Desert Safari Dubai And Its Popularity

Desert Safari Dubai and its popularity

Desert Safari Dubai And Its Popularity

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One thinks about a thousand things in a day. So, let me ask you one thing. Have you ever thought about UAE? About UAE’s popularity? About the reasons that make the UAE popular? These are thoughts which can come in the mind of a traveler, who is too much into traveling and knows about the famous traveling places. So we are here to answer your questions.
UAE is not just a country, it is a place known for so many other famous places and activities which are so much unique and fun-filled that a person visiting this place will never feel like going back. If I talk specifically about each city of UAE so the first city that comes in my mind is Dubai. Have you ever visited this place? If anyone has already visited it must know about the amazingness of Dubai. Dubai is a city covered with tall buildings everywhere. Beautiful beaches and restaurants are also a part of Dubai. The luxury lifestyle is what Dubai has to offer to its tourists. You will get to stay in luxurious hotels in Dubai even if it’s your two-day visit.

Specialty of Dubai:

Now if I talk more specifically then what are the places in Dubai which are known the most among people and is the talk of the town? I am talking about Desert Safari Dubai. Oh, what a place Desert safari is. It is a place which can be visited at any time of the day and fun fact is that the amount of fun remains the same either if you visit it in the morning or evening or at night.

Many people have a lot of misconceptions about deserts. For a very long period of time desert were known as barren lands. Lands which has nothing to offer to its people. But for now, they are known for its unique activities and land which has a different kind of vibes for its people. If we talk about desert safari Dubai so this is a desert unique amongst all of the deserts of Dubai. It is famous for the activities it has to offer and also because of its vast red sand dunes which define the beauty of desert safari. Let’s talk about the activities here-

Quad biking:

It’s a kind of thrilling activity and attracts a lot of people to desert safari. In this kind of activity, you can choose the speed of your choice, we won’t mind.

Dune bashing:

Like quad biking, it is also a kind of activity most loved by people. In this activity, you can explore and ride on the sand dunes at the speed of your choice,

Camel Riding

What a pleasure giving activity it is. Camel is creatures which are fun to ride on and is must try experience here at Desert safari Dubai.

Overnight camping at desert safari Dubai is also a part of this trip. Tanoura dance, fire show, belly dance, henna art, and a special BBQ dinner is a part of overnight camping here at Desert safari. These were all the activities which make desert safari popular. Book your deal now at

All about Desert safari

All About Desert Safari

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For all people who love this superb country, a visit to desert safari Dubai and knowing the Arab life vogue are going to be terribly fascinating. In fact, a visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting desert safari. This package includes long even-toed ungulate Trekking, sunset and sunrise view. Arab vogue Camp, BBQ dinner and Arabian Breakfast. For that reason, Desert safari Dubai could be a good chance for people who would like to be told regarding the desert and its attractions. 

What to expect from us?

Our friendly guide can decide you up from the restaurant by around afternoon for desert safari. You may be seated well in an exceedingly fashionable automobile and can relish your drive to the desert for desert safari.

As you will see the desert safari, you may realize camels lined up. Get down from the vehicle and be able to see the desert altogether its stateliness. Your guide can organize even-toed ungulate for your trekking within the long desert safari Dubai tour. Carefully take a spherical within the desert for regarding forty-five minutes. Relish the desert piece of ground from camel’s back and raise your guide to click your photos. Currently, the guide can take you to the tent organized to look at the sunset. Seat well within the cushions and relax with Coffee Arabica, tea and dates as you watch for the exciting view at the top of the day. As the sun makes preparations to the line, you may be in awe with the view of adjusting reminder lightweight.

After viewing the sunset we are going to drive you to the Arab vogue camp where more exciting activities, that you may be dreaming to try and do once in Desert safari Dubai, are organized for you. Every activity has its own relevancy and helps you to urge to grasp Arab culture and lifestyle in an exceedingly higher method.

Ever seen an attractive henna painting on people’s arms?

Why aren’t you attempting it? Ever met somebody who will draw it for you? Here at the camp of desert safari Dubai, henna art expert will embellish your hands with lovely styles.

After trekking, you may be exhausted. Therefore once you are back to the tent, morning occasional are going to be prepared for you. You will watch the sunrise with patience sipping the Coffee Arabica. Dates will be served with the occasional. You will relish the sip of your occasional viewing the method the sky is preparing to greet the sun. The great thing about the rising sun could be a spectacular sight. The sun will rise slowly, spreading its rays within the right proportion. The view of the primary morning ray could be a special sight.

Wake up to the paranormal great thing about desert safari. The desert can greet you to its pleasant setting with a delicate breeze. Camels are going to be prepared, get on it and consider the sand dunes watching for the sun to rise. After the trekking, you will be taken back to the Arabian tent sitting.

So these are the amazing and worth remembering activities one can do at Desert Safari. Book your deal now:

Why Quad Biking Is The Favorite Activity of People at Desert Safari Dubai

Why Quad Biking Is The Favorite Activity of People at Desert Safari Dubai

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If we talk about a place and its popularity so there are a number of reasons behind the popularity of a place. Every place has its specialty for which it is known and that specialty s that much famous that every person who is aware of traveling stuff must be aware of that specialty of that special place. Like this only Dubai is a state which has many special reasons behind its popularity. Like the beaches. The deserts, the malls, the parks, and any more places are a reason behind its popularity. These are the places which make Dubai unique and famous worldwide. Deserts play a very special role in grabbing the attention of people from a lot of places. Desert Safari Dubai is the most famous desert in Dubai.  But have you ever thought the reason behind it? There are a lot of reasons behind it and the main amongst all can be Quad biking.

Have you ever experienced Quad Biking in desert safari Dubai?

When you get bored with the jungle of normal life, pack your luggage and head to the desert for a few quality time on a quad bike. These bikes are the leading kind within the city, and that we have quality machines for you to ride. We are going to confirm that the complete experience becomes a memory that you simply will treasure for the remainder of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourer or a resident, return and luxuriate in the dune bashing with family or friends. We have artistic itineraries and skilled professionals can maximize the fun part of your trip.

We will pick you up from the building for Quad biking Dubai as per your booking time with the simplest broker for Dubai trip. Once you enter the vehicle and sit well, your Quad bike campaign begins. Through the busy and jam-packed areas of Dubai, our vehicle can move ahead. Your guide can offer water, soft drinks, and different refreshments when you would like. You will be able to additionally ask your guide concerning UAE- the life and its attractions. You will be able to additionally know the activity details from the guide too.

They are going to love this activity because it is adventure-filled, sportive and interesting. This motored bikes got four nonaggressive tires with a bar.  The handle-bar are often used as steering. Riding this bike through the desert is a haunting experience. It is fun and joy that should be skilled. Now, your guide can transient you on the way to relish Quad bike tour. Hear him fastidiously, follow his directions then begin with the sport. Slowly, begin driving and luxuriate in the sand dunes of various heights. Meanwhile, raise your friends or guide to click pictures. Later, get down from the bike and return home with us.

That’s all about Quad biking in desert safari Dubai. is the site where you have to go to book your deal for Quad Biking in Desert Safari Dubai. Book your deal now Trust us as your tour operator for this trip of Desert Safari Dubai.

What are the activities behind Desert safari’s popularity

What Are The Activities Behind Desert Safari’s Popularity

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Dubai is a very famous state and I guess there will be a very less number of people who won’t be aware of the city of Dubai. A city which is famous is famous because of its attractions the major attractions which attract tourists from around the world. Those famous attractions are a must visit for every person as those places are so unique that in my point of view no one should miss this chance of visiting these unique places.
Among all of these unique places, Desert Safari Dubai is the most unique place amongst all. The only mage that comes in everyone minds when they think of a desert is a barren land with no beauty and attractions there. But let me clear your confusion and tell you that deserts are not only a barren land. This is a land which consists of unique activities. These activities are the ones which are of a major kind and are famous as well.
Let me talk about each activity one by one

Quad biking:

It is the most thrilling activity one can experience at a desert. Desert safari offers this activity to the tourists so that they can get entertained to the fullest. You are only allowed to have a quad bike ride only when you are confident enough to ride on it. Our professionals will be there with you.

Camel Riding:

The most friendly creatures are camels and what if you get an experience of riding on it? Camel ride is a kind of experience in which you can see desert safari with a wider angle.


Sunsets in a desert can be the most beautiful and favorite part of your desert safari trip. You must have seen sunsets in your normal life, but have you ever seen sunsets in deserts? If not then get a chance of seeing it. Because trust me my words will not do justice with the beauty of the sunsets in deserts.
Dune Bashing is also another kind of amazing activity here at Desert Safari Dubai. It is the second most thrilling activity after quad biking.
Overnight camping proves to be the best activity amongst all. Have you ever visited the desert at night? If not then book your deal now and visit it as soon as possible. But first, let me give you reasons why you should book it. Overnight camping offers a lot more activities here at the desert safari. Tanoura dance is the first one it is a kind of Sufi dance which is loved a lot. Next best activity here is of belly dance which is the most entertaining one. Fire show makes the overnight camping experience more amazing. Barbecue dinner is the last part of overnight camping. This dinner is very good in taste and is loved by a lot of people.
So these were all the activities one can enjoy here at the desert safari. Book your deal now and get to see the uniqueness of desert safari Dubai.

Desert safari and its uniqueness

Desert Safari And Its Uniqueness

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People from the number of different countries come here in Dubai to see these attractions and attach an experience with themselves which will stay attached with them through their whole lives. There are some of the places here which are very special and famous because of their uniqueness and attracts the number of people because of its uniqueness. Deserts are the heart of Dubai in my point of view. Because when one gets bored by seeing the modern lifestyle of Dubai so when they explore the sandy areas of Dubai that desert they again get charged up because the vibes of deserts are the kind of vibes which we cannot get on any other place.
And if we are talking about deserts so the famous desert among all the deserts in Dubai is desert safari Dubai. This Desert plays a very important role in the increased number of tourist attractions. If we look for the reason behind this much popularity of the Desert Safari Dubai every activity present there is the reason behind it.

Let’s talk about the activities that take place there.

Quad biking is a very famous activity here at the desert safari. It is a kind of activity in which you are given a chance to sit on the 4 wheeled bikes and while sitting on it you feel like the king of the desert. Like it is a kind of bike which can be a ride at the best speed on the Red sand dunes of Desert Safari Dubai. It is a very thrilling experience.

What about getting a ride on the creatures because of which the desert safari and mostly every desert is famous for?

Here, I am talking about the camel ride. It is the most peaceful kind of ride as the camel walks very slowly and you get to experience the peaceful vibes of Desert while sitting on the most humble creature. Firstly you are made comfortable on this ride then only our guides let you go for this ride same is the case with quad biking as well.

Sunsets play a major role in desert safari’s popularity. Like this is the best scene or view one could have at any Desert. It is such an aesthetically pleasing view that it calms any person present there even that person as well who is not a fan of nature.

If you visited Desert safari but didn’t opt of dune bashing then what’s the reason for visiting a desert? Dune bashing the best activity one could have at Desert Safari Dubai. Basically, it is a kind of activity made for deserts only. And if a desert which is famous for its sand dunes so why not one should go for it? It is a kind of activity where you get to experience the softness and calmness of sand dunes and the desert safari respectively.

I guess after getting known about all the activities that are done here how can one stop themselves from not going to desert safari?

For further booking and details

Morning trip at desert safari Dubai

Morning trip at desert safari Dubai

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Our  tourism provide you a troubled free relaxed peaceful and carefree Trip to desert safari Dubai which is the most famous desert or one corner or entertainment center of United Arab Emirates.

Things to enjoy in desert safari

Our tourism provides the best deals and packages to desert safari Dubai along with bundles of facilities and entertainments. They will provide you up pick and drop service at your doorstep and a guide or driver will collect you in a 4 wheel comfortable and air conditioned vehicle and take you to desert safari Dubai where your reservation is basically done where you have an opportunity to enjoy a new mode of transportation that is dune bashing.

Dune bashing

Dune bashing is basically means to drive any vehicle on an up and down or uneven surface such as desert or over sand dunes as the surface is not smooth so to drive any vehicle on this portion of land required special skill so to enjoy this vehicle in desert safari Dubai trip is really amazing and memorable.

Camel farm visit and camel riding

After completing this amazing and memorable ride our driver will take you to next destination which is camel farm from where you can enjoy the camel ride which is basically the tradition or the compulsory is right or you can say that the camel is the desert animal so to survive in desert it is obligatory to ride a  camel actually camel riding is a beautiful mode of transportation and it will take you back almost around 15000 years back when there were no luxurious transports so the camel riding was the only way to travel from one place to another place.

Sand boarding

After camel riding you can enjoy send boarding as well which is very familiar and similar to snowboarding and it is also known as the board sport which involves riding across ups and downs of saint standing on a boat which require a unique skill or technique this and boarding can also be practiced and experienced in sitting position and standing position too.

Relaxation in camps along with snacks

After completing all these rides and after gaining a wonderful experience of desert safari Dubai rides you can relax at our camps and enjoy a light breakfast or snack or something lite.


The breakfast will include some complimentary drinks and all eatables which are normal person use in their breakfast the best part about the food of desert safari Dubai is that their food is really amazing yummy delicious as well as organic and hygienic.


There is another activity which you can enjoy most in desert safari Dubai trip is photography basically photography is the second name of building memories although the photography is your skill but to photograph your beautiful moments auto capture your every beautiful memory in such a way that they will always remind you about the best time so in desert safari Dubai you can capture your all beautiful moments and one additional thing is also available there that is aerobic costumes so you can give yourself full Arab look in a perfect desert area that will be really enjoyable for you. tourism provide you best packages best deals for every age group people with different types of facilities and entertainments for booking and more details go check our website.

Why desert safari is famous worldwide

Why desert safari is famous worldwide

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The desert safari is basically a desert and a desert is defined as a vacant empty and unoccupied portion of length or piece of land which is infertile in nature and there is no chance of greenery or to grow greenery or to produce greenery at all.

Countless things to enjoy

There are countless things to enjoy in desert safari trip if you are visiting the desert safari at night then wonderful and memorable day is waiting for you

Dune bashing

Dune bashing is basically means to drive any vehicle on an up and down or uneven surface such as desert or over sand dunes as the surface is not smooth so to drive any vehicle on this portion of land required special skill so to enjoy this vehicle in desert safari Dubai trip is really amazing and memorable.

Quad biking

Then other most entertaining and always to remember things to do in desert safari trip is Quad biking which is three wheeler or maybe four wheeler vehicle which is used to write it on drifty and mountain surfaces because it has low pressure tires.

Belly dance show

Another more interesting or you can say that the heart of this visit or the main reason of Desert Safari trip or most demanding entertainment or activity in desert safari trip is belly dancing which is the part of Arab culture and now a days it is very famous and trending in Middle East perform by a woman.

Bonfire night

The most demanding and People Choice in Night Desert Safari tour is bonfire actually bonfire is basically considered as a means of celebration or large open fires or any explosive weapons that explodes at the high level of the sky called as Bonfire and this is the source of entertainment for everyone and especially in the nights and winter Nights make it more interesting and more enjoyable and a thing to remember for everyone.

The best yummy food

Then in the night you will be served by a delicious and healthy food which is always be prepared and is very professional Chefs and their duty is just to make sure dinner or lunch more flavorful and yummier and more delicious. The dinner is consist of so many choices for vegetarian peoples and non-vegetarian also and there are so many choices and drinks appetizers veg non-veg mutton beef chicken seafood and much more.


There is another activity which you can enjoy most in desert safari trip is photography basically photography is the second name of building memories although the photography is your skill but to photograph your beautiful moments auto capture your every beautiful memory in such a way that they will always remind you about the best time so in desert safari you can capture your all beautiful moments and one additional thing is also available there that is aerobic costumes so you can give yourself full Arab look in a perfect desert area that will be really enjoyable for you. company provide all types of combo packages single packages one person package two person package family package friends package student package and much more for one destination that is Desert Safari so if you are planning a trip to Desert Safari you are highly recommended to use Desert Safari UAE Company you were never be disappointed for sure.

A memorable night at desert safari

A memorable night at desert safari

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The desert safari tour a bundle of joy provider

Desert safari is the desert located in Dubai with so many fun and entertainments you will face so many facilities such as pick and drop, adventurous full desert ride camel ride sand boarding welcome drinks henna painting international and BBQ dinner for both veg and non-veg, Arabic dressed photography, Arabic dance, belly dance show, fire show and much more. Desert safari is the barren desert between fertile land portions. Desert safari provides different packages. It differentiates pother parts of land.  You can enjoy desert safari night stay with so many facilities. These facilities are very interesting and entertaining.

Night camping

In desert safari trip, you can enjoy night camping along with delicious food, cards, music, games and much more. Especially with your friends and family, you can make memories in desert safari.

Soft music along with hot coffee in cold winters

In cold winter season, on the desert safari, in dry desert with so much rough weather, you can enjoy soft music along with fire to warm yourself and delicious food. You can enjoy dry fruits and coffee too in this type of weather and location.

Cuisine choices

In this type of weather and location, you can enjoy barbeque and warm food there like fish prawns, lobsters, mutton, coffee, soups etc.

A peffect plan ever

In desert safari trip, if you are planning to rest at night there, mean you want to spend your night at desert safari in camps, along with bonfire and night camping, along with music and many entertainments, they will provide you the sleeping bags, blankets, pillows etc. to save you from winter disaster. Then another thing to do is night camping which is an outdoor activity and the source of enjoyment for everyone if anyone is just bored of their houses or just want to spend some time out of their homes day choose this method for night camping people generally leave developed areas and choose some village style or and developed areas to do night camping and it is all time favorite activity for youngsters specially but in the winter season the entertainment is double for night camping and if you want to make it more memorable you can bring your friends so it will be an immense source of pleasure and entertainment for you.

Tanoura spin show

The fire show and tanura show performer offers wide range of performances, amazing dance with fire props effects and styles, dance on the fire or below the fire and much amazing and full of entertainment performances.


There is a wonderful and delicious and light breakfast in the morning. The breakfast includes tea, coffee, butter, jam, bread, eggs, tea, coffee, juice and other edibles.

Our limited time offers with all kinds of facilities

The company provide all types of combo packages single packages one person package two person package family package friends package student package and much more for one destination that is Desert Safari so if you are planning a trip to Desert Safari you are highly recommended to use Company you were never be disappointed for sure

Why Desert Safari U A E is the trending attraction for tourist

Why Desert Safari U A E is The Trending Attraction For Tourist

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The desert safari right now a days are trending attraction for tourist and for the people who are visiting Dubai or United Arab Emirates actually there are so many opportunities and so many entertainments can be done at this place the best and foremost favourite an unforgettable thing about Dubai is that they have so many tourism companies which arrange any single tour in such a way that if you are single penny that you are paying will be surely not wasted.

There are so many things to enjoy in desert safari tour like night camping Bonfire Heena painting tattoo painting Arabic dance belly dance fire show complementary water and drinks different types of desert riding and much more in short you can say that there are uncountable and counters about unity is to enjoy yourself which you started counting your time will be ended

The first and foremost unforgettable place to visit in desert safari to work is the camel farm camel is basically the desert animal and it is easily survive in deserts because of the God gifted system of storage water in it camel is basically used as a means of transport in deserts and the camel riding for the citizens is just a unique and new thing and trust me it will give you a lot of pleasure and enjoy camel is basically the tallest animal so to write on this has its own charm and it is really a unique experience for everyone

Another thing to enjoy is horse riding writing is basically the most favourite for many peoples because so many peoples have a dream or a keen to ride a horse riding is not much easy because horse has a very fast speed so everyone can’t control it so there are so many trainers who look after their horse and also make you to write on the horses

Another thing to enjoy in desert safari tour is henna painting. In a painting is a beautiful and a difficult art in its own way it is the symbol of beauty and attraction henna painting is the famous hobbies and favourite things of many females. People’s make tattoos of Henna which is basically the sin or a Trademark that you have visited a desert safari or a symbol of a full Arabic look.

In desert safari Dubai there is a more opportunity of photography that you can wear Arabic costumes Arabic dresses Arabic makeup Arabic Henna painting and so much to look yourself like proper Arabic peoples because you are in a desert and deserts Camels the symbol of aerobic culture so if you will photographs yourself there it will be a more good and best memory till your dead There is a more interesting and amazing thing to do in Dubai Desert Safari tour that is they will give you free Sheesha just because it will give more pleasure and fun there another thing is that they will provide you complimentary drinks water lunch and so much that dinner is very delicious and yummy and is cooked under very talented and groom Chefs the food is different for vegetarians and non vegetarians and the food is healthy and organic and so much hygienic

Why you're missing out on the most important attraction of DUBAI

Why People Prefer To Visit Desert Safari In Night

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Desert Safari UAE is located in the Dubai United Arab Emirates it is one of the most famous place to visit in Dubai because it has so many wonderful entertainments instruments and so many new things to do so  this place is highly recommended for everyone who is visiting Dubai or U A E this place is a source of attraction for tourist and trendy place for visitors too.

The desert safari UAE is the wonderful place of Dubai which is basically the desert as we all know that Dubai and U A E is the most green and fertile portion of plant for the existence of a desert and a  piece of barren land is just a unique thing for everyone.

First of all to visit Desert Safari in the bus is the most best convenient and enjoyable means of transport because through bus and with so many peoples you can enjoy all the beautiful sights scenes which comes during your journey track to your destination.

It is best and unforgettable if you visit Dubai Desert Safari U A E in night timings and specially in winters the joy will be double. Because in the desert things are more interesting and enjoyment one is freezing winter season and the other thing is night stay.

There are so many things to enjoy in desert safari U A E tour some of the interesting entertainments are as follows

The first most interesting and enjoyable things to do in desert safari U A E to word is camel riding horse riding dune bashing send boarding and many other desert transportations. Cars buses and motorcycles are very boring because we write them daily and almost all the time in a day but camel riding horse riding dune bashing sandboarding it new ways of transport and the thing which is more interesting about them are that we cannot write them on straight perfect roads so it will give you a new and unique experience that will be always in your mind’s throughout your life.

Another thing to do in your night Desert Safari UAE tour is night camping suppose there is a cold freezing season of winter there is a light rain or light snowfall in is started the wind is so much cold and you are enjoying the hot fire means bonfire and your camps along with your friends playing cards enjoying the music drinking a cup of hot coffee this will be a great experience for ever.

Another thing to enjoy in desert safari U A E tour is belly dancing and fire show belly dancing is the cultural dance of Arabic female performers it is the source of enjoyment and fun for everyone because the belly dancing has its own charm and joy. The dance along with the fire equipment and lose 5 in your dance to make it is unique is the best quality of belly dancing show of Desert Safari U A E.

The desert safari U A E tourism company provide best packages and combo packages to visit Desert Safari with all type of facilities in all types of prices with different opportunities different facilities for different people this place is just for those who want to visit Desert Safari U A E with different types at different times and to make it memorable you can use our website.