interest in every one of the occasions, we will drive you back to the inn. The eye-catching Dubai Desert Safari and its morning sparkle will fill your heart with joy more effectively and cheerful!

Visit desertsafariuae.ae to check further details about desert safari and to book your trip to Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai Is A Blessing

Desert Safari Dubai Is A Blessing

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There are so many places that we want to visit before we die and we have so little time because we are not sure about our date of death. You would want to visit historical places, beautiful countries, and adventurous places before you die but don’t you think that you are not doing anything about it? If you go on vacation for a lesser period of time then I have a superb idea for you. Do plan a trip to a desert. This is definitely not an old school thought. Deserts are trending these days and the main reason is that they offer so many adventures and exciting activities. One such Desert is desert safari Dubai. Not planning a trip to a desert would definitely be a mistake.

Fantasies of the desert.

Dubai is a city of the United Arab Emirates and it is a beautiful city and there are so many interesting places like from old historical places to new buildings and museums. Dubai desert safari is a totally different experience. Dubai is blessed with this desert honestly and it helps the city in attracting tourists from many places.

You must have heard a lot about the fantasies of the desert and you must have read about the adventures of the desert in the book or online but have you ever thought of trying those adventures? Dubai desert safari is a complete package.

Desert is amazing.

Witnessing sunrise in the morning or sunset in the evening at a desert is an amazing idea. The sand is alive in the morning. The vibe is so good. The sun rays fall over the Sand dunes and when the sun sets then the way the sky changes its colors. It is beautiful to watch.

The adventures at the Sand dunes are more about crazy rides. The adventure starts after our driver drops you at the desert from your location. Start your adventure with Dune bashing. It is an insane ride for sure. You will go through so many emotions while dune bashing. The other activities that you can try are quad biking, Sand skiing or Sandboarding, and camel riding. All these activities are unique and will give you unlimited joy. These activities are included in two packages, morning desert safari, and evening desert safari.

Fun at the campsite.

The overnight desert safari is also impressive. The activities are at the campsite and they will entertain you. The activities include Tanoura show, belly dancing, henna painting, and the fire show.

Arabic food is served. Have your food while enjoying the camp activities. Arabic music is playing on in the background. Enjoy the music. You can also capture these beautiful moments. Arabic costume photography is also available. Wear the Arabic costume and take pictures. You can also stop in between at the desert and take pictures.

Book now.

You can choose any package that suits you and to have the best facilities to choose us. We have designed many packages.

Book your trip at: www.desertsafariuae.ae

Desert Safari (Deluxe)

Evening Desert Safari and Quad Biking- Tell us a better Combination

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Dubai Desert safari could be a place that is thought for its range of fun activities, sunset, and Red Sand Dunes. You’ll get a lot of pleasure in the evening desert safari, once the sun has risen because of night. The city’s nightspots are unceasingly alive with the promise of honest time, and there are many selections to make your mind up. However, if you’re attempting to search out a further distinctive place, we’ve got one factor to provide exactly for you – a desert safari below the blanket of the stars.

All regarding evening desert campaign and quad biking:

This place is often visited at any time. However, there are specific timings for specific activities.

If we tend to observe Quad biking the most effective time to try and do it’s in the evening, as a result of it. I guess the evening is for a few activities. Morning desert safari isn’t for these reasonable activities where you have got to ride a motorcycle or need to do any activity owing to that you keep tired the remainder of your day. Evening Desert safari sounds incomplete if there’s no biking, notably a quad bike in the desert brings the charm of the dry desert that has never seen among the eyes of the person.

More aspects of evening desert safari:

Evening desert safari with the quad bike may well be a wonderful probability to every journey’s thirst that alone can quench your wish, for speed and journey at the identical time. With all activities of Evening desert safari at desert safari Dubai, Quad biking is the most exciting feature of this trip, this is often one desert safari experience that you will love. Experience the fun of this ride through the Red Dunes. This is often an activity very recommended for the fearless soul. You will never desire going back home once this ride. Once this adventurous ride, you’ll be welcome into the desert camp where you will get pleasure from, Henna painting, smoking, Barbecue dinner, Fire dance, Tanoura dance, and Magic show.

The best experience with the most effective tour company:

You must not be old with Quad bikes to urge out there and have a fantastic experience. You’ll be able to use our quad bike with absolute ease as they’re fitted with a proper system that provides the fun and to all or any age groups. People booking themselves for the quad biking journey at our Tour Company are instructed by our skilled instructors regarding the controls of the machine before the session begins.

Book your deal now:

Experience the fun of driving a strong through Dubai’s shifting sand dunes on a Desert safari Dubai journey for the out of doors enthusiast and nature lover particularly for evening quad bike desert safari experience. To book for it presently move to www.desertsafariuae.ae acquire discounts and deals on evening desert safari with the quad bike. Don’t wait too long for it, go now and book your deal for an Evening desert safari.

The Notable Desert Of Dubai Desert Safari

The Notable Desert Of Dubai Desert Safari

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Desert safari is the most popular and peaceful desert of Dubai. Do you know why? It is because of the activities and the timings of safaris within the desert safari Dubai. I would wish to tell you regarding the 2 safaris that are terribly notable and if somebody comes here at Desert safari get confused between these two.

Morning desert safari:

If you’re a morning person then a morning desert safari is often the most effective time for you. Currently, there are 2 things. Preferred is that if you’re a resident of Dubai and desire to go to a desert safari in the morning, therefore, the best advantage of it for you’ll be that your mornings are often invigorated and you may be charged up the whole day after this morning safari experience. If you’re coming from outside of Dubai or UAE to go to desert safari then you selecting a morning desert safari is often useful for you in a very sense that once having fun within the morning at desert safari Dubai you’ll relish different activities at the remainder of your day also.

Activities at morning desert safari:

Quad biking could be a terribly thrilling ride within which you get to ride a four-wheel ride, camel ride could be a ride on the humblest of creatures and sand dune bashing is completed on a land cruiser. These 3 activities are terribly notable here at a morning desert safari and are a requirement attempt.

Overnight safari:

This is the second safari that’s terribly notable. Do you understand why? As a result of the peaceful vibes that may relax anyone’s heart and soul. The majority explore for peace their whole lives therefore after you get to grasp regarding an activity that’s all about peace. Why not opt for it then? In night camping at desert safari Dubai, the fireplace is lit up and you may get to sit down close to a fireplace camp where all the activities will be done by people around you. Know regarding these activities below.

Tanoura dance:

Want to envision an awfully soothing dance here at the desert safari in long camping? Have an experience of seeing tanoura dance that could be a reasonably Sufi dance. You may simply fall with the vibes that you simply will get while enjoying this soothing dance being done by tanoura dance professionals on lightweight music. 

Fire show:

Words cannot justify the vibes that you simply can get while seeing it. Have the most effective experience of seeing a fire show here at Dubai desert safari within the night safari.

Belly dance:

This is a sort of fun dance. If you would like some diversion at night camping then you must undoubtedly opt for it.

Henna art:

Decorate your hands by henna and fall in love with the henna art.

BBQ dinner:

Have the most effective food in the city and love it.

Book your deal currently with us at www.desertsafariuae.ae and explore the most notable desert of Dubai that’s desert safari Dubai.

Quad biking and other Activities in Desert Safari Dubai

Quad biking And Other Activities in Desert Safari Dubai

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Quad biking is a four-wheeled fun experience in the Desert Safari, more often than not in an open-air setting. The rush of riding an enormous bicycle on astounding territories without any limitations is exceptional. Quad biking Dubai in Desert Safari ups the experience remainder with a wild ride in the incredible desert, disregarding the great Dubai horizon.

Given the pleasant setting and the truly great time on offer, quad biking in Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most well-known encounters in Dubai. Not secure with how to choose the best desert experience understanding and what’s on offer – we have every one of your inquiries concerning quad biking in Dubai replied here.

Most Famous Desert Safari Adventure Sports In Dubai

While quad biking is a noteworthy feature of the Dubai Desert Safari involvement, it’s smarter to go in arranged before you make a pick. Here’s a speedy once-over of all that you can in do in the desert:

  1. Quad Biking: An off-road vehicle (ATV), otherwise called a quad bicycle in the Desert Safari. It is a vehicle that movements on low-weight tires, with a seat that is straddled by the administrator, alongside handlebars for directing control. Quad biking includes riding the vehicle on various landscapes, for Dubai’s situation desert, at various paces.

  2. Ridge Bashing: basically, rise to slam is a type of going 4×4 romping on sandhills. Consider it a thrill ride amidst the desert! Your driver rides an enormous vehicle (for the most part a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Ford Bronco) through the sandy territory of a desert in fast. Ideal for experience addicts. Peruse increasingly about Dune Bashing Dubai in Desert Safari.

  3. Sand Boarding: As the name recommends, sandboarding is much the same as snowboarding with sand supplanting the snow. This recreational movement happens on sand ridges instead of snow-secured mountains yet offers the equivalent extraordinary rush you get from snowboarding. Sandboarding In Dubai Desert Safari.

While there are endless other experience sports in Dubai Desert Safari, these three are unquestionably the most well-known.

Leasing Quad Bikes In Dubai

​Yes, you do have the alternative of leasing a quad bicycle in Dubai Desert Safari. You can visit any quad bicycle rental store in the city, pick your bicycle (which are accessible in various sizes and motor limit), pay a refundable store sum.

While it sounds incredible, leasing a quad bicycle isn’t the best choice, particularly in case you’re new in the city and don’t think a lot about it.

Getting lost is as simple as breathing and you won’t get the opportunity to wander into the best landscape for quad biking like a quad biking visit would. At that point, there’s the extra danger of harming the vehicle and missing out on that security store. ​

This isn’t to imply that that leasing a quad bicycle is the most horrible in the Desert Safari. For individuals acquainted with the landscape and alright with riding a quad bicycle, leasing is a decent choice. ​

Come enjoy the best deals of Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

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The types of Desert Safari

The types of Desert Safari Dubai

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Go spend a wonderful evening in Dubai in the Desert Safari. The people who come to Dubai holidays, love to visit the Desert Safari. It is something that will make you feel energized and refreshed.

Desert Safari is one of the most widely successful and popular day trips for visitors. People from all over the world come to see the dunes and to see how the Bedouin life looked like before Dubai turned into the travel industry center point.

The types of Desert Safari Private

There are three types of Desert Safari you can choose from; Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari. The whole activity would overall take about 6-7 hours. But most people go on the Desert Safari Private in mid-afternoon, this activity would most likely finish in the evening when the risk of dune bashing would be very low.

Dune Bashing Dubai

The most exciting and famous thing about the Desert Safari is Dune Bashing. This is the part where people enjoy the most. People who experience the Dune bashing are in a trance-like hypnotic state when they see the dessert and its vastness. The 4×4 wheeler Land Cruisers would go over high and low dunes and people’s shouts of excitements and fun could be heard. The next thing that people like the most in the Desert Safari is the Sandboarding. Sandboarding is where people take aboard and they would get to slide form a high dune towards the ground. This would be a onetime experience.

In refreshments, there is Arabian food B.B.Q, tea, and coffee that people enjoy and taste the Arabic food hence getting to know the traditions. Next in the Desert Safari People can experience a camel ride, where they can ride on the back of a camel. This is a new and different experience for tourists. There is music and people can roam around, take pictures, get henna paintings done. And they can even try on some Arabic Costumes to take pictures. Do come and visit Desert Safari.

Things to do in Desert Safari Private

The Desert Safari is a captivating, entertaining and delightful way to learn about Dubai’s local culture and heritage, and a plus point would be to experience the dessert itself on a 4×4 wheel drive, Land Cruiser.

An adventure in the Desert Safari Dubai would be an approach and a place for people to unwind and to see a different ecosystem that is not present in their country. The Desert Safari would be a way for people to see what the city looks like outside the high skyscrapers and the artificial city of emirates and a way for people to experience the Arabic culture.

Come enjoy the best deals of Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

For further details, information or any queries please contact us at, https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/

And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.

The Dune Bashing experience in Desert Safari

The Dune Bashing Experience In Desert Safari

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Here’s the deal the Desert Safari Dubai is an experience that you should never miss when in Dubai. You can learn about the magnificence and traditions of the desert on a 6-hour Dubai desert safari. With Desert Safari UAE you will leave Dubai for the Desert Safari Dubai in our 4×4 wheeler Land Cruisers with a friendly guide. You will get to appreciate an energizing blend of ancient Arabian customs and a lot of fun Desert Safari Dubai adventures.

Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most successful and popular day trips for tourists that come to Dubai. People from all over the world come to see the rises, the sand dunes, and the rich Arabic Customs.

Dune Bashing

Fasten your seatbelts to all of you because the fun is about to begin. Experience a heart-siphoning adrenaline-filled ride while you take over the sand rises. “Overcoming the rises” is well-suited a word for what you’ll be doing as your very talented Desert Safari Dubai guide will help you. Every step of the way.

Around 20 mins into your ride the driver will stop for a little while to cool down the motors. This would be an ideal chance to click those essential selfies and for you to take beautiful pictures of the desert. Do remember to get a photograph with the Falcons that are conveyed around by local people.

After this 15 to 20-minute stop, you will get to leave the desert and go towards the Desert Safari Dubai Camp. As you drive through the beautiful orange sky from the setting sun, you will arrive at our desert camp. A much welcome sight for our exhausted explorers as you will be exhausted and tired from the long drive.

The Itinerary for Desert Safari Dubai

There are a lot of different things you can enjoy in the Desert Safari Dubai. You might be wondering what those are. Well here are a few of them. You can ride a camel, get a beautiful henna tattoo, surf a sandboard down the sand rises. But that’s not it, you can also unwind at a desert campground as the sun sets or even watch a ‘tanoura’ dance (also called fire dancing) for entertainment and finish off your outing with mouthwatering shawarma.

It gets better though, you can also take in the magnificence and brilliance of the desert scene in the Desert Safari Dubai. Visit a camel ranch in the core of the desert and enjoy a ride on the camel.

Refreshments and Quad Biking

After refreshing yourself and resting for a while, you can go to the Quad Biking area which is located outside. You’ll enjoy this a lot!

When you are finished with quad biking, the time has come to sit and appreciate a wonderful Buffet Dinner with live Traditional Tanoura Dance.

Sadly, all good things end too soon, but you’ll certainly carry the memories you have made at the Dubai Desert Safari with yourself.

Come enjoy the best deals of Desert Safari Dubai with Desert Safari UAE.

For further details, information or any queries please contact us at, https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/

And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.

Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert Safari

Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert Safari

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Dubai, the most marvelous and astounding city in the majority of the Middle East. Like moths to a fire, voyagers from each side of the earth run to this captivating Arabian heaven quite a long time after year. With such a great amount to do, investigate, and experience, it’s no big surprise why this city is such a blasting vacationer magnet.

From investigating its numerous attractions and high rises, enjoying mouth-watering sustenance, and shopping at its uber shopping centers. To skydiving, fly skiing, scuba jumping, and Dune Bashing, Dubai is a city that has something for everybody, truly. However, before all the improvement, development, and mechanical blast, Dubai was (and still is) a desert-land with its very famous Dubai Desert Safari.

In this article, we will take a gander at the one movement that has been a piece of Dubai’s way of life for a considerable length of time and hundreds of years – Dune Bashing.

What is Dune Bashing

To put it plainly, Dune Bashing Dubai in Desert Safari is fundamentally a type of going mud romping done on sandhills. For the most part in enormous 4X4 vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser or Fortuner.

It essentially includes driving at different speeds over sand ridges and moving the vehicle so as to keep up equalization while going up the hill and descending. Dune Bashing in the Desert Safari is an exceptionally exciting and adrenaline-siphoning action, that must be finished with the most extreme consideration and wellbeing.

The SUV’s that are utilized for this experience sport, are normally fitted with defensive rigging, similar to move confines, and the tire weight is altogether decreased to take into consideration most extreme footing against the moving sand.

What activities can you do while Dune Bashing in Dubai

Unless you’re an expert driver, you will undoubtedly be sitting in the traveler seats of the vehicle, while your driver does the majority of the truly difficult work. Beset up to slide, slide and slip the whole way across your seat as you clear your path through the brilliant sands of the Desert Safari Dubai. For the most part, rise slamming is done in a caravan of vehicles to guarantee security.

A Dune Bashing Experience in Dubai Desert Safari

Arranged on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is landlocked on 3 sides, with the Arabian Desert Safari enveloping the vast majority of this emirate. With so much sand all around, Dubai makes for a perfect spot for the ideal hill slamming background. What once begun as basically a side interest for the UAE local people, has now turned into an abounding industry, engaging and wowing a large number of individuals! People from all over the world come to the Desert Safari in Dubai and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Come enjoy the best deals of Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

For further details, information or any queries please contact us at, https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/ And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.