Red Sand Dunes and Dune Bashing What a perfect Combo!



Red Sand Dunes and Dune Bashing What a perfect Combo!

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You must have heard a lot about Dubai Desert safari. When we think of it the things that cross our mind are Sunset, cold winds, Quad biking, Camel riding etc but the most mesmerizing thing that cross our mind is the RED SAND DUNES.

In our daily lives we never get a chance to ride on sand, as we travel by road when we are going to work or any other place. Just imagine that you are sitting in a four wheeled vehicle and the vehicle is moving up and down slowly and gradually on the sand dunes and at that time you will be knowing that this is a kind of ride experience which is a different one.
The best thing about getting this type of experience is that in the area like desert there is neither any traffic nor any loud noises because of which you get distracted by the amazing view of desert. The path is all clear and you feel like the king of the desert despite of the fact that there are other people getting this experience on the same type of ride too but still they are at a reasonable distance.
Dubai Desert Safari gives you the offer of getting a one-time experience of riding the vehicle on the sand dunes, the sand dunes which are the most famous ones around the world.

Dune Bashing is the most fun activity one can do in the Sand Dunes

What is Dune Bashing?

It is a thrilling activity in which you drive a vehicle off the sand. Dune bashing is driving at increasing and decreasing speeds over sand dunes, because the surface of the sand keeps shifting, it takes a special ability and a special variety of automobile to navigate the piece of land – typically a sports utility vehicle . Expect a stop to let the air out of your tyres as reducing the pressure provides the vehicle a lot of traction against the moving sand.

The experience starts with pick-up at your mentioned pick up point, followed by a 45 minute hour-long drive in the desert landscape whether there are not any town noises to obscure your hearing and no lofty buildings to block your view.

The sand dune bashing a part of the trip may be a thrilling ride that lasts concerning an hour. Some stunts are performed. You will enjoy the slipper, the skidding and also the spinning – all punctuated by infrequent seat-gripping and totally different decibels of screaming and shouting. And sand, tons and much of sand!

So, what are you waiting for? Book the most favorable deal now at to get the unforgettable experience of Dune Bashing in Dubai Desert Safari.

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