Make Desert Safari In Dubai A Memorable Experience For You

Make Desert Safari in Dubai a memorable experience for you

Make Desert Safari In Dubai A Memorable Experience For You

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Enjoy your time in Dubai on our quiet and sandy Desert Safari with a lot of fun exercises. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to raise the adrenaline with quad-biking or unwind on an extravagant medium-sized adventure.

Here’s the deal, you can experience the Sand Dune Driving, the Quad biking, or even the Desert Safari in Dubai wildlife Safaris.

Dubai is also known as the most luxurious and appropriately called the most extravagant city in the Persian Gulf. One thing that the remaining world does not have, and which is significantly better than the rest is a Desert Safari Dubai.

The wonderful experience of spending a day and a night, right in the incomparable Arabian Desert include Desert Safari Dubai, untamed animal life viewing on a Land Rover. There’s more, you’ll get to spend a night submerged in different kinds of entertainment amidst the Desert Safari Dubai in an Arabic tent where you will be surrounded all around with nature.

Here are a few of the things you can do when you re in Dubai. Book a trip with Desert Safari UAE and avail amazing deals and discounts.

Experience the beauty of the desert Safari

The incomprehensibility of the Arabian desert, rich experiences, and encounters amidst sandhills, and a variety of energizing activities all day every day. These fun experiences make a Desert Safari Dubai an encounter of a lifetime. You can browse through various photography visits, gutsy Desert Safari Dubai you can also experience. You can experience the imparted night safari, and a beautiful and unforgettable night exposed to the amazing elements of the reality of the desert – all lit in blue.

Decorated with adventurous brave rides, Arabian music, and luxurious food, Dubai night safari displays the best of Arabian evenings and is certainly worth an experience.

Radiating with all-around flawless mornings and vivid evenings, desert safari in Dubai exhibits a scope of different exercises. We talk about how to make the best out of a day spent in the incomparable Arabian Desert Safari Dubai!

Catch the sunrise with the Morning Dessert Safari

The massive and fast Arabian Desert is actually where you ought to be going at daybreak as the Sun sparkles the most splendid. It looks the greatest close to the skyline. You can expand at the brilliant magnificence of the Desert Safari Dubai and lounge in the wonder of it. The morning and the sunset are unquestionably the most photogenic display that you’ll find in the desert.

The whole activity would overall take about 6-7 hours, but most people go to the Desert Safari Dubai in the morning. This activity would most likely finish in the afternoon when the risk of dune bashing would be very low.

Come enjoy the best deals of Hummer Desert Safari Dubai with Desert Safari UAE.

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And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.

Experience the best desert safari tour to make your days memorable

Experience The Best Desert Safari Tour To Make Your Days Memorable

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We would love to state that we offer the Best Desert Safari Dubai bundle for our guests and visitors; however, on the opposite side, in all actuality, there is no such thing as one size fits answer for this inquiry. The desert has its blessedness of quiet, and in the desert, the group has its sacredness of discussion.

Rather, ask us since we are here to Satisfy, Delight, and Nourish Our Customers. You can select morning, evening, or overnight Desert Safari Dubai bundles that let you experience the magnificence of the sublime desert and the stunning perspectives on the emotional nightfall. You need to leave the bustling city life behind and jump into the unending fun that desert safari visits offer you.

How desert safari Dubai is becoming the most popular place among visitors?

Excitement incorporates an assortment of relaxation activities in Dubai Desert Safari, including travel and recreation, social or social stimulation, distractions, nature-based interests like chasing, outdoors and angling, diverting circumstances or capacities wellbeing or wellness activities. Spots for your better beguilement and creation on a guide of the world can be effectively chosen with this gathering of entertainments referenced underneath that are open to the general population purchasing an incredibly singular or gathering background around the world.

Dubai Desert Safari is well known for its different activities and neighborliness. One who needs to see the unadulterated Arabian culture and conventions then the desert safari is for them.

Most welcome for the most thrilling adventure:

The most welcoming movement is dune bashing Dubai. The genuine fun starts when the guests are taken for exciting dune bashing in a 4WD vehicle that gives charging background. On the off chance that you have a bold soul, at that point, you should need to give an attempt to cruiser, dune buggy or quad bike ride. These vibes of happiness will dependably with you, as a wonderful memory!

Enter the desert camp where numerous activities waiting for you:

You can likewise appreciate energizing activities in the desert camp. You will be given a warm welcome in the campground where your adventurous journey leads you to more fun.

You will also be able to get fun from Fire Show, Henna Painting, shisha smoking, Arabic Coffee (Qahwa), Tea, Dates and Snacks, desserts, Traditional Costumes for photography (Arabian Dressing), Complimentary soft drinks, mineral water, Delicious Buffet BBQ Dinner (veg and non-veg), Children’s playing zone and Separate washroom for women and gentlemen.

Camel riding- The most popular adventure:

Camel riding is continually welcoming for universal travelers. It is taken as unadulterated Arabian style to visit the camel the same number of Bedouins still ride camels to make a trip from one spot to other in deserts. In the event that you are a creature sweetheart, at that point, you can ride our subdued ponies as well. It will likewise be an incredible encounter to ride.

Book your trip with us: To experience the desert and its adventures with best facilities, visit to have the best packages and deals.

A Comparison of the Evening Desert Safaris and Morning Desert Safaris

A Comparison of the Evening Desert Safaris and Morning Desert Safaris in Dubai

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Time of Day in the Desert Safari Dubai

Since morning Desert Safari Dubai can get excessively hot as they trail into early afternoon, nights present the best time to go for a desert safari. Late evening Desert Safari Dubai, when the sun has just begun its plummet, offers you the chance to find the enchanted feeling of the desert.

The tropical Desert Safari Dubai warmth of the day gradually subsides to clear a path for the cool windy night. This is a perfect time for all the fun exercises like quad biking, sand loading up and so on. With adequate time close by, in contrast to a Morning Desert Safari Dubai, you have the whole night to unwind at the acclaimed Bedouin camp.

Getting a charge out of a conventional night set apart with hip twirling and so forth, looking the stars in the cool solace of the camp, savoring the heavenly Arabian flavorful food is a portion of the things which come distinctly with an Evening Desert Safari Dubai. But people thoroughly enjoy both types of Desert Safari Dubai, it only depends on their personal preference.

Exercises and Things to do in Desert Safari Dubai

Night Desert Safari Dubai is known for the plenty of conventional and exciting exercises that you can understanding. It commonly starts with a Dune Bashing session in a Hummer, Land cruiser, a 4×4 in Desert Safari Dubai.

Rolling over the troughs and peaks of consistently moving hills is an altogether exciting background. You are then left for quite a while to assimilate the vibe, click some astonishing pictures and appreciate other adrenaline siphoning exercises like ride a hill surrey, a quad bicycle, drive a ridge carriage or essentially appreciate the sand rises with a session of sandboarding in Night or Evening Desert Safari Dubai.

Feasting and Entertainment in the Desert Safari Dubai

This audacious voyage doesn’t finish here for an Evening Desert Safari Dubai. There is part greater diversion anticipating you at the Bedouin Camp amidst the desert. Ride the ship of the desert-Camel for a nearby vibe, get your hands brightened with wonderful henna structures or get the fun tattoos, smoke a flavorful shisha and appreciate the sly presentation of tummy artists who welcome you to take part in moving.

While the morning Desert Safari Dubai finishes in a fast breakfast, evening safaris likewise have the choice of savoring a luxurious supper at the camp. A humongous spread of customary and mainland veggie-lover just as non-vegan treats anticipates your gastronomical faculties. From crisp products of the soil to Arabic espresso, Middle Eastern flame-broiled meat and substantially more, you have the whole night to enjoy the flavors at your very own pace.

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Get a ride on the Desert Safari Dubai

Get a ride on the Desert Safari Dubai

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Getting out the clamor of the Dubai city toward the evening for this exciting and interesting background on a Hummer Desert Safari Dubai. Inebriating outings as you go here and there on your Hummer Desert Safari Dubai. The moving rises of Dubai desert yelling with pleasure.

Next, on your Hummer Desert Safari Dubai, we take you for sandboarding, over the ridge, secure your sand sheets, draw and let your adrenalin surge as you bring an energizing slide down the hill.

Move towards the Dubai desert as our master safari manager cum driver will take you on a terrific ride in Hummer, to the awe-inspiring brilliant sand ridges of Dubai for an exciting hill dune. At that point from the highest point of a ridge, watch and snap an enchanted Dubai desert dusk. As you watch the sun throws its orange glow over the huge range of the suffering desert skyline as it sets.

Free camel ride in Dubai desert will give you part of rush and fun. You can likewise appreciate desert safari Dubai bargains on minimal effort.

At long last, sit down around the principle organize and prepare for the fascinating hip twirling and tanoura hitting the dance floor. Celebrate at the Hummer Desert Safari Dubai with traditional music-making a remarkable encounter under the open sky.

Hummer Safari, Luxury, Comfort & Class

Outfitted with all the rich comforts, at our campground you’ll have a few additional alternatives to fill your heart with joy more energizing by taking a camel ride over the Hummer Desert Safari Dubai or maybe quad biking is something that is a greater amount of your thing. Desert Safari UAE has everything.

Hummer desert safari is the richest approach to investigate the city’s sandy ridges and get your adrenaline fix with the energizing hill slamming. Anyway, the fun doesn’t stop at hill slamming, as it is trailed by the quality time that you’ll be spending at our conventional campground in the midst of tremendous Hummer Desert Safari Dubai.

Main features of the Hummer desert safari

At Hummer Desert Safari Dubai, you can experience Arabic costumes for photograph souvenirs, Henna Painting, Fragrant Shisha Corner (Arabian Water pipe). You can also experience Arabian Bedouin-style with carpet and cushions, Enchanting Belly Dance Entertainment, Fascinating Tanoura Dance, Fire Dance Show, Prayer Room available, TV / Quad Bikes.

What is a hummer

Hummer is a standout amongst the best vehicles one can use to dig further in the sand ridges on trails which is absurd to expect to get to utilizing the conventional 4X4 SUV vehicles.

Besides conveying a jolting desert culture investigation, our Hummer Desert Safari Dubai visit in Dubai bundle subsumes some bewildering exercises that give you rich looks at the eminent Bedouin culture and convention.

Come enjoy the best deals of Dubai Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

For further details, information or any queries please contact us at, And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.

The Best Desert Safari Adventures

The Best Desert Safari Adventures

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Red Dune Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner and Entertainment

  • You travel in a 4×4 vehicle to a conventional Bedouin camp to appreciate the adrenalin siphoning Dune Bashing knowledge in your Desert Safari.
  • You can likewise have some good times sand loading up down the sand inclines and you can experience the best desert safari adventure.
  • Drift away in the pleasureful flame show and exhibitions of paunch and tanoura artists.
  • Relax in the cool solace of the desert camp looking the stars.
  • Wind up the night with an extravagant smorgasbord supper with the same number of soda pops, water, tea or espresso you need. .

Additions in the Desert Safari

  • Hotel get and drop-off by 4×4
  • Sandboarding
  • Desert Safari Dune bashing
  • Belly move, Tanoura, and Fire appear
  • Camel riding in Desert Safari
  • Henna structuring
  • Unlimited soda pops, water, tea, and espresso
  • Unlimited sheesha in the Desert Safari Dubai
  • Arabic dress photo opportunity upon accessibility
  • Vegetarian and non-veggie lover BBQ buffet supper
  • Sunset photography opportunity in your Desert Safari trip

Night Desert Safari with Quad Biking and Dinner

  • Arrive at the Desert Safari and overcome the sands under the direction of an expert. You will most likely slam the hills in a 4×4 vehicle before you head to the quad biking segment.
  • Take the controls of a quad bicycle and roll over the sands. Line that up with a session of sandboarding.
  • Head to a conventional Bedouin camp in the Desert Safari and experience a wide assortment of desert exercises, for example, camel riding, shisha and henna hand painting.
  • Be engaged as artists play out a hip twirl appear and a tanoura move appears.
  • Satiate yourself with a heavenly smorgasbord feast and a BBQ matched with boundless soda pops, water, tea, and espresso.

Considerations in Night Desert Safari

  • Hotel Transfers
  • Desert rise slamming
  • Quad biking
  • Camel riding
  • Sand boarding
  • Henna painting
  • Tanoura move and Fire appear
  • Snacks and boundless water, soda pops, tea and espresso
  • Vegetarian and non-veggie lover BBQ buffet supper

Desert Safari Combo – Camel Ride, Quad Biking and Sand Boarding

  • Seek experience in an exciting Desert Safari with quad biking and appreciate a BBQ supper at a Bedouin camp.
  • The experience starts when you are dropped at the Desert Safari camp in a 4X4 with the picturesque Hajjar Mountains out of sight.
  • Mount the transcending sandhills of the Arabian Desert by quad biking and sandboarding.
  • Get vis-à-vis with the ‘ship of the desert’ – The Camel at a camel ranch.
  • Go back in time with an ageless camel ride over the rises and take photographs for a lifetime.

Additions in Desert Safari

  • Hotel moves in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Quad bicycle safari
  • Camel riding
  • Sandboarding
  • Visit a camel ranch

Come enjoy the best deals of Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

For further details, information or any queries please contact us at, And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.

Go On The Evening Desert Safari With Desert Safari Dubai

Go On The Evening Desert Safari Dubai

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Dubai is known for its quintessential adrenalin siphoning Desert Safari encounters. You drive past the city’s unexceptional to take off to the unfathomable desert in a 4×4 vehicle. Slamming the hills, you set yourself on an undertaking to appreciate the substance of Desert Safari life. As would be impossible to say, the best time to observe the soul of Desert is the nighttime.

You the opening shot your voyage in the late evening getting a charge out of the rush of some experience. Next, you end up amidst ceaseless delicate sand rises shimmering with an orangish-red tone. With the scenery of liberating sun in the golden sky, you are to assimilate the astounding excellence of the Arabian Desert Safari. The cheer and energy don’t finish here.

A combination of the social night with present-day solaces anticipates you at the Bedouin Camp. An extraordinary spread of customary just as mainland indulgences interest your taste buds. Astonishing midsection artists entrance you with their exhibition. Getting a charge out of a flawlessly loosening up night under a star loaded sky is the ideal method to wrap up the day.

In the Desert Safari Dubai manage that pursues, we will take a gander at the striking contrasts among night and morning desert safaris and help you select the best night desert safari in Dubai.

A Typical Evening Desert Safari Experience

A night Desert Safari ordinarily incorporates the alternative of getting and drop off office from and to your place of remain. It starts with driving out of the city to the quiet desert camp zone ordinarily in the Red Lahbab desert or the Dubai Conservation Reserve.

The fervor starts with the exciting ridge slamming in a 4×4 vehicle. The master driver takes you on adrenalin siphoning courageous roll over the sandhills. This is trailed by the rest of the great and very engaging exercises at the camp.

You can entertain yourself with various Desert Safari exercises at the camp like sandboarding for having a great time descending the sand rises, rolling over the ridges in an exceptionally structured vehicle called ‘hill surrey’ and getting a charge out of the well-known camel rides. Falconry, the antiquated custom of a bird of prey chasing is additionally part of certain safaris. These exercises are most prevalent among kids, yet the grown-ups likewise appreciate them a considerable amount.

The most unwinding and engaging piece of a Desert Safari, however, is put away for the last. The wonderful conventional move structures like tanoura and hip twirling keep you completely captivated. The supper is ordinarily an extraordinary spread of 3-course feast with an assortment of conventional and global foods. You likewise have other intriguing things like henna painting staring you in the face or getting yourself clicked in customary clothing.

You consider it daily with extraordinary recollections of an astounding night as you are driven back to your place to remain.

Come enjoy the best deals of Desert Safari with Desert Safari UAE.

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And book your trip now with us to have a memorable experience.

What can you explore at desert safari Dubai

What Can You Explore At Desert Safari Dubai

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UAE could be a prevalent country, and it doesn’t want an introduction. However, I still understand a lot regarding the UAE and its individuation by reading this whole page. It’s celebrated for plenty of distinctive places like beaches, tall buildings, deserts, malls, museums, etc. Once a rustic encompasses a heap of distinctive, lovely places, the tourists get confused about that place to go to start. If you’re thinking of what can you explore at desert safari Dubai, let us tell you the primary place you must visit here.

The best tour trip:

That initial place is the desert safari Dubai that most wanted to air in your visit places in Dubai, UAE. Currently, it would help if you thought about why I’m most excited for you to go to this place initially. Let me state some logical points with it.

The distinctive activities at desert safari:

Desert safari Dubai trip could be a place that encompasses a heap of distinctive activities to supply to its tourists.  Thus, these activities are distinctive that it’s tough to search out any such activity in the other desert. Once you return here, you may not want departure this place. Let me provide you with a short description of every activity here.

Let’s begin with 2 of the foremost thrilling activities here. Each of the activities mentioned below is for deserts. 

First is Quad biking

It is a ride on a four-wheeler ride. It’ll provide you with plenty of chills if it will be your initial expertise of riding on that in desert safari.

Next activity is sand dune Bashing:

In this activity, you get to ride on the red sand dunes of desert campaign Dubai at a really high speed. It’s a requirement attempt here at desert campaign Dubai.

Then comes the foremost reposeful activity here that is

Camel riding:

Among all creatures here in the desert, safari camels are the friendliest amongst all. It’s a kind of expertise wherever you may be able to see the sand dunes with a really calm speed.

Let me state regarding the foremost calming expertise here that are seeing the sunset here-

You must have seen sunsets a dozen times at the country facet; however, imagine seeing the sunset in a desert. The sunshine red associate degreed dark orange colors of Sun is everywhere the desert and therefore the redness of the sun and the redness of sand dunes are giving such an aesthetically-pleasing read. I have to say it’s the simplest read one may have here at desert safari Dubai.

Evening desert campaign in desert safari Dubai:

It conjointly offers a variety of distinctive activities to the tourists here. I won’t get into detail, however, like Henna art, Tanoura Dance, Belly dance, and an eatable BBQ dinner here. Now once knowing about these activities, I suppose it’ll be terribly tough for you to prevent yourself from not coming back here. What are you waiting for? Book your deal currently for evening desert safari and obtain this value obtaining experiencing, You won’t regret once this trip.  Go for it.

Amount of Peace You Get In Overnight Camping At Desert Safari Dubai

Amount of Peace You Get In Overnight Camping At Desert Safari Dubai

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Desert safari is a place worth visiting at any time, either in the morning or in the evening or at night. But I guess the best time to visit is at night as you get to see and experience amazing overnight Camping At Desert Safari Dubai.

The nights:

Nights are known for peace. And as everyone knows, that day is created for work, and night is created to relax. So now you must be thinking about what kind of an introduction is it? Basically, you will get to know about the amount of peace you can feel at an overnight camp at the Overnight desert safari and the vibes of this place and experience.

How is it like spending a night at desert safari?

Have you ever tried thinking about what it would be like at a night camp in the middle of a desert sitting on the red dunes? Once you get into this image, trust me, you won’t feel like coming out of that image, and you will soon book your trip to Dubai for overnight camping at Desert safari, which is already a famous place and is already known for its famous and activities.

Other than the peace and calmness here it has many unique activities to offer!

Let’s talk about each activity one by one.

Tanoura dance is a viral activity here at an overnight camp in a desert safari. It is a kind of Sufi dance and is a type of dance which can soothe any person who is watching it. People who are experts at it move in circles on soft Arabian music.

A fire show is another kind of exciting experience here at an overnight camp. Once you see the show, you will be amazed after seeing people easily playing with fire in front of you. They throw the fire strings up in the air, and this goes on continuously. 

Henna art is the specialty of overnight camping. It is a painless procedure of decorating your hand. First, you select the design of your choice, and then only the art begins. The henna art experts are present there, for whom I guarantee will not disappoint you.

At the end of the overnight camp, you are served a very palatable dinner. That dinner contains special barbecue dishes. You are also provided with the special drink (black tea) of Dubai, free of cost.

Get a chance to sit in the middle of the desert in the night. The sky is all covered with shiny stars, and the shine of the stars is reflecting on the face. So what are you waiting for? Book your deal now for overnight camping here at Desert safari Dubai and get a worth remembering experience? It is a kind of experience from which one will get amazed after seeing the number of activities being performed here and the amount of talent that people have. It is a must-try experience. Book your deal now!

Desert safari the famous attraction of Dubai

Desert Safari The Famous Attraction of Dubai

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When one person gets tired of the busy schedule, they should relax for some time and go on vacation for a while, so if you plan for a vacation, choose us as your tour operator. Among all of the UAE’s states, the most famous one in Dubai, also because of Desert Safari, The Famous Attraction of Dubai.

The best place to visit:

Whenever we plan for a trip, the toughest questions that cross our minds are which tour operator to choose for our trip. Would that tour operator give us a worth spending trip? It is a unique state, and there are a lot of reasons behind its uniqueness. Some reasons are those who are major ones and are famous. Some reasons are those who are major ones but are not very famous. By reasons, I mean places. Places like beaches, deserts, malls, resorts, and many other places with several unique activities to offer. And after visit those places one can easily get amazed.

The major wrong concept about people is that they think that deserts are a very boring place and if we are going Dubai so why one should visit deserts, they mostly prefer the going I beaches, malls, etc. So that’s why we are here to clear all the misconceptions of people about deserts. So if we are talking about the Desert, let’s talk about a desert safari, which is found in

Dubai And Is Known As A Very Famous Attraction:

If I ask you the question of the reasons behind Dubai being a famous city, I guess it won’t be that difficult to answer, the answer is deserting. If I say that the U in Dubai defines uniqueness and that Dubai is called Deserts, nobody will object to my statement. And if we talk about deserts, so Dubai Desert Safari is famous among all. It contributes up to 70% of uniqueness among all deserts But the reasons behind this place being a major tourist attraction? Although It is a desert but is still famous? How is that even possible? Yes, a desert can be famous as it has several unique activities and experiences to offer to people of every age.

I will not go into the details. But let me give you an,


Quad biking is a very famous activity here and tourists also love camel rides. Then comes the dune bashing. You get to experience the calmness and softness of the dunes through this activity.

An essential and most loved activity about desert safari is overnight camping. Overnight camping also has some major activities to offer like tanoura dance, fire show, belly dance, and henna art.

For more detail or book online and get the best deals.

Know about the popularity of desert safari

Know About The Popularity of Desert Safari

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Dubai Desert expedition could be a place that is the most notable place of the urban center. Have you ever tried to seek out the rationale behind its quality? If you don’t apprehend, let me tell you the explanations to know about the popularity of Desert safari.

Visiting deserts and its experience:

Whenever we predict deserts, the read that comes to our mind is barren land with no individuals in your surroundings and no leafage. You think that it’s a really boring place and why one ought to visit it for vacations? Therefore let ME clear your confusion. It is not true that the desert could be a boring place. There are a range of activities that may be performed within the desert and if you’re talking concerning Desert expedition therefore boring and desert safari are 2 various things. Desert safari urban center encompasses a heap of activities to supply that makes it a well-liked place with a multiplied range of holidaymaker attractions. Let’s state the activities that may be done there-

First best activity is Quad Biking

Get an opportunity to ride on the large dunes at a suitable speed. Furthermore, might you be able to manage it. It’s a form of motorbike having four wheels. Foremost you’re target-hunting to use it, and then you’ll be able to choose it. It’s once in very lifespan expertise.

Second best activity may be ridge Bashing

Desert safari Dubai is understood for its Red sand dunes. Expertise in the highs and lows of the desert whereas doing ridge bashing.

Third best activity may be on the Friendliest of creatures

Camels are the terribly friendly creatures and obtaining an opportunity to ride on them in a very Desert could be a quite expertise everybody dreams of. You get an opportunity to examine the deserts with a wider angle whereas sitting on a camel.

Sunsets in a very Desert is that the better part of your Desert expedition Trip

Experience the sweetness of sunsets in a very additional esthetically pleasing approach by seeing it in a Desert. Once the redness of sun and also the redness of sand dunes collides it provides a read which might relax and calm your soul. One extremely has to see this type of reposeful read a minimum of once in their whole life.

Night camp at Desert expedition is an activity that acts as a cherry on the cake

It’s a form of activity within which a full setup is completed within the camps and tiny lanterns are lit up in it. There are loads of activities that are performed in a very night camp like- Tanoura dance could be a quite Sufi dance that is performed there which simply truthfulness you. Second is Henna Art- choose the type of style you would like for yourself then adorn your hands with Henna that could be a painless method.

So these were the explanations behind desert safari’s quality. We at provides the simplest deals for desert safari. Book your deal now!