The types of Desert Safari Dubai

The types of Desert Safari

The types of Desert Safari Dubai

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Go spend a wonderful evening in Dubai in the Desert Safari. The people who come to Dubai holidays, love to visit the Desert Safari. It is something that will make you feel energized and refreshed.

Desert Safari is one of the most widely successful and popular day trips for visitors. People from all over the world come to see the dunes and to see how the Bedouin life looked like before Dubai turned into the travel industry center point.

The types of Desert Safari Private

There are three types of Desert Safari you can choose from; Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari. The whole activity would overall take about 6-7 hours. But most people go on the Desert Safari Private in mid-afternoon, this activity would most likely finish in the evening when the risk of dune bashing would be very low.

Dune Bashing Dubai

The most exciting and famous thing about the Desert Safari is Dune Bashing. This is the part where people enjoy the most. People who experience the Dune bashing are in a trance-like hypnotic state when they see the dessert and its vastness. The 4×4 wheeler Land Cruisers would go over high and low dunes and people’s shouts of excitements and fun could be heard. The next thing that people like the most in the Desert Safari is the Sandboarding. Sandboarding is where people take aboard and they would get to slide form a high dune towards the ground. This would be a onetime experience.

In refreshments, there is Arabian food B.B.Q, tea, and coffee that people enjoy and taste the Arabic food hence getting to know the traditions. Next in the Desert Safari People can experience a camel ride, where they can ride on the back of a camel. This is a new and different experience for tourists. There is music and people can roam around, take pictures, get henna paintings done. And they can even try on some Arabic Costumes to take pictures. Do come and visit Desert Safari.

Things to do in Desert Safari Private

The Desert Safari is a captivating, entertaining and delightful way to learn about Dubai’s local culture and heritage, and a plus point would be to experience the dessert itself on a 4×4 wheel drive, Land Cruiser.

An adventure in the Desert Safari Dubai would be an approach and a place for people to unwind and to see a different ecosystem that is not present in their country. The Desert Safari would be a way for people to see what the city looks like outside the high skyscrapers and the artificial city of emirates and a way for people to experience the Arabic culture.

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The Dune Bashing experience in Desert Safari

The Dune Bashing Experience In Desert Safari

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Here’s the deal the Desert Safari Dubai is an experience that you should never miss when in Dubai. You can learn about the magnificence and traditions of the desert on a 6-hour Dubai desert safari. With Desert Safari UAE you will leave Dubai for the Desert Safari Dubai in our 4×4 wheeler Land Cruisers with a friendly guide. You will get to appreciate an energizing blend of ancient Arabian customs and a lot of fun Desert Safari Dubai adventures.

Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most successful and popular day trips for tourists that come to Dubai. People from all over the world come to see the rises, the sand dunes, and the rich Arabic Customs.

Dune Bashing

Fasten your seatbelts to all of you because the fun is about to begin. Experience a heart-siphoning adrenaline-filled ride while you take over the sand rises. “Overcoming the rises” is well-suited a word for what you’ll be doing as your very talented Desert Safari Dubai guide will help you. Every step of the way.

Around 20 mins into your ride the driver will stop for a little while to cool down the motors. This would be an ideal chance to click those essential selfies and for you to take beautiful pictures of the desert. Do remember to get a photograph with the Falcons that are conveyed around by local people.

After this 15 to 20-minute stop, you will get to leave the desert and go towards the Desert Safari Dubai Camp. As you drive through the beautiful orange sky from the setting sun, you will arrive at our desert camp. A much welcome sight for our exhausted explorers as you will be exhausted and tired from the long drive.

The Itinerary for Desert Safari Dubai

There are a lot of different things you can enjoy in the Desert Safari Dubai. You might be wondering what those are. Well here are a few of them. You can ride a camel, get a beautiful henna tattoo, surf a sandboard down the sand rises. But that’s not it, you can also unwind at a desert campground as the sun sets or even watch a ‘tanoura’ dance (also called fire dancing) for entertainment and finish off your outing with mouthwatering shawarma.

It gets better though, you can also take in the magnificence and brilliance of the desert scene in the Desert Safari Dubai. Visit a camel ranch in the core of the desert and enjoy a ride on the camel.

Refreshments and Quad Biking

After refreshing yourself and resting for a while, you can go to the Quad Biking area which is located outside. You’ll enjoy this a lot!

When you are finished with quad biking, the time has come to sit and appreciate a wonderful Buffet Dinner with live Traditional Tanoura Dance.

Sadly, all good things end too soon, but you’ll certainly carry the memories you have made at the Dubai Desert Safari with yourself.

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Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert Safari

Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert Safari

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Dubai, the most marvelous and astounding city in the majority of the Middle East. Like moths to a fire, voyagers from each side of the earth run to this captivating Arabian heaven quite a long time after year. With such a great amount to do, investigate, and experience, it’s no big surprise why this city is such a blasting vacationer magnet.

From investigating its numerous attractions and high rises, enjoying mouth-watering sustenance, and shopping at its uber shopping centers. To skydiving, fly skiing, scuba jumping, and Dune Bashing, Dubai is a city that has something for everybody, truly. However, before all the improvement, development, and mechanical blast, Dubai was (and still is) a desert-land with its very famous Dubai Desert Safari.

In this article, we will take a gander at the one movement that has been a piece of Dubai’s way of life for a considerable length of time and hundreds of years – Dune Bashing.

What is Dune Bashing

To put it plainly, Dune Bashing Dubai in Desert Safari is fundamentally a type of going mud romping done on sandhills. For the most part in enormous 4X4 vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser or Fortuner.

It essentially includes driving at different speeds over sand ridges and moving the vehicle so as to keep up equalization while going up the hill and descending. Dune Bashing in the Desert Safari is an exceptionally exciting and adrenaline-siphoning action, that must be finished with the most extreme consideration and wellbeing.

The SUV’s that are utilized for this experience sport, are normally fitted with defensive rigging, similar to move confines, and the tire weight is altogether decreased to take into consideration most extreme footing against the moving sand.

What activities can you do while Dune Bashing in Dubai

Unless you’re an expert driver, you will undoubtedly be sitting in the traveler seats of the vehicle, while your driver does the majority of the truly difficult work. Beset up to slide, slide and slip the whole way across your seat as you clear your path through the brilliant sands of the Desert Safari Dubai. For the most part, rise slamming is done in a caravan of vehicles to guarantee security.

A Dune Bashing Experience in Dubai Desert Safari

Arranged on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is landlocked on 3 sides, with the Arabian Desert Safari enveloping the vast majority of this emirate. With so much sand all around, Dubai makes for a perfect spot for the ideal hill slamming background. What once begun as basically a side interest for the UAE local people, has now turned into an abounding industry, engaging and wowing a large number of individuals! People from all over the world come to the Desert Safari in Dubai and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

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Explore the distinctiveness of Desert safari Dubai

Explore The Distinctiveness of Desert Safari Dubai

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Dubai could be a very illustrious state and I guess there’ll be a really less range of individuals WHO won’t know regarding Dubai. A city that is legendary and famous due to its attractions and especially the main attractions which attract tourists from around the world. Those illustrious attractions are a must-visit for each person as those places are thus distinctive that in my purpose of reading nobody ought to miss this opportunity of visiting these unique places.

Best place in Dubai:

Among all of those unique places desert safari Dubai, Dubai is the most attractive place amongst all. The sole thought that comes to everybody’s minds after they think about a Desert could be a barren land with no beauty and attractions there. However, let me clear your confusion and tell you that deserts aren’t solely a barren land. This a land that consists of distinctive activities. These activities are those that are of a significant kind and are illustrious further.

Try the foremost thrilling activity here:

Let me tell about every activity one by one-

Desert safari offers this activity to the tourists so they will get pleased to the fullest. You are only allowed to possess a quad bike ride only you’re assured enough to ride thereon. Our professionals are going to be there with you.

What regarding riding on camels?

Camel ride could be a reasonable experience within which you’ll be able to see the desert safari with a wider angle and at a really slow speed.


Sunsets during a desert will be the foremost lovely and favorite part of your desert safari. You must have seen sunsets in your normal life, however, have you ever seen sunsets in deserts? If not then get an opportunity of seeing it. Trust me that my words won’t do justice to the sweetness of the sunsets in deserts.

Go for dune bashing:

Dune Bashing is additionally another reasonably superb activity here at Desert safari Dubai. It’s the second most thrilling activity like quad biking.

Night camping activities:

Overnight tenting or camping proves to be the most effective activity amongst all. Have you ever visited the desert at night? If not then book your deal currently and visit it as presently as potential. However, 1st let me offer you reasons why you ought to book it. Night camping offers a great deal a lot of activities here at desert safari Dubai. Tanoura dance is that the 1st one it’s a form of Sufi dance that is worshipped a great deal. The next best activity here is a belly dance that is the most fun one. Fires how makes the long tenting expertise a lot of superb. Barbecue dinner is that the last part of long tenting. This dinner is incredibly smart in style and is worshipped by a lot of individuals.

So these were all the activities one will relish here at desert safari. Book your deal currently and find to ascertain the distinctiveness of the desert hunting expedition port. Trust me you won’t regret your call of aiming to this trip.

The best and unknown facts about overnight camping at desert safari

The Best And Unknown Facts About Overnight Camping At Desert Safari

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Desert safari is a place which is worth visiting at any time either in the morning or in the evening or at night. But I guess the best time to visit is at night as you get to see and experience an amazing number of unique activated.

Night camping experience:

Nights are known for peace. And as everyone knows that day is created for work and night is created to relax. So now you must be thinking about what kind of an introduction is it? Basically here you will get to know about the amount of peace you can feel at an overnight camp at the desert safari and what are the vibes of this place and experience. Have you ever tried of thinking what it would be like at a night camp in the middle of a desert sitting on the red sand dunes? Once you get into this imagination trust me you won’t feel like coming out of that image and you will soon book your trip to Dubai for overnight camping at Desert safari which is already a famous place and is already known for its famous and activities.

Other than the peace and calmness here it has many unique activities to offer!
Let’s talk about each activity one by one.

Tanoura dance:

Itis a very popular activity here at overnight camp in desert safari Dubai. It is a kind of Sufi dance and is a type of dance which can soothe any person who is watching it. People who are experts at it move in circles on soft Arabian music.

Fire show:

It is another kind of exciting experience here at an overnight camp. Once you see the show you will be amazed after seeing people easily playing with fire in front of you. They throw the fire strings up in the air and this goes on continuously. 

Henna art:

It is the specialty of overnight camping. It is a painless procedure of decorating your hand. First, you select the design of your choice and then only the art begins. The henna art experts are present there for whom I guarantee will not disappoint you.

At the end of the overnight camp, you are served with a very palatable dinner. That dinner contains special barbecue dishes. You are also provided with the special kahwa of Dubai there which is free of cost.

Overview of Night camping:

Get a chance to sit in the middle of the desert in the night. The sky is all covered with the shiny stars and the shine of the stars is reflecting on the face. So what are you waiting for book your deal now and get a worth remembering experience? It is a kind of experience from which one will get amazed after seeing the number of activities being performed here also by the amount of talent that people have. It is a must-try experience. If you have not experienced it yet trust me your life is incomplete. Book your deal now!

Don’t wait too long for it!

How rides on a camel will excite an individual in Dubai Desert Safari?

How Rides On A Camel Will Excite An Individual In Dubai Desert Safari?

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If you’re asked that what’s the most effective mode of transport within the desert? Camel ride is a solution that ought to click on your mind instantly. You can get an ideal camel ride Dubai in a desert only. We provide the most effective experience with these friendly creatures. You’ll be able to additionally take some wonderful pictures with these creatures to update your social media.

Get a tremendous experience of obtaining a ride within the SHIP OF DESERT

Oh yes, you can write “SHIP OF DESERT” that is termed camel ride. Camel ride is termed as the Ship of Desert. You cannot have this experience in your everyday life. Like clearly simply assume that in traditional routine you move to your workplace or anyplace in your automobile or in the other simple mode of transport. However, the experience of sitting on a camel is the one that you cannot get in your daily busy life.

More about camel riding experience:

At first, you’re created comfortable with these creatures. Simply a proven fact that you don’t need enough time to get comfortable with these creatures as they’re terribly friendly. But still, the knowledgeable can begin the ride once you provide him the signal that you just are prepared for it. While riding on a camel you experience the zigzags of the desert. You get to check the sweetness of the desert properly while riding on the camel’s back. You’ll begin realizing the calmness of the desert once you’re there at the camel’s back.

The best part about camel riding:

The best thing regarding the Camel Ride is they’re slowly moving creatures, therefore, I think this can be the most effective experience. Like sitting on a ride that is moving slowly on the soft sand dunes of the desert, it provides your mind and your body a chunk of mind where you truly feel the calmness.

Why camel riding?

Camel riding is typically most well-liked at Evening Desert safari. The explanation for this can be that you just extremely cannot get pleasure from a camel ride within the morning once there’s tons of sunshine and therefore the sky is wide open. It’s a form of a ride which may be enjoyed at its best, once the sunshine is dim and cold winds are blown, additionally once the night is coming back nearer and the sun has started an activity within the sand dunes. This can be I guess the proper description of the link between camel riding and Evening Desert safari.

Are you ready to go camel riding on desert safari Dubai? So what are you waiting for? Go and book your deal now at the details mentioned below for camel riding at desert safari Dubai. We at are able to host you with our wonderful deals at the lowest costs for camel riding in Dubai desert safari. Trust me you will love riding on a camel in desert safari Dubai. Don’t miss this amazing chance.

Why people love Dubai Desert Safari’s Night camp a lot

Why People Love Dubai Desert Safari’s Night Camp A lot

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We already recognize that nights are well-known for their calmness. Each individual sleeps and relaxes at the hours of darkness, however, what if tonight is spent within the deserts on the sand dunes with plenty of activities and entertaining shows?

More About The Night Camping Experience?

In our daily lives, we tend to never get to experience the fun of sitting during a camp within the middle of the desert safari. The quantity of peace that you’ll get while sitting within the camp and enjoying the activities in the middle of sand dunes may be a reasonable peace you can never get in your entire life with the other trip. 

The best part of the Dubai desert safari’s camp is the starry sky. After you are sitting below an open sky the celebrities are shining bright on your face. The glow of these stars will simply melt your heart and make a realization in your heart about the creations in it and about the most exciting things to measure for.

The most famed activities in Dubai Desert Safari’s Camp:

Tanoura Dance:

It is a sort of special dance that is finished by skilled tanoura performers. It’s a form of Sufi dance. It’s one altogether the highlights of Dubai desert safari. This dance is the most peaceful kind of dance. You will love watching this dance. This Sufi dance is the most peaceful one. The long moving colorful skirts that the performers wear produce spectacular patterns as they twirl around during a circle.

The second best activity is a fire show:

If you’re searching for an entertaining activity that may build your camp night in the evening to recollect you should see the fire show. The professionals at it throw the fire strings one by one that makes plenty of various fire patterns leading to a mind soothing activity here at desert safari.

Third Best activity here is decorating your hand by Henna Art

Our Henna art specialists are there to brighten your hands with the gorgeous patterns and styles of Henna.

End your Dubai Desert Safari’s Camp Night with an appetizing and Mouth Watering Dinner

Royal dinner is an exclusive dinner that’s served. This Dinner can provide you with the royalty feels. This dinner includes the international BBQ dinner together with your most popular non-alcoholic drink. Book your deal now for overnight camping at and enjoy the best activities here at desert safari Dubai. You will love the vibes of night camping and the activities that you will get to experience here at desert safari Dubai. Now it is your decision to either lose an amazing opportunity or to go for this best option. Go for it and book your deal for this amazing experience of a night camping in desert safari.

Have a memorable Desert Safari Experience

Have A Memorable Desert Safari Experience

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To have a typically Arabian holiday experience. Book yourself a Desert Safari Dubai in a 4×4 land cruiser that goes over the dunes of Dubai’s best sand dunes. Take pictures with a camel and falcons. On your Desert Safari get henna tattooed on your hands. And also delve your toes into the sand.

You can also enjoy a conventional dining experience and different entertainment programs as the nightfall acquire a sky of a thousand stars. This makes it a beautiful experience for your Desert Safari. Remember to rise ahead of schedule for nature’s first show of the day — a peaceful desert sunrise experience.

Book your tour with Skyland tourism to get an amazing Desert Safari experience.

Desert Safari in the Summers

Desert Safari can be a very entertaining and enjoyable experience throughout the entire year, Even the summers! With a mid-year Summer Desert Safari offering an intrigue to the majority of its own.

One of the reasons is that it’s cooler amidst the desert (in the nighttime) than it is in the city. The low dampness and groundwater levels in the desert imply that the daytime heat isn’t held once the sun goes down. Thus, the temperature is about seven degrees cooler in the Morning Desert Safari Combo with Quad Bike, Camel Ride and Sand Boarding than other areas.

Additions in the Desert Safari

  • Hotel get and drop-off by 4×4
  • Sandboarding
  • Desert Safari Dune bashing
  • Belly move, Tanoura, and Fire appear
  • Camel riding in Desert Safari
  • Henna structuring
  • Unlimited soda pops, water, tea, and espresso
  • Unlimited sheesha in the Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Combo with Quad Bike

After you are picked from your inn in the first part of the day, get situated in a 4×4 vehicle. Set off to the desert abandoning the city’s high rises and other transcending structures.

As you achieve the Quad Bike goal at the desert, invest some energy tuning into the tour guide as he gives a short preparation about wellbeing guidelines to pursue during your Morning Desert Safari Combo with Quad Bike and Sand Boarding. When the teacher’s advising is finished, wear the given cap and jump on the Quad Bike. Begin riding once again the sands, and gradually oversee your vehicle.

In the wake of Morning Desert Safari Quad Bike, go for the difficult action of sandboarding on the delicate desert ridges. Test your surfing abilities by overcoming more rises. Another action to appreciate in this safari is Camel ride in which you will encounter the immense desert sees from a one of a kind point of view. Get your photographs tapped on every one of these exercises with the desert as the scenery on Desert Safari.

At the point when the opportunity arrives, venture out back to your hotel room.

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Have a memorable Desert Safari Experience

Explore the Dubai Desert Safari

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Dubai is honored with rambling unlimited abandons loaded up with various sandhills giving local people and vacationers alike an enjoyable pastime. Nonetheless, what we consider today to be recreational isn’t only a fun encounter yet, in addition, a customary action that shows us more the existence of local people lived in the desert.

Combined with all the cutting-edge courtesies, experiential exercises, and supper and stimulation, Desert Safari in Dubai has turned out to be one of the most notable and looked for after leisure activity exercises in Dubai.

Most Desert Safari in Dubai start at your inn itself. You will be grabbed at your living arrangement and be shipped to the supernatural desert that encompasses Dubai. At the desert camp, you will be immersed with a large group of encounters and exercises – from sheesha to falconry, camel riding to sandboarding, hip twirls to a smorgasbord supper – there is something for each one to appreciate here.

Dubai Desert Safari Experience

While some may like the adrenaline surge of quad biking through the hills, some may like a peaceful night under the stars neglected Desert Safari Dubai. Some of you perhaps a morning individual hoping to observe the dawn.

While some of you may need a sample of Arabian stimulation with the belly dancing, tanoura move, and the works. Whatever it is that you like, there is a Dubai Desert Safari experience custom-made to suit your interests and we’re here to enable you to locate that ideal one!

Time Of Day

Desert Safari in Dubai happens on various occasions of the day. There are morning safaris, essentially equipped towards experience sports with exercises.

For example, rise slamming, sand boarding and quad biking accessible for you to encounter the rush that the desert can offer. Night Desert Safari, alongside experience activities, offer administrations, for example, buffet suppers, stimulation appears, henna painting or perhaps dozing under the stars.

Adventure Levels

Not all leave Desert Safari ‘ have adrenaline-siphoning exercises, however, the ones that do are certainly the most looked for after. In any case, there is a milder, progressively customary side of a desert safari that will enable you to unwind in a desert camp as the sun sets over the hills, take a stab at conventional Arabic dresses, get your hand-painted with an impermanent henna tattoo, smoke some sheesha and appreciate a flavorful supper at the desert safari. Realize the caring you’d like before purchasing your tickets.

To suit the shifted tastes of vacationers from the whole way across the globe, there are distinctive Dubai Desert Safari encounters accessible. The following is our pick of the 5 Best Desert Safaris Dubai, sorted into various segments to enable you to explore your decisions better.

  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Morning Camel Safari
  • Adventure Combo
  • Combo deals
  • Luxury VIP Desert Safari

Come enjoy the best deals of Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

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Desert Adventure Sports Activities in Desert Safari

Desert Adventure Sports Activities in Desert Safari

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Dune Bashing

Ridge slamming takes going romping to a definitive level! A great experience sport, it is likely the most mainstream sport in Dubai Desert Safari. Booming 4X4 vehicles whip through the sand ridges in a progression of wanders aimlessly. Regularly, the rise slamming prompts off the cuff races giving travelers a totally crazy ride!

With sand showering noticeable all around and the ground slipping underneath, hill slamming is a blend of sensations. The drivers know the Desert Safari area like the back of their hand and will take you on an awesome ride. You can stop on the hill pinnacles and catch the fabulous minute with your friends and family on this extraordinary ride!

Quad Biking

Quad Bikes are a definitive mean machine that packs in experience and rush. These off-road vehicles are at home on the sandy hills of Dubai Desert Safari. They offer an exciting ride as they climb the pinnacles and roar down the inclines in adrenaline prompting ride.

The Quad Bikes are anything but difficult to drive and even beginner riders can without much of a stretch explore the hills in the Desert Safari. Every one of the rides will be administered via prepared educators who guide through the trails and guarantee wellbeing. The Quad bicycle is unquestionably not for the frail hearted and the intensity of the vehicle can be overpowering and a genuine experience understanding in the Desert Safari!

Dune Buggy Riding

The huge and tough Dune Buggy is an outside 4X4 vehicle that seats up to 4 travelers and a driver. A ride in this is ensured with a lot of rushes and you will end up shouting with satisfaction with your loved ones.

You can go hill slamming and cross amazingly high sand rises. You can even stop at the hill crests and appreciate the dazzling desert vistas for a minute in serenity. The Dune Buggy in the Desert Safari is driven by master drivers who realize the territory well and endeavor to offer the best experience ride of your life!

Fat Bike Riding

Spinning through the desert isn’t unthinkable any longer! The Fat Bike is your help for spinning through the sandy Desert Safari Dubai. Fat biking is an energizing experience sport that includes a Fat Bike or a bike with thick tires.

The Fat bicycles are worked to traverse snow and sand giving the rider a definitive rush of crossing unchartered territory. You can bicycle through the sandy ridges and stop to respect a group of Oryx. The huge consistency of the Desert Safari tosses a test to each rider in perseverance. The biking visits are driven by specialists who will explore the territory and let you investigate the desert in a totally new desert transport!

Come enjoy the best deals of Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

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